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National Policies and Legislation

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13.2National Policies and Legislation

National Policies and Legislation which guide the operations for the Works, Transport and Communications sector are as given below.

13.2.1Roads Act (1997) Revised

The revised 1997 Road Act gives the Department of Roads authority to construct and maintain primary and secondary roads. Further to this, the 1994 Road Maintenance Study categorised the roads in a hierarchical order- thus determining which roads should be done by the district council and which ones should be done by Central Government Roads Department.

13.2.2Road Traffic Act

This act provides for the registration and licensing of motor vehicles, issuance of drivers licenses, regulation of traffic and for enforcing penalties for road offences.

13.2.3National Road Safety Policy

This is the policy that regulates and monitors road safety. It makes it mandatory for the formation of District Road Safety Committees.

13.2.4Telecommunications Policy 1995

This policy guides the operations of the Botswana Telecommunications Corporation and also aims to achieve universal service and access, promotion of private sector participation in the development of the industry, as well as liberalization of the industry.

13.2.5Postal Services Act 1989

The Postal Services Act gives the Botswana Post legal status to facilitate independent management and accountability to respond more efficiently and effectively to market requirements. It also made it possible to accelerate postal developments and facilitate customer access to postal services.

13.3Works, Transport and Communication


The road network in the district is fair to good. There are those roads which are built and maintained by the district council and these will be dealt with under chapter 15.
In the District, the department managed to complete the dualling of Airport – Rasesa (Section I) during the NDP 8 period. Section II of the road is still on-going and is expected to be completed in November 2003.
Two gravel roads, Bokaa-Kopong and Pilane-Lentsweletau have been handed over to the department by Kgatleng District Council for maintenance purposes and this will obviously increase the workload of the department.

13.3.2Road Transport and Safety

Vision 2016 has identified road safety as one of the priority areas in the quest to build a ‘safe and secure nation”. This calls for better traffic flow, enforcement, road safety education, better training and licensing, elimination of drunken driving, as the priority areas for policy intervention.
The district Road Transport and Safety office is currently testing and issuing drivers licenses and renews vehicle licenses.
While continuing with the on-going Road Safety Programme, a National Road Safety Strategic Plan will be formulated to deal with road safety problems in a holistic manner. In support of the road safety strategy, the department will provide Vehicle Testing Station and Driver Testing Ground in Mochudi during the DDP 6 period.
The vision of the department is to promote and regulate efficient, effective, safe, sustainable, customer oriented and environmentally sensitive road transport services to international standards which will meet the social, economic and mobility needs of the citizens of Botswana, the SADC region and beyond.
The successful completion of the planned network of VTS will facilitate introduction of six monthly testing of public service vehicles (passenger and goods whose standards are rapidly deteriorating). Mandatory testing of all vehicles over the age of three years will also be introduced as a precondition of renewal of licenses.
Furthermore, a sufficient number of vehicle examiners will increase roadside testing of the compliance of critical roadworthy requirements, including transit vehicles.

13.3.3Botswana Railways

Botswana Railways is responsible for the provision of local and regional rail transport.

The predominance of road transport network within the country, limited geographical coverage of the rail network and widespread availability of the private vehicles for shorter trips have generated new travel patterns and drew passengers from the rail.

The railway line passes through the district and has mini stations at Artesia and Pliane. Due to the unsatisfactory service, rail transport has become a less attractive transport mode for travel within and outside the country. To promote the use of railways within an integrated transport system, strategies that emphasises network expansion, better customer service both in terms of speed and quality of service will be developed.

13.3.4Central Transport Organisation

Major functions of the department such as vehicle maintenance and repair are undertaken by Gaborone CTO. In the district there is only a fuel point at Pilane.


BTC has an office in Mochudi which services most areas in the district. Since the adoption of the Telecommunications Policy in 1995 followed by the liberalization of the industry, there has been an increase in tele-density, availability of Information Communications Technologies (ICTs), and improvement in the range of telecommunications services in the district. Further provision of ICTs infrastructure and services, especially in rural areas is essential to accelerate the pace of developments to achieve rapid integration of the country with the global economy. The Government will continue to encourage the Botswana Telecommunications Corporation to improve the existing service and provide service to the rural communities. Since the Government subscribes to the policy of universal service and access, provision of funds to BTC to carry out rural telecommunications programmes, which are not commercially viable will be continued during DDP 6

13.3.6Postal Services

Botswana Post functions as a commercial enterprise. Postal services are provided in competition with private courier companies They play a key role in maintaining communication links between the communities. It provides and operates postal services in Mochudi, Sikwane, Oodi. However, there is need to carry out general maintenance of these post offices in the entire district. There is also need to provide additional staff housing.


The merger of the Departments of Architecture and Building Services and Electrical and Mechanical Services (DEMS) is intended to improve service delivery to client Ministries. Currently the Architecture and Buildings section is based in Mochudi while the DEMS is operating from Gaborone. It is expected that the latter would relocate to Mochudi. It is hoped that since the two departments will be restructured there will be better coordination as there will be dedicated teams which contains all the skills required to carryout the various projects.
It is also hoped that through the extensive contracting out of work to the private sector progress would be made towards achieving the sustainable growth and employment creation as envisaged.

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