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absent without leave


Away, without permission, from your station or place of duty.
Example: As a result of his personal difficulties, the young

soldier went AWOL.

absolute emergency

A type of call to the MEDEVAC helicopter, indicating mortal wounds

or ailments. Compare priority, tactical emergency.
Example: Because of the degree of devastation, the battalion

commander declared an 'absolute emergency'.

access point

A point on a buffer zone (BZ) boundary, where the police stop

vehicles to check the drivers' and passengers' passes.

access to classified information

The ability, permission, and opportunity to obtain knowledge

of classified information. Some people are prevented by security measures from having access to classified information.
Example: The clerk was considered a security risk and was therefore denied access to classified information.

accidental attack

An unintended attack which occurs without being commanded at a national level. It can be a direct result of a random event, such as a mechanical failure, a simple human error, or an unauthorized action by a subordinate.


The obligation on an officer or other person to keep accurate records

of property, documents, or funds. The person having this obligation may

or may not have actual possession of the property, documents, or funds.

accounts officer

One of the civilian administrators in a PKO's finance section - may also

be Finance Officer.

accuracy of fire

A measure expressing the closeness of a grouping of shots

around the centre of a target.
Example: The circumstances and terrain posed extreme

difficulty for all concerned, as a result the accuracy

of fire was degraded and the attack ineffectual.

acoustic intelligence


Information derived from the collection and processing

of acoustic phenomena.

acoustic mine

A mine with an acoustic circuit which responds to the

acoustic field of a ship or sweep.

acoustical surveillance

The employment of electronic devices, including sound-recording, receiving, or-transmitting equipment, for the collection of information.
Example: Acoustical surveillance was deployed and the submarine was quickly tracked down.

active air defence

Direct defensive action taken to destroy, nullify, or reduce

the effectiveness of hostile air and missile threats against friendly

forces and assets. It includes the use of aircraft, air defence

weapons, and electronic warfare.
Example: Once the troops and installation were in position

on the island an active air defence was quickly established.

active aircraft

Aircraft currently engaged in flying missions. These aircraft

may be directly assigned to operational units or be involved

in the logistic processes of supply, maintenance, or modification.
Example: As a result of the mission, the number of active aircraft the enemy was able to deploy was significantly reduced.

active defence

The employment of limited offensive action and counterattacks

to deny a contested area or position to the enemy.

active duty


Full-time operational duty in the military service.
Example: When the war was over, he was retired from

active duty and took up a post at the MODD.

active mine

A mine actuated by the reflection from a target of a signal

emitted by the mine.

actual time of arrival


The time at which units supplies etc really arrive, in contrast

to the estimated time of arrival, which is a projection.
Example: The ETA was 1800; however, with favourable conditions the ATA was fortunately 1743.

actual time of departure


The time at which units supply, etc are really departing, in contrast

to the estimated time of departure.

adjustment of fire

The process used in artillery and naval gunfire to obtain the correct bearing, range, and height of a burst (if time fuses are used)

when a target is being engaged by direct observation.
Example: The gunnery officer made an adjustment of fire, which was immediately more effective and produced impressive results.

Administration & Personnel

A & P

Office where all paperwork for personnel is handled.
Example: On arrival he reported to Administration & Personnel,

where he received instructions to report immediately for duty.

Administration Unit - Established Missions


A generic term covering any of the following PKO departments

dealing with established missions: Personnel Management &

Support Service, Field Administration & Logistics Division,

Office of Planning & Support.
Example: Following his injuries he was assigned AU-EM duties

at the Field Administration & Logistics Division.

Administration Unit - Special Missions


A generic term covering any of the following PKO departments

dealing with special missions: Personnel Management &

Support Service, Field Administration & Logistics Division,

Office of Planning & Support.

administrative officer


A civilian responsible for administrative tasks.

Administrative Support Unit


A generic term covering any of the following PKO departments: Logistics & Communications Service, Field Administration &

Logistics Division, Office of Planning & Support.

advance force

A temporary grouping within an amphibious task force which precedes

the main body to the objective area. Its function is to participate in

preparing the objective for the main assault by conducting such

operations as reconnaissance, seizure of supporting positions,

minesweeping, preliminary bombardment, underwater demolitions,

and air support.

advance guard

A detachment sent ahead of the main force to ensure its

uninterrupted advance. Its duties are to:
a. Protect the main body against surprise attack.
b. Facilitate the advance by removing obstacles and repairing

roads and bridges.
c. Provide cover for the deployment of the main

force if it is committed to action.
Example: An advance guard was quickly mobilized

to deter the enemy from advancing that evening.

advance party; advance team

A team whose duties are (a) to make a reconnaissance of an area in order to assess the availability of accommodation and logistic resources and establish a list of essential items and facilities which cannot be obtained in that area, and (b) to prepare for the changeover or rotation between national contingents.

advanced base

A base located in or near an operational area whose primary

mission is to support military operations.
Example: The advanced base was soon overcome and the mission progressed to the main target area.

advanced landing field

An airfield, usually having minimum facilities, in or near

an objective area.

advanced operations base


A small temporary base established near or within a

joint special operations area. Its function is to command, control,

and/or support training or tactical operations.

aeromedical evacuation


The use of air transportation for the movement of patients under

medical supervision to and between medical treatment facilities.
Example: The injured were AE'd to the support area for treatment.



A member of a force commander's personal staff who helps

the FC with his or her duties.
Example: The ADC had made effective arrangements and the

admiral's visit went very smoothly.

air alert

A state of readiness or precautionary measures in expectation

of an enemy attack from the air.
Example: The raid was conducted during an air alert, which

hampered progress and limited manoeuvrability.

air attack

See 'coordinated air attack'.

air cargo

Stores, equipment, or vehicles which do not form part of the

aircraft, but which are included in its payload.
Example: As a result of the manoeuvre, the air cargo quickly

detached and was lost.

air controller

Another term for 'air traffic controller'.

air corridor

A restricted air route specified for use by friendly aircraft

and established for the purpose of preventing friendly

aircraft from being fired on by friendly forces.

air defence


All defensive measures designed to destroy attacking enemy

aircraft or missiles in the earth's atmosphere, or to nullify

or reduce the effectiveness of such attacks.
Example: AD assets were sufficient for the task; nevertheless, the opportunity was wasted and the enemy scored successes.

air defence area

1. A specifically defined airspace in overseas missions for

which air defence must be planned and provided.
2. An airspace of defined dimensions designated by

the appropriate agency, within which the ready control

of aircraft is required in the interests of national security

during an air defence emergency.
Example: An air defence area was quickly established

to protect the corridorand the deployment commenced.

air defence artillery


Weapons and equipment for actively combating air targets

from the ground.
Example: Following the attack, ADA assets were depleted

and the effectiveness of the operation significantly impaired.

Air Defence Control Centre; Air Defence Operations Centre



The principal information, communications, and operations

centre for the supervision and coordination of all aircraft,

anti-aircraft operations, air defence artillery, guided missiles,

and air warning functions over a specific area of air defence responsibility.
Example: The ADOC was quickly neutralized and

confusion reigned.

air delivery

The air transport and landing of personnel and equipment.
Example: There would be an air delivery to replenish supplies

and ammunition.


air liaison officer


An officer with flying expertise attached to a ground unit,

who functions as the primary advisor to the ground commander

on air operation matters.

air logistic support

Support for an operation by means of air transport, including

air supply, the movement of personnel, the evacuation of

casualties, and the recovery of equipment and vehicles.
Example: The unit would be deployed to provide air logistic support.

air point of disembarkation


The destination airport.
Example: The APOD was located close to the theatre of operations and the facility proved ideal.

air point of embarkation


The departure airport.

air reconnaissance

The acquisition of information by means of visual observation

from aircraft, and/or the use of sensors in aircraft.
Example: Effective air reconnaissance on the part of the

enemy resulted in the unit's quick detection.

air route

The navigable airspace between two points, identified

in accordance with flight rules.

air sentry

A guard who watches for incoming hostile aircraft or missiles.
Example: The facility would serve as an air sentry and buy time for

the retreating forces.

air strike

An airborne attack against any tactical or strategic target

(but not including support for friendly troops on the ground).

air supply

The delivery of cargo by aircraft, either by airdrop or landing.

air support

All forms of protection and assistance given by air forces

to operations on land or sea.
Example: Air support would be provided by 1 Sqn Harrier

aircraft deployed nearby.

air surveillance

The systematic observation of all aircraft and missiles in an

airspace by electronic, visual or other means, primarily

for the purpose of identifying and determining their movements.
Example: As a result of effective air surveillance within theatre

the enemy's activities were closely monitored.

air surveillance officer


An individual responsible for coordinating and maintaining

an accurate, current picture of the air situation within

an assigned airspace area.

air traffic control


The regulation of movements of aircraft in an airspace.
Example: ATC procedures were not followed and the

accident was the result.

air traffic control service


A service provided for the purpose of:
a. Preventing collisions between aircraft, or collisions between aircraft and obstacles on the ground.
b. Regulating the movements of aircraft to maintain an orderly flow.
Example: The facility would provide an ATCS for the exercise and

prove extremely effective.

air traffic controller

A person especially trained for and assigned to the duty

of air traffic control.

air transport liaison officer


An officer attached to a headquarters or unit who has the

duty of communicating with other units on matters

regarding the movement of personnel or equipment by air.

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