Atlanta Thrashers National Anthem Performer Guidelines

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Atlanta Thrashers National Anthem Performer Guidelines
Thank you for choosing the Atlanta Thrashers for your group outing! Individuals and groups performing the National Anthem at Philips Arena prior to any Atlanta Thrashers game are expected to represent themselves and the Thrashers in a respectful and professional manner. In order to make your performance a complete and memorable success, we ask you to kindly abide by the following guidelines.

Your Game Date: Thursday, November 19th, 2009

Meeting Time: 1 hour prior to the start of the game (6:00pm)

Meeting Location: Portal 13 (inside of Philips Arena)

Audition Tape

  • All performers must submit an audition tape of the National Anthem and/or Canadian Anthem (VHS, CD, or DVD format) - audition must be recorded exactly as it will be performed

  • Audition tapes are due four (4) weeks prior to your game date - if an audition tape is not submitted within this time period, we reserve the right to cancel your performance and no refund will be given

Anthem Length

Number of Performers

  • A maximum of four (4) performers are allowed on the ice per National and/or Canadian Anthem

Recommended Attire for National Anthem Performers

  • All participants must be dressed in neat, professional attire. No street clothing (jeans, hats, shorts, sunglasses, sneakers, etc.) will be allowed and will result in the cancellation of your performance. Please see the chart below for recommendations.



  • Long or short sleeve blouse

  • Jacket (optional)

  • Slacks or skirt (extending to the knee)

  • Soft-soled shoes (no heels please)

  • Long-sleeve button-down collared shirt

  • Jacket (optional)

  • Slacks

  • Soft-soled shoes


Groups (Matching Attire)

  • Long-sleeve button down collared shirt, polo shirt or blouse

  • Slacks or skirt (extending to the knee)

  • Soft-soled shoes (no heels please)

  • Polo shirts of matching color

  • Khaki pants

  • Soft-soled shoes

  • (Choir groups may wear matching robes)


Personal Belongings/Ice Access

  • Only performers will be allowed to access the ice, tunnel, and backstage areas. Event participants will be accompanied by Atlanta Thrashers staff members at all times.

  • Personal items (coats, cameras, bags/purses, programs, cell phones, etc.) are not allowed at Portal 13 or on the court/in the tunnel area. These should be left with a non-participating member of your group prior to arrival at Portal 13.

Audio/Video Regulations

  • No video or audio recording devices (including video cameras) are allowed inside of Philips Arena at any time prior to, during, or following your event.

The Atlanta Thrashers thank you for your cooperation. We look forward to your event!

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