La Francophonie Project Project aim

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La Francophonie Project

Project aim: To increase your knowledge of French-speaking countries and cultures.
Task: You should choose and research a French-speaking country. You should present your findings in any way that suits your group.
Task 1: Where are the French-speaking countries in the world?
Les Pays Francophones
Sort the Francophone countries into their correct continent or area .

Algérie Belgique Bénin Burkina Faso

Cambodge Cameroun Canada Comores

République Centrafricaine Congo Corse

Djibouti France Gabon Cote d’Ivoire Guyane

Guadeloupe Laos Louisiane Luxembourg

Madagascar Mali Île Maurice Maroc Martinique

Nouvelle Calédonie Niger Réunion Rwanda Sénégal

Seychelles Suisse Tahiti Tchad Togo

Tunisie Vanuatu Vietnam



Océan Indien




Task 2. Project research.
You are to work in groups. Each section should be researched by only one person. At the end of each lesson, you should email your work to everybody else in the group so that you all have access to it.

  • What is the flag of the country? Is there a national anthem/hymn/song?

  • Are there any national festivals? When, where and why are they celebrated?

  • Is there a national traditional dress?

  • There are probably lots of different ethnic groups in your country. Do they all have different traditions? Will you look at all of them, or focus on one group?

  • Is there a national traditional food/dish/meal?


  • Why is French one of the languages spoken there?

  • Is the country still part of France? When did it become independent from France? Are there still links with France?

  • Was the country always called the same name?

  • Have the same groups of people always lived there? If not, where did they come from?

  • Was the current government democratically elected? What are its politics?

  • What is the main religion of the country? What other religions are practised there?


  • Where is the country situated? What countries surround it? Or is it an island? Are there any volcanoes? Is most of the country desert/mountains?

  • What is the capital city called? Are there any other large towns?

  • Does it have good relations with neighbouring countries?

  • Is the country divided into regions? Why? Are all its regions peaceful? Do particular tribes/ethnic groups live in certain regions?

  • What is the weather like there? Are there different seasons?

  • Is it by the sea? What are its main rivers? Does it have a fishing industry? Are there lakes? What is the wildlife like?

  • What are the country's natural resources? (eg. diamonds, timber, oil, gold, etc.)


  • Listen to some pop music and download a clip for your presentation.

  • Learn a traditional dance/rhythm and teach it to the class.

  • What styles of music are popular?

  • Do they listen to a lot of American or European music?

  • What styles of music are traditional? Are there any traditional instruments used that we do not have in the UK?

  • Has their music influenced people outside the country?


  • Is there a film industry?

  • Are there many films made in your country, or do they mainly watch European or American films?

  • What language is generally spoken in films?

  • Is there a lot of censorship of films?

  • Are there a lot of cinemas or do people watch films at home?


  • Is TV popular? Do many people have access to TVs?

  • What is the main/most popular TV station?

  • What language(s) is spoken on TV?

  • Are there any popular TV programmes/presenters?

  • Are soaps popular? What are they called and what are they about?

  • Are there any newspapers?

  • Who controls the media? Is it the government? Is there a lot of censorship?

  • What do people your age do in their free time?

  • What radio stations are there? Can you listen to them over the Internet?


  • What is the traditional dress? Do lots of people wear it or are more Western styles of clothing popular?

  • Does religion affect what people wear in your country?

  • What do young people your age wear?

  • Are there any popular fashion designers?


  • What is the most popular sport?

  • What are the main/most popular teams?

  • Do the teams play sports internationally?

  • Are there any sportspeople who are known in the UK?

  • Are there any sports which are popular there which we don't do in the UK? What are they and how do you play/do them?

Tourist attractions:

  • Are there any natural tourist attractions such as mountains, volcanoes, lakes, safari parks, beaches, etc.?

  • What man-made tourist attractions are there? Why are they so popular? Who made/built them?

  • Is there a tourism industry? How many tourists come and visit the country per year? What do they come to see and do?

Food and drink:

  • Write down a traditional/popular recipe and find a picture of it.

  • Is the traditional diet the same as yours or different? How?

  • Do they use any foods that you can’t get in the UK?

  • What drinks are popular? Do people drink alcohol or is it illegal?

  • Do they have a traditional drink such as tea?


  • Is the same alphabet used as in English? Or do they use a different one (eg. Arabic)?

  • Is the same language used for writing as well as speaking?

  • How many languages are spoken in your country? Which languages are official? Which ones are used in the media/in homes?

  • Are there different dialects/regional variations? For example, would someone from the north of the country understand someone from the south?

  • Do they have a different way of greeting each other? (Do they shake hands/kiss/hug when they say hello?)

Topic Headings and vocabulary

  • Situation - Location

  • Superficie - Area

  • Population - population

  • Capitale - capital

  • Autres villes importantes - other important towns

  • Langue officielle – official language

  • Autres langues parlées - other languages spoken

  • Climat et météo (tropical, la saison sèche/la saison des pluies, etc) – climate and weather

  • Symbole du pays (fleur, animal, etc) – country symbol

  • Hymne national – national anthem

  • Monnaie - currency

  • Drapeau - flag

  • Fêtes et festivals – festivals and national holidays

  • Nourriture - food

  • Industries principales (l’agriculture, la pêche, le tourisme, etc) - industries

  • Produits principaux (le sucre de canne, les diamants, etc) - products

  • Aspects du paysage (Est-ce qu’il y a des savanes/ îles/fleuves/rivières/lacs/mers/océans/montagnes/forêts/volcans?) –Geography - about the scenery / countryside

  • Faune et flore – flowers and animals

  • Aspects touristiques - tourism

  • Activités sportives - sport

  • Personnes célèbres – famous people

  • Vêtements traditionnels – traditional clothes

  • Religion - religion

  • Président/Premier ministre/Roi/chef traditionnel – president / prime minister / King / traditional chief

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