L-t-p-cr: 3-0-0-3 Pre-requisite: Basic knowledge of Computer Objective

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ME141 Computer Aided Design And Computer Aided Manufacturing (Cad/Cam)

L-T-P-Cr: 3-0-0-3

Pre-requisite: Basic knowledge of Computer

Objective: The syllabus is intended to provide a comprehensive survey of the technical topics related to CAD/CAM. These topics include interactive computer graphics and CAD, numerical control, computer numerical control, direct numerical control, computer process control and flexible manufacturing system.

Outcome: Students are able to understand the fundamentals of CAD/CAM and Automation.

Module 1: Introduction: CAD/CAM Defined, Product Cycle and CAD/CAM, Automation and CAD/CAM, Computer Technology. Lectures 07

Module 2: Basic Concepts: Design Process, Application of Computer for Design, Hardware and Software requirement of CAD, Benefits of CAD, Engineering Application of CAD, Hardware in CAD. Lectures 07

Module 3: Finite Element Method: Introduction to Finite Elements Method, General descriptions, Concept of FEM - discretization and interpolation function, steps on finite element analysis procedure, Introduction to Auto CAD. Lectures 07

Module 4: Conventional Numerical Control: Introduction, Basic components of NC system, NC procedure, NC Coordinate System, NC Motion Control Systems, Punched Tape, Tape Coding and Format. Lectures 07

Module 5: NC Part Programming & Computer Control in NC: Manual Part Programming, Computer assisted Part Programming, APT Language, Computer Control System, Direct Numerical Control. Lectures 07

Module 6: Flexible Manufacturing Systems: Introduction, Different FMS Levels, FMS implementation, Automated Guided Vehicle Systems, AGVS Controller Structure, AGVS Classification, Applications Lectures 07

Suggested Readings

1. CAD/CAM by M. Groover & E. Zimmers ; Pearson.

2. CAD/CAM by Chirs McMoha; Pearson.

3. CAD/CAM – Theory and Practise by Ibrahim Zeid; TMH.

4. CAD/CAM – Principles and Applications by P. N. Rao; TMH.

Download 5.98 Kb.

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