Library of Hebrew Bible / Old Testament Studies

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Library of Hebrew Bible / Old Testament Studies (formerly JSOT Supplement Series)
1. I, He, We and They: A Literary Approach to Isaiah 53 (David J. A. Clines)

2. Jewish Exegesis of the Book of Ruth (Derek R.G. Beattie)

3. The History of the Qumran Community: An Investigation (Phillip R. Callaway)

4. Thanksgiving for a Liberated Prophet: An Interpretation of Isaiah Chapter 53 (Roger N. Whybray)

5. Redating the Exodus and Conquest (John J. Bimson)

6. The Story of King David: Genre and Interpretation (David M. Gunn)

7. The Sense of Biblical Narrative: Structural Analyses in the Hebrew Bible, Vol. I (David Jobling)

8. Genesis 1-11: Studies in Structure and Theme (Patrick D. Miller)

9. Yahweh as Prosecutor and Judge: An Investigation of the Prophetic Lawsuit (Kirsten Nielsen, transl. Frederick Cryer)

10. The Theme of the Pentateuch (David J. A. Clines)

11. Studia Biblica 1978, Vol 1: Papers on Old Testament and Related Themes (Elizabeth A. Livingtstone, ed.)

12. The Just King: Monarchical Judicial Authority in Ancient Israel (Keith W. Whitelam)

13. Isaiah and the Deliverance of Jerusalem: A Study of the Interpretation of Prophecy in the Old Testament (Ronald E. Clements)

14. The Fate of King Saul (David M. Gunn)

15. The Deuteronomistic History (Martin Noth)

16. Prophecy and Ethics: Isaiah and the Ethical Tradition of Israel (Eryl W. Davies)

17. The Roles of Israel’s Prophets (David L. Petersen)

18. The Double Redaction of the Deuteronomistic History (Richard D. Nelson)

19. Art and Meaning: Rhetoric in Biblical Literature (Alan J. Hauser, David J. A. Clines, David M. Gunn, eds.)

20. The Psalms of the Sons of Korah (Michael D. Goulder)

21. Colour Terms in the Old Testament (Athalya Brenner)

22. At the Mountain of God: Story and Theology in Exodus 32–34 (R. Walter L. Moberly)

23. The Glory of Israel: The Theology and Provenance of the Isaiah Targum (Bruce D. Chilton)

24. Midian, Moab and Edom: The History and Archaeology of Late Bronze and Iron Age Jordan and North-West Arabia (John F.A. Sawyer & David J.A. Clines, eds.)

25. The Damascus Covenant: An Interpretation of the "Damascus Document" (Philip R. Davies)

26. Classical Hebrew Poetry: A Guide to its Techniques (Wilfred G. E. Watson)

27. Psalmody and Prophecy (William H. Bellinger)

28. Hosea: An Israelite Prophet in Judean Perspective (Grace I. Emmerson)

29. Exegesis at Qumran: 4Q Florilegium in Its Jewish Context (George J. Brooke)

30. Esther Scroll: Its Genesis, Growth and Meaning (David J. A. Clines)

31. In the Shelter of Elyon: Essays on Ancient Palestinian Life and Literature in Honor of G.W. Ahlström (W. Boyd Barrick and John R. Spencer)

32. The Prophetic Persona: Jeremiah and the Language of the Self (Timothy Polk)

33. Law and Theology in Deuteronomy (James Gordon McConville)

34. The Temple Scroll: An Introduction, Translation and Commentary (Johann Maier)

35. Saga, Legend, Tale, Novella, Fable: Narrative Forms in the Old Testament (George W. Coats)

36. The Song of Fourteen Songs (Michael D. Goulder)

37. Understanding the Word: Essays in Honor of Bernhard W. Anderson (James T. Butler, Edgar W. Conrad, Ben C. Ollenburger)

38. Sleep, Divine and Human, in the Old Testament (Thomas H. McAlpine)

39. The Sense of Biblical Narrative: Structural Analyses in the Hebrew Bible, Vol. II (David Jobling)

40. Directions in Biblical Hebrew Poetry (Elaine R. Follis, ed.)

41. Zion, the City of the Great King: A Theological Symbol of the Jerusalem Cult (Ben C. Ollenburger)

42. A Word in Season: Essays in Honour of William McKane (James D. Martin)

43. Cult of Molek: A Reassessment (George C. Heider)

44. The Identity of the Individual in the Psalms (Steven J. L. Croft)

45. The Confessions of Jeremiah in Context: Scenes of Prophetic Drama (A.R. Pete Diamond ***)

46. The Book of Judges: An Integrated Reading (Barry G. Webb)

47. The Greek Text of Jeremiah: A Revised Hypothesis (Sven Soderlund)

48. Text and Context: Old Testament and Semitic Studies for FC Fensham (W. Claassen)

49. Theophoric Personal Names in Ancient Hebrew (Jeaneane D. Fowler)

50. The Chronicler’s History (Martin Noth)

51. Divine Initiative and Human Response in Ezekiel (Paul M. Joyce)

52. Conflict of Faith and Experience in the Psalms: A Form-Critical and Theological Study of Selected Lament Psalms (Craig C. Broyles)

53. The Making of the Pentateuch: A Methodological Study (R. Norman Whybray)

54. From Repentance to Redemption: Jeremiah's Thought in Transition (Jeremiah Unterman)

55. Origin Tradition of Ancient Israel: The Literary Formation of Genesis and Exodus 1–23 (Thomas L. Thompson)

56. The Purification Offering in the Priestly Literature: Its Meaning and Function (Nobuyoshi Kuichi)

57. Moses: Heroic Man, Man of God (George W. Coats)

58. The Listening Heart: Essays in Wisdom and the Psalms in Honor of Roland E. Murphy, O. Carm (Kenneth G. Hoglund, et al., eds.)

59. Creative Biblical Exegesis: Christian and Jewish Hermeneutics through the Centuries (Henning Graf Reventlow & Benjamin Uffenheimer, eds.)

60. Her Price is Beyond Rubies: The Jewish Woman in Greco-Roman Palestine (Leone J. Archer)

61. From Chaos to Restoration: An Integrative Reading of Isaiah 24–27 (Dan G. Johnson)

62. The Old Testament and Folklore Study (Patricia G. Kirkpatrick)

63. Shiloh: A Biblical City in Tradition and History (Donald G. Schley)

64. To See and Not Perceive: Isaiah 6.9–10 in Early Jewish and Christian Interpretation (Craig A. Evans)

65. There is Hope for a Tree: The Tree as Metaphor in Isaiah (Kirsten Nielsen)

66. Secrets of the Times: Myth and History in Biblical Chronology (Jeremy Hughes)

67. Ascribe to the Lord: Biblical and Other Essays in Memory of Peter C. Craigie (Lyle Eslinger, ed.)

68. The Triumph of Irony in the Book of Judges (Lillian R. Klein)

69. Zephaniah: A Prophetic Drama (Paul R. House)

70. Narrative Art in the Bible (Shimon Bar-Efrat)

71. Qohelet and His Contradictions (Michael V. Fox)

72. Circle of Sovereignty: A Story of Stories in Daniel 1-6 (Danna Nolan Fewell)

73. David’s Social Drama: A Hologram of Israel's Early Iron Age (James W. Flanagan)

74. Structural Analysis of Biblical and Canaanite Poetry (Willem van der Meer)

75. David in Love and War: The Pursuit of Power in 2 Samuel 10-12 (Randall C. Bailey)

76. God is King: Understanding an Israelite Metaphor (Marc Zvi Brettler)

77. Edom and the Edomites (John R. Bartlett)

78. Swallowing the Scroll: Textuality and the Dynamics of Discourse in Ezekiel’s Prophecy (Ellen F. Davis)

79. Gibeah: The Search for a Biblical City (Patrick M. Arnold)

80. The Nathan Narratives (Gwilym H. Jones)

81. Anti-Covenant: Counter-Reading Women’s Lives in the Hebrew Bible (Mieke Bal)

82. Rhetoric and Biblical Interpretation (Dale Patrick and Allen Scult)

83. The Earth and the Waters in Genesis 1 and 2 (David T. Tsumura)

84. Into the Hands of the Living God (Lyle Eslinger)

85. From Carmel to Horeb: Elijah in Crisis (Alan J. Hauser & Russell Gregory)

86. The Syntax of the Verb in Classical Hebrew Prose (Alviero Niccacci)

87. The Bible in Three Dimensions: Essays in Celebration of Forty Years of Biblical Studies in the University of Sheffield (David J.A. Clines, Stanley E. Porter & Stephen E. Fowl, eds.)

88. The Persuasive Appeal of the Chronicler: A Rhetorical Analysis (Rodney K. Duke)

89. The Problem of the Process of Transmission in the Pentateuch (Rolf Rendtorff)

90. Biblical Hebrew in Transition (Mark F. Rooker)

91. Ideology of Ritual: Space, Time and Status in the Priestly Theology (Frank H. Gorman, Jr.)

92. On Humour and the Comic in the Hebrew Bible (Yehuda T. Radday & Athalya Brenner)

93. Joshua 24 as Poetic Narrative (William T. Koopmans)

94. What Does Eve Do to Help?: and Other Readerly Questions to the Old Testament (David J. A. Clines)

95. God Saves: Lessons from the Elisha Stories (Rick Dale Moore)

96. Announcements of Plot in Genesis (Laurence A. Turner)

97. The Unity of the Twelve (Paul R. House)

98. Ancient Conquest Accounts: A Study in Ancient Near Eastern and Biblical History Writing (K. Lawson Younger, Jr.)

99. Wealth and Poverty in the Book of Proverbs (R. Norman Whybray)

100. A Tribute to Geza Vermes. Essays on Jewish and Christian Literature and History (Philip R. Davies & Richard T. White, eds.)

101. The Chronicler in His Age (Peter R. Ackroyd)

102. The Prayers of David (Psalms 51-72): Studies in the Psalter, II (Michael D. Goulder)

103. Sociology of Pottery in Ancient Palestine: The Ceramic Industry and the Diffusion of Ceramic Style in the Bronze and Iron Ages (Bryant G. Wood)

104. Psalm Structures: A Study of Psalms with Refrains (Paul R. Raabe)

105. Re-establishing Justice: Legal Terms, Concepts and Procedures in the Hebrew Bible (Pietro Bovati)

106. Graded Holiness: A Key to the Priestly Conception of the World (Philip Peter Jenson)

107. The Alien in Israelite Law: A Study of the Changing Legal Status of Strangers in Ancient Israel (Christiana van Houten)

108. The Forging of Israel: Iron Technology, Symbolism and Tradition in Ancient Society (Paula M. McNutt)

109. Scribes and Schools in Monarchic Judah: A Socio-Archaeological Approach (David W. Jamieson-Drake)

110. The Canaanites and Their Land: The Tradition of the Canaanites (Niels Peter Lemche)

111. Yahweh and the Sun: Biblical and Archaeological Evidence for Sun Worship in Ancient Israel (J. Glen Taylor)

112. Wisdom in Revolt: Metaphysical Theology in the Book of Job (Leo G. Perdue)

113. Property and the Family in Biblical Law (Raymond Westbrook)

114. A Traditional Quest: Essays in Honour of Louis Jacobs (Dan Cohn-Sherbok, ed.)

115. I Have Built You an Exalted House: Temple Building in the Bible in Light of Mesopotamian and North-West Semitic Writings (Victor Hurowitz)

116. Narrative and Novella in Samuel: Studies by Hugo Gressmann and Other Scholars, 1906-1923 (David M. Gunn, ed.

117. Second Temple Studies I: The Persian Period (Philip R. Davies, ed.)

118. Seeing and Hearing God with the Psalms: The Prophetic Liturgy of the Second Temple in Jerusalem (Raymond Jacques Tournay)

119. Telling Queen Michal's Story: An Experiment in Comparative Interpretation (David J.A. Clines & Tamara C. Eskenazi, eds.)

120. The Reforming Kings: Cult and Society in First Temple Judah (Richard H. Lowery)

121. King Saul in the Historiography of Judah (Diana Vikander Edelman)

122. Images of Empire (Loveday Alexander, ed.)

123. Judahite Burial Practices and Beliefs about the Dead (Elizabeth Bloch-Smith)

124. Law and Ideology in Monarchic Israel (Baruch Halpern & Deborah W. Hobson, eds.)

125. Priesthood and Cult in Ancient Israel (Gary A. Anderson and Saul M. Olyan, eds.)

126. W.M.L. de Wette, Founder of Modern Biblical Criticism: An Intellectual Biography (John W. Rogerson)

127. The Fabric of History: Text, Artifact and Israel’s Past (Diana Vikander Edelman, ed.)

128. Biblical Sound and Sense: Poetic Sound Patterns in Proverbs 10–29 (Thomas P. McCreesh)

129. The Aramaic of Daniel in the Light of Old Aramaic (Zdravko Stefanovic)

130. Structure and the Book of Zechariah (Mike Butterworth)

131. Forms of Deformity (Lynn A. Holden)

132. Contexts for Amos. Prophetic Poetics in Latin American Perspective (Mark Daniel Carroll R.)

133. The Forsaken Firstborn: A Study of a Recurrent Motif in the Patriarchal Narratives (Roger Syrén)

134. Together in the Land: A Reading of the Book of Joshua (Gordon Mitchell)

135. Israel in Egypt: Reading Exodus 1–2 (Gordon F. Davies)

136. A Walk in the Garden: Biblical, Iconographical and Literary Images of Eden (Paul Morris and Deborah Sawyer, eds.)

137. Justice and Righteousness: Biblical Themes and their Influence (Henning Graf Reventlow & Yair Hoffman, eds.)

138. Text as Pretext: Essays in Honour of Robert Davidson (Robert P. Carroll, ed.)

139. Psalm and Story: Inset Hymns in Hebrew Narrative (James W. Watts)

140. Purity and Monotheism: Clean and Unclean Animals in Biblical Law (Walter Houston)

141. Debt-Slavery in Israel and the Ancient Near East (Gregory C. Chirichigno)

142. Divination in Ancient Israel and its Near Eastern Environment: A Socio-Historical Investigation (Frederick H. Cryer)

143. The New Literary Criticism and the Hebrew Bible (J. Cheryl Exum & David J.A. Clines, eds.)

144. Among the Prophets: Language, Image and Structure in the Prophetic Writings (Philip R. Davies & David J.A. Clines)

145. The Speeches of Micah: A Rhetorical-Historical Analysis (Charles S. Shaw)

146. The History of Ancient Palestine from the Palaeolithic Period to Alexander's Conquest (Gösta W. Ahlström)

147. Vows in the Hebrew Bible and the Ancient Near East (Tony W. Cartledge)

148. In Search of Ancient Israel: A Study in Biblical Origins (Philip R. Davies)

149. Priests, Prophets and Scribes: Essays on the Formation and Heritage of Second Temple Judaism in Honour of Joseph Blenkinsopp (Eugene Ulrich, John W. Wright, Robert P. Carroll, & Philip R. Davies, eds.)

150. Tradition and Innovation in Haggai and Zechariah 1–8 (Janet E. Tollington)

151. The Citizen-Temple Community (Joel P. Weinberg)

152. Understanding Poets and Prophets: Essays in Honour of George Wishart Anderson (A. Graeme Auld, ed.)

153. Psalms and their Readers: Interpretive Strategies for Psalm 18 (Donald K. Berry)

154. Minha le-Nahum: Biblical and Other Studies Presented to Nahum M. Sarna in Honour of His 70th Birthday (Marc Zvi Brettler & Michael Fishbane, eds.)

155. Land, Tenure and the Biblical Jubilee: Uncovering Hebrew Ethics Through Sociology of Knowledge (Jeffrey A. Fager)

156. The Lord’s Song: The Basis, Function and Significance of Choral Music in Chronicles (John W. Kleinig)

157. The Word “Hesed” in the Hebrew Bible (Gordon R. Clark)

158. In the Wilderness: The Doctrine of Defilement in the Book of Numbers (Mary Douglas)

159. The Shape and Shaping of the Psalter (J. Clinton McCann, Jr.)

160. King and Cultus in Chronicles: Worship and the Reinterpretation of History (William Riley)

161. The Moses Tradition (George W. Coats)

162. Of Prophets' Visions and the Wisdom of Sages: Essays in Honour of R. Norman Whybray on his Seventieth Birthday (Heather A. McKay & David. J.A. Clines, eds.)

163. Fragmented Women: Feminist (Sub)versions of Biblical Narratives (J. Cheryl Exum)

164. House of God or House of David: The Rhetoric of 2 Samuel 7 (Lyle Eslinger)

165. Psalms in the Early Irish Church (Martin J. McNamara)

166. The Aramaic Bible: Targums in Their Historical Context (Derek R. G. Beattie & Martin J. McNamara, eds.)

167. Second Zechariah and the Deuteronomic School (Raymond F. Person)

168. The Composition of the Book of Proverbs (R. Norman Whybray)

169. Edom, Israel’s Brother and Antagonist: The Role of Edom in Biblical Prophecy and Story (Bert Dicou)

170. Traditional Techniques in Classical Hebrew Verse (Wilfred G. E. Watson)

171. Politics and Theopolitics in the Bible and Postbiblical Literature (Yair Hoffman, Benjamin Uffenheimer, & Henning Graf Reventlow, eds.)

172. An Introduction to Biblical Archaeology (Volkmar Fritz)

173. History and Interpretation: Essays in Honor of John H. Hayes (M. Patrick Graham, Jeffrey K. Kuan, & William P. Brown, eds.)

174. The ‘Book of the Covenant’: A Literary Approach (Joe M. Sprinkle)

175. Second Temple Studies II: Temple and Community in the Persian Period (Tamara C. Eskenazi & Kent H. Richards, eds.)

176. Studies in Biblical Law: From the Hebrew Bible to the Dead Sea Scrolls (Gershon Brin)

177. Text-Linguistics and Biblical Hebrew (David Allan Dawson)

178. Between Sheol and Temple: Motif Structure and Function in the I-Psalms (Martin Ravndal Hauge)

179. Time and Place in Deuteronomy (James Gordon McConville & John G. Millar)

180. The Search for Quotation: Verbal Parallels in the Prophets (Richard L. Schultz)

181. Theory and Method in Biblical and Cuneiform Law: Revision, Interpolation and Development (Bernard M. Levinson)

182. The History of Israel's Traditions: The Heritage of Martin Noth (Steven L. McKenzie & M. Patrick Graham, eds.)

183. Lectures on the Religion of the Semites (Second and Third Series) (William Robertson Smith)

184. Pursuing the Text: Studies in Honor of Ben Zion Wacholder on the Occasion of his Seventieth Birthday (John C. Reeves & John Kampen, eds.)

185. The Logic of Incest: A Structuralist Analysis of Hebrew Mythology (Seth Daniel Kunin)

186. Three Faces of a Queen: Characterization in the Books of Esther (Linda Day)

187. The Books of Esther: Structure, Genre and Textual Integrity (Charles V. Dorothy)

188. Concentricity and Continuity: The Literary Structure of Isaiah (Robert H. O'Connell)

189. William Robertson Smith: Essays in Reassessment (William Johnstone, ed.)

190. The Pitcher is Broken: Memorial Essays for Gösta W. Ahlström (Steven W. Holloway and Lowell K. Handy, eds.)

191. On the Way to Canon: Creative Tradition History in the Old Testament (Magne Sæbø)

192. Biblical Studies and the Shifting of Paradigms, 1850–1914 (Henning Graf Reventlow & William R. Farmer, eds.)

193. Opponents of Third Isaiah: Reconstructing the Cultic History of the Restoration (Brooks Schramm)

194. Prophesying the Past: The Use of Israel’s History in the Book of Hosea (Else Kragelund Holt)

195. Words Remembered, Texts Renewed: Essays in Honour of John F. A. Sawyer (Jon Davies, Graham Harvey, and Wilfred G. E. Watson, eds.)

196. Corporate Responsibility in the Hebrew Bible (Joel S. Kaminsky)

197. The Word of God in Transition: From Prophet to Exegete in the Second Temple Period (William M. Schniedewind)

198. Aramaic Daniel and Greek Daniel: A Literary Comparison (Timothy J. Meadowcroft)

199. Psalms of the Way and the Kingdom: A Conference with the Commentators (John H. Eaton)

200. The Bible in Human Society: Essays in Honor of John Rogerson (M. Daniel Carroll R., David J. A. Clines, Philip R. Davies, eds.)

201. The Bible and Criticism in Victorian Britain (John W. Rogerson)

202. Law and Liminality in the Bible (Nanette Stahl)

203. Spikenard and Saffron: The Imagery of the Song of Songs (Jill M. Munro)

204. Whose Bible Is It Anyway? (Philip R. Davies, ed.)

205. Interested Parties: The Ideology of Writers and Readers of the Hebrew Bible (David. J.A. Clines)

206. First Bible of the Church: A Plea for the Septuagint (Møgens Müller)

207. The Bible in Ethics: The Second Sheffield Colloquium (John W. Rogerson, Margaret Davies, & Mark Daniel Carroll R., eds.)

208. Out of Eden: Reading, Rhetoric, and Ideology in Genesis 2–3 (Beverly J. Stratton)

209. Narrative Art, Political Rhetoric: The Case of Athaliah and Joash (Patricia Dutcher-Walls)

210. The Vow and the ‘Popular Religious Groups’ of Ancient Israel: A Philological and Sociological Inquiry (Jacques Berlinerblau)

211. Retribution and Eschatology in Chronicles (Brian E. Kelly)

212. The Prostitute and the Prophet: Hosea's Marriage in Literary-Theological Perspective (Yvonne Sherwood)

213. A Blemished Perfection: The Book of Job in Context (Yair Hoffman)

214. New Visions of Isaiah (Roy F. Melugin and Marvin A. Sweeney, eds.)

215. Plotted, Shot, and Painted: Cultural Representations of Biblical Women (J. Cheryl Exum)

216. Gendering Wisdom the Host: Biblical Invitations to Eat and Drink (Judith E. McKinlay)

217. Yahweh as Refuge and the Editing of the Hebrew Psalter (Jerome F. D. Creach)

218. Defining the Sacred Songs: Genre, Tradition, and the Post-Critical Interpretation of the Psalms (Harry P. Nasuti)

219. Prophecy, Poetry and Hosea (Gerald Morris)

220. In Conversation with Jonah: Conversation Analysis, Literary Criticism and the Book of Jonah (Raymond F. Person, Jr.)

221. The Wages of Sin: A Reappraisal of the 'Succession Narrative' (Gillian Keys)

222. Reading the Psalms as a Book (Norman Whybray)

223. Janus Parallelism in the Book of Job (Scott B. Noegel)

224. Reliable Characters in the Primary History: Profiles of Moses, Joshua, Elijah and Elisha (Paul J. Kissling)

225. A Gift of God in Due Season: Essays on Scripture and Community in Honor of James A. Sanders (Richard D. Weis & David M. Carr, eds.)

226. Joshua and the Rhetoric of Violence: A New Historicist Analysis (Lori L. Rowlett)

227. Reading Leviticus: A Conversation with Mary Douglas (John F. A. Sawyer, ed.)

228. Origins of the Ancient Israelite States (Volkmar Fritz and Philip R. Davies)

229. Prophets and Paradigms: Essays in Honor of Gene M. Tucker (Stephen Breck Reid, ed.)

230. Targumic and Cognate Studies: Essays in Honour of Martin McNamara (Kevin J. Cathcart & Michael Maher, eds.)

231. Sodom and Gomorrah: History and Motif in Biblical Narrative (Weston W. Fields)

232. Asherah: Goddesses in Ugarit, Israel and the Old Testament (Tilde Binger)

233. The Psalms of Asaph and the Pentateuch: Studies in the Psalter, III (Michael D. Goulder)

234. Sex, Honor, and Power in the Deuteronomistic History (Kenneth Stone)

235. Forming Prophetic Literature: Essays on Isaiah and the Twelve in Honor of John D.W. Watts (James W. Watts & Paul R. House, eds.)

236. Freedom beyond Forgiveness: The Book of Jonah Re-Examined (Thomas M. Bolin)

237. The Archaeology of Israel: Constructing the Past, Interpreting the Present (Neil Asher Silberman & David B. Small, eds.)

238. The Chronicler as Historian (M. Patrick Graham, Kenneth G. Hoglund & Steven L. McKenzie, eds.)

239. The Pilgrimage Pattern in Exodus (Mark S. Smith)

240. Biblical Itinerary: In Search of Method, Form and Content: Essays in Honor of George W. Coats (Eugene E. Carpenter, ed.)

241. No Other Gods: Emergent Monotheism in Israel (Robert Karl Gnuse)

242. The Faces of David (Kurt L. Noll)

243. Eschatology in the Bible and in Jewish and Christian Tradition (Henning Graf Reventlow, ed.)

244. Urbanism in Antiquity: From Mesopotamia to Crete (Walter E. Aufrecht, Neil A. Mirau, Steven W. Gauley, eds.)

245. Can a ‘History of Israel’ be Written? (Lester L. Grabbe)

246. Primal Religion and the Bible: William Robertson Smith and His Heritage (Gillian M. Bediako, ed.)

247. Pivot Patterns in the Former Prophets (Nathan Klaus)

248. A Search for the Origins of Judaism: From Joshua to the Mishnah (Etienne Nodet)

249. The God of the Prophets: An Analysis of Divine Action (William Paul Griffin)

250. Beyond the River: New Perspectives on Transeuphratene (Josette Elayi & Jean Sapin)

251. The Tragedy in History: Herodotus and the Deuteronomistic History (Flemming A. J. Nielsen)

252. Message of the Psalter: An Eschatological Programme in the Book of Psalms (David C. Mitchell)

253. 1 & 2 Chronicles, Volume 1: 1 Chronicles 1-2 Chronicles 9: Israel's Place among the Nations (William Johnstone)

254. 1 & 2 Chronicles, Volume 2: 2 Chronicles 10 –36: Guilt and Atonement (William Johnstone)

255. King David with the Wise Woman of Tekoa: The Resonance of Tradition in Parabolic Narrative (Larry L. Lyke)

256. Rhetorical Analysis: An Introduction to Biblical Rhetoric (Roland Meynet)

257. The World of Genesis: Persons, Places, Perspectives (Philip R. Davies & David J.A. Clines, eds.)

258. The Psalms of the Return (Book V, Psalms 107–150): Studies in the Psalter IV (Michael D. Goulder)

259. The Royal God: Enthronement Festivals in Ancient Israel and Ugarit? (Allan Rosengren Petersen)

260. Troubling Jeremiah (A.R. Pete Diamond, Kathleen M. O’Connor & Louis Stulman, eds.)

261. Goddesses and Trees, New Moon and Yahweh: Ancient Near Eastern Art and the Hebrew Bible (Othmar Keel & Silvia Schroer)

262. Gender and Law in the Hebrew Bible and the Ancient Near East (Victor H. Matthews, Bernard M. Levinson, & Tikvah Frymer-Kensky, eds.)

263. The Chronicler as Author: Studies in Text and Texture (M. Patrick Graham and Steven L. McKenzie, eds.)

264. Divine Prerogative and Royal Pretension: Pragmatics, Poetics and Polemics in a Narrative Sequence about David (2 Samuel 5.17-7.29) (Donald F. Murray)

265. Yahweh and the Gods and Goddesses of Canaan (John Day)

266. Biblical Studies/Cultural Studies: The Third Sheffield Colloquium (J. Cheryl Exum & Stephen D. Moore, eds.)

267. Israelite Religion and Biblical Theology: Collected Essays (Patrick D. Miller, ed.)

268. Those Elusive Deuteronomists: The Phenomenon of Pan-Deuteronomism (Linda S. Schearing & Steven L. McKenzie, eds.)

269. Auguries: The Jubilee Volume of the Sheffield Department of Biblical Studies (David J. A. Clines & Stephen D. Moore)

270. King and Messiah in Israel and the Ancient Near East: Proceedings of the Oxford Old Testament Seminar (John Day)

271. Until the Spirit Comes: The Spirit of God in the Book of Isaiah (Wonsuk Ma)

272. Israel in the Book of Kings: The Past as a Project of Social Identity (James Richard Linville)

273. Boundaries of the Ancient Near Eastern World: A Tribute to Cyrus H. Gordon (Meir Lubetski, Claire Gottlieb & Sharon Keller, eds.)

274. Biblical Form Criticism in Its Context (Martin J. Buss)

275. Chronicles and Exodus: An Analogy and its Application (William Johnstone)

276. Economic Keystones: The Weight System of the Kingdom of Judah (Raz Kletter)

277. The Religion of the Patriarchs (Augustine Pagolu)

278. Leading Captivity Captive: The Exile as History and Ideology (Lester L. Grabbe)

279. God, Anger and Ideology: The Anger of God in Joshua and Judges in Relation to Deuteronomy and the Priestly Writings (Kari Latvus)

280. A Time to Tell: Narrative Strategies in Ecclesiastes (Eric S. Christianson)

281. Isaiah 34–35: A Nightmare/A Dream (Peter D. Miscall)

282. Hannah's Desire, God's Design: Early Interpretations of the Story of Hannah (Joan E. Cook)

283. Jeremiah's and Ezekiel's Sign-Acts: Rhetorical Nonverbal Communication (Kelvin G. Friebel)

284. Worship and the Hebrew Bible: Essays in Honor of John T. Willis (M. Patrick Graham, Richard R. Marrs & Steven L. McKenzie, eds.)

285. The History of the Second Temple Period (Paolo Sacchi)

286. Elisha and the End of Prophetism (Wesley J. Bergen)

287. The Transformation of Torah from Scribal Advice to Law (Anne Fitzpatrick-McKinley)

288. Revisions of the Night: Politics and Promises in the Patriarchal Dreams of Genesis (Diana Lipton)

289. The Interpretation of the Bible: The International Symposium in Slovenia (Jože Krašovec, ed.)

290. Qumran between the Old and New Testaments (Frederick H. Cryer & and Thomas L. Thompson, eds.)

291. Jewish Scribes in the Second Temple Period (Christine Schams)

292-93. On the Way to the Postmodern: Old Testament Essays 1967–1998, Vols. 1 & 2 (David J.A. Clines, ed.)

294. The Emergence of Yehud in the Persian Period: A Social and Demographic Study (Charles E. Carter)

295. Topic, Focus and Foreground in Ancient Hebrew Narratives (Jean–Marc Heimerdinger)

296. The Evasive Text: Zechariah 1-8 and the Frustrated Reader (Mark Cameron Love)

297. David, Solomon and Egypt: A Reassessment (Paul S. Ash)

298. Paradisal Love: Johann Gottfried Herder and the Song of Songs (John D. Baildam)

299. Rethinking Contexts, Rereading Texts: Contributions from the Social Sciences to Biblical Interpretation (Mark Daniel Carroll R., ed.)

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493. Language, Power, and Identity in the Lament Psalms of the Individual (Amy C. Cottrill)

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496. Obadiah, Jonah, Micah: A Theological Commentary (Philip Peter Jenson)

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505. David in Distress: His Portrait Through the Historical Psalms (Vivian L. Johnson)

506. The Intertextuality of Zechariah 1-8 (Michael R. Stead)

507. From Law to Prophecy: Ezekiel's Use of the Holiness Code (Michael Lyons)

508. The Fate of Justice and Righteousness during David's Reign: Narrative Ethics and Rereading the Court History according to 2 Samuel 8:15–20:26 (Richard G. Smith)

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511. Disloyalty and Destruction: Religion and Politics in Deuteronomy and the Modern World (Rob Barrett)

512. Conquering Character: The Characterization of Joshua in Joshua 1-11 (Sarah Lebhar Hall)

513. Behold Your King: The Hope For the House of David in the Book of Zechariah (Anthony Robert Petterson)

514. Untamable Texts: Literary Studies and Narrative Theory in the Books of Samuel (Greger Andersson)

515. On Conditionals in the Greek Pentateuch: A Study of Translation Syntax (Anwar Tjen)

516. Eschatology and Messianism in LXX Isaiah 1-12 (Rodrigo F. de Sousa)

517. The Aesthetics of Violence in the Prophets (Julia M. O’Brien & Chris Franke, eds.)

518. Traditions at Odds: The Reception of the Pentateuch in Biblical and Second Temple Period Literature (John H. Choi)

519. Cognitive Perspectives on Israelite Identity (Dermot Anthony Nestor)

520. Dissonance and the Drama of Divine Sovereignty in the Book of Daniel (Amy C. Merrill Willis)

521. Israel in Transition 2: From Late Bronze II to Iron IIA (c. 1250-850 BCE): The Texts (Lester L. Grabbe, ed.)

522. The ‘Way of the LORD’ in the Book of Isaiah (Bo H. Lim)

523. The Sin of the Calf: The Rise of the Bible's Negative Attitude Toward the Golden Calf (Youn Ho Chung)

524. Breaking Boundaries: Female Biblical Interpreters Who Challenged the Status Quo (Nancy Calvert-Koyzis & Heather Weir, eds.)

525. Did the Israelites Believe in Their Myths? Biblical Indeterminacy and the Depiction of God (Dexter E. Callender, Jr.)

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531. Prophecy and the Prophets in Ancient Israel: Proceedings of the Oxford Old Testament Seminar (John Day)

532. Rashi – Linguist despite Himself: A Study of the Linguistic Dimension of Rabbi Solomon Yishaqi’s Commentary on Deuteronomy (Jonathan Kearney)

533. Michal’s Moral Dilemma: A Literary, Anthropological and Ethical Interpretation (Jonathan Y. Rowe)

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537. YHWH Elohim: A Survey of Occurrences in the Leningrad Codex and their Corresponding Septuagintal Renderings (Bruce J. Harvey)

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539. Body, Language and Gender in Leviticus 12 and 15 (Dorothea Erbele-Kuester)

540. Constructions of Space III: Biblical Spatiality and the Sacred (Jorunn Økland, J. Cornelis De Vos & Karen J. Wenell, eds.)

541. Ecclesiastes and Scepticism (Stuart Weeks)

542. Empire and Exile: Postcolonial Readings of Selected Texts in Jeremiah (Steed Vernyl Davidson)

543. Exclusive Inclusivity: Identity Conflicts between the Exiles and the People who Remained (6th-5th Centuries BCE) (Dalit Rom-Shiloni)

544. Focusing Biblical Studies: The Crucial Nature of the Persian and Hellenistic Periods: Essays in Honour of Douglas A. Knight (Jon L. Berquist & Alice Hunt, eds.)

545. In the Biblical Sense: Sensory Experience in the Hebrew Bible (Yael Avrahami)

546. Legitimacy, Illegitimacy, and the Right to Rule: Windows on Abimelech’s Rise and Demise in Judges 9 (Gordon K. Oeste)

547. Mixed Marriages: Intermarriage and Group Identity in the Second Temple Period (Christian Frevel, ed.)

548. Oral Tradition in the Old Testament (Robert D. Miller II)

549. Pre-Exilic Israel, the Hebrew Bible, and Archaeology: Integrating Text and Artefact (Anthony J. Frendo)

550. ???

551. These are the Generations: Identity, Promise, and the ‘toledot’ Formula (Matthew A. Thomas)

552. Why?... How Long? Studies on Voice(s) of Lamentation Rooted in Biblical Hebrew Poetry (Leann Snow Flesher, Carol J. Dempsey & Mark J. Boda, eds.)
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