Ldwa data protection and privacy policy approved, 31 January 2015

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January 31, 2015


Approved, 31 January 2015

This is the Privacy Policy of the Long Distance Walkers Association Limited (LDWA). The LDWA is an Association of people with the common interest of walking long distances in rural, mountainous or moorland areas. It is a Company limited by Guarantee. The Local Group Committees and the National Executive Committee (NEC) are all composed of volunteers.

We respect the privacy of our members, our website users, participants in our events and activities and all others who may give us personal information (collectively called “Users”).

Personal information is any information that can be used to identify Users, including full names, date of birth, sex, email and postal address, telephone numbers, personal health details, photographs, purchases of goods and services and credit/debit card details.

We will not sell or transfer personal information to any third party without the permission of the User.

We will make all reasonable efforts to protect the privacy of all Users and to maintain the security of all personal information held by LDWA.

Personal information provided to us will be treated in accordance with this Privacy Policy and current UK Data Protection legislation.

No personal information will be processed relating to minors without the express consent of a parent/ guardian.

This Policy distinguishes between:

  1. The personal information required by the LDWA to become a member, to participate in Events, to purchase goods and services from the website, to be listed in the Hillwalkers’ Register or National Trails Register (together, the “Registers”), or for any other activity of the Association, and;

  2. A very limited set of personal information (“Summary Information”) which will be used for the records of the Association and its members. Such Summary Information is limited to first name, family name, age, last known email/address, membership number, LDWA Group as well as any linked long distance walking achievement.

We intend to register LDWA with the Information Commissioner for the United Kingdom and the Channel Islands once all systems and process have been overhauled in line with this Policy.

Uses of personal information

Users give us their personal information when they:

  1. Ask about our activities

  2. Join as a member

  3. Purchase goods from the website

  4. Take part in one of our Challenge Walks

  5. Claim an entry on the Registers

  6. Participate in other events, such as the AGM or Group parties

  7. Otherwise give us personal information.

A number of facilities on our website invite Users to provide us with personal information, for example when sending us an email using our email queries facilities.  The purpose of these facilities is apparent at the point that Users provide their personal information and we only use that information for those purposes.

By providing personal information for membership or to take part in an activity or event or to register achievements in the Registers, Users consent to the processing of that personal information for the purpose of managing the LDWA and its activities and as described in this Policy.

The organisers of Challenge Events and keepers of the Hillwalkers’ and National Trails Registers will normally publish Summary Information linked with the relevant long distance walking achievement.

To administer the activities we provide, some Members’ personal information will be shared with local group secretaries in their Local Group Area and in their Associated Group Areas for the purposes of running the Group, its walks and other events.

Users’ personal information is also used for:

  • Inclusion in the LDWA’s journal, Strider

  • Administration purposes

  • Communications with Members and others about activities and events

  • Fulfilment of orders for goods and services

  • Website improvement

  • Fulfilment of our legal obligations

  • For other legitimate business purposes

Personal information management

We use strict procedures and security features to prevent unauthorised access to personal information held on the National Membership Database.

Users should understand that all personal information held on the personal computers of event organisers, register keepers and other volunteers is inherently not as secure as that on the National Membership Database. The LDWA will produce and regularly update instructions for all those responsible for personal information held on their own computers.

We use a supplier (at present MKH Computer Services Ltd) to provide services related to the running of the website and the management of the National Membership Database. Their staff necessarily has access to the information held on the Database. These activities are carried out under contract and in compliance with the Data Protection Act.

Data will not be transferred outside the European Economic Area.

Access to all personal information held by LDWA will be limited on a need-to-know basis to specified LDWA volunteers, as agreed by the Association’s National Executive Committee from time to time.

Photographs of participating individuals taking part in LDWA events may be used in Strider or on the website. The LDWA will make all reasonable efforts to remove such photographs from the website, if requested to do so by a User. Individuals should make it clear to any photographer at these Events that they do not wish to have their photograph taken.

Retention policy

Summary Information for Membership, Events and Registers may be retained in perpetuity either in paper or electronic form.

Other personal membership information will be retained during the duration of membership. Such information for all lapsed members will be held for up to five years after membership has ceased and thereafter deleted from all storage devices.

With the exception of the Summary Information, organisers of Challenge Events and keepers of Registers will destroy personal information held in submissions by individuals within three years of submission and in the case of Challenge Events within three years of the Event.

Users may request the removal of their personal membership information at any time after they have ceased to be a member. All such data held on electronic storage devices will be removed as soon as practicable. Paper records will also be amended where possible and practicable.

Users who wish their data to be removed from records of Challenge Events, Registers and other such lists will be expected to identify all such events, since the LDWA does not currently keep a central list of participants in all such events. Once these events have been identified, reasonable efforts will be made to remove any personal information from such lists but Users must understand that this will not always be possible.


We store small text files called cookies on Users’ computer when Users visit our website. Other website terms and conditions apply, which are described in a file of the same name held on the website.

Members have the right to stop emails sent via the LDWA National Email List, the Local Group Email List or the Associated Groups Email Lists.

When we collect Users’ personal information over the internet, we cannot guarantee the total security of any information Users transmit to us and Users transmit this information at their own risk.


LDWA take training of its volunteers seriously. Clear instructions will be issued to NEC members, event organisers, register keepers and others as required and reviewed at least every two years.

User rights

Under applicable data protection legislation we must ensure that Users’ personal information is accurate and up to date. Therefore, Users should advise us of any changes to their information via the LDWA website. If Users do not have access to the website, they should contact the membership secretary.

Users are entitled to request details of the information we hold about them and to have it rectified or deleted as required by applicable data protection legislation. For more information please send an email to the Data Controller at LDWA. 

Users should contact the LDWA Data Controller if they feel that we have not followed our Privacy Policy. Users can contact us by mail at the following address: 32 St Stephens Gardens, Twickenham, TW1 2LS or by email at datacontroller@ldwa.org.uk.

Changes of Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy may be changed at any time by the NEC. This Privacy Policy will be updated on the LDWA website following any such change. Members will be informed of any significant changes to the Privacy Policy prior to membership renewal each year.


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