Key: I complete the conditional sentences

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I Complete the conditional sentences.

1 If rubber is cooled to -200˚ C, it breaks/will break.

2 If safety measures had been followed, the accident wouldn't have happened.

3 If you want to study the files from the Internet, download them onto

your computer.

4 If the goods had been sent by sea, they would have taken nearly

two months.

5 If we bought a new software package, we would be able to do all the

technical specifications in half the time.

6 If we ran an additional test, we would estimate the experimental error.

7 In the event of collision, the airbag will inflate.

8 If all vehicles were fitted with a catalytic converter, there would be less pollution.

9 If heat is applied, the substance will decompose.

10 The reaction would be speeded up if we introduced a catalyst.

11 He wouldn't have been injured if he had followed the correct procedures.

12 If iron is left in contact with air and water, it will rust.

II Translate the following conditional sentences.

1 Kad be roboti mogli samostalno djelovati, zamijenili bi potpuno ljude.

If robots could act independently, they would replace the humans completely.

2 Ako se materijali za ležajeve ne odaberu pažljivo, to će rezultirati prekomjernim trenjem i


If bearing materials aren't properly selected, that will result in excessive friction and wear.

3 Da smo bili smanjili troškove prijevoza, bili bismo uštedjeli preko $ 1 m godišnje.

If we had reduced transportation costs, we would have saved over $1m per year.

III A Write the definitions of the following noun compounds.

1 engine exhaust gases – Exhaust gases from an engine.

2 dry air supply fan – A fan for supplying dry air.

3 fuel injection nozzle – A nozzle for injecting fuel.

4 gear lubricants – Lubricants for gears .

5 liquefied hydrogen storage systems – The systems for storing hydrogen that has been liquefied.

B Form noun compounds.

1 losses of heat due to transmission –transmission heat losses

2 suction of fuel oil – fuel oil suction

3 material for seals – seal material

4 a pump with gears – gear pump

5 a valve for supplying air – air supply valve

IV Put the words in brackets in the required form.

1 We cannot eliminate internal friction, but we can reduce it to a

controllable degree by the use of friction reducing lubricants.

2 Internal combustion engines can be made to

operate on almost anything that can be converted into a gas that will burn.

3 Each piston is connected to the crankshaft by means of a link known as a

connecting rod.

4 Fill cylinder or chamber with an air/fuel mixture. Then compress it into a smaller space.

Next ignite it. After that utilize expansive force for power production.

Finally, remove it from cylinder or chamber.

5 We should increase our gross national product.

V Fill in the missing word or missing letters to finish the words at the end of

each line. The numbers in brackets relate to the number of missing


/ (=slash) denotes the end of the word.

The IMechE says three quarters of British induSTRY (4)

is throwing money down the drain through insufficiENT (3)

attention to friction and wear, and that any moment haLF OF (2/2)

industry's machines need attention. Yet reduced friction and wEAR (3)

mean reduced pollution and improved safETY.(3)

Tribological improvements should lead to moRE (2)

competitive companies, it says. All in all, it estimATES,(4)

the savings would be worth ₤1.5 billion a yEAR.(3)
Most firms do not bother to call in the tribological experts unTIL(3)

something goes seriously wrong and production is halted, saYS(2)

Hampson.'They do not realise the importance of undertaking THE ( / 3)

review at the design stAGE(3).

The key to the exercise at the back of the book, page 103:

(Rješenja za vježbu na stranici 103)
ws, ped, sub, of, cro, the, ntly, bre, oth, The, site, t to, the, the, fo, ven, trix, am, tact, uct, just, pti, nce, one, uter, and, d to, hen, rent, ibre, Lab, Uni, US.

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