List of companies of the delegation from Heilongjiang Harbin Hafei Auto Industry Group Co ltd

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List of companies of the delegation from Heilongjiang
Harbin Hafei Auto Industry Group Co. ltd

Harbin Hafei Auto Industry Group Co. ltd is subordinate to China ChangAn Auto Group. It is the founder and foregoer of Chinese microca’s manufacture and R&D. It is also the Chinese backbone industry enterprise and R&D base. The group includes 2 production and manufacture base: Hafei Atuo Holding ltd and its branch company in Weihai. Now the group has more than 7000 employees and it covers an area of 1.28million square meters. At present, the group has yearly production capacity of 400,000 automobiles. After 30 years development and accumulation, auto production of the group has been amount to 2.6 million by the end of 2011 June.

The company would like to discuss possible cooperation with European auto manufacturers, sellers, and auto component suppliers.
Harbin Measuring & Cutting Tool Group Co.,Itd

Harbin Measuring & Cutting Tool Group Co. Ltd. built in 1950s is the only one enterprise which can manufacture measuring and cutting tools in the 156 key projects during China’s First Five-Year-Plan period and did a great historical contribution to the development and healthy growth of tools and measuring tools manufacturing industry of China. And HMCT Group now is in the leading position in Chinese tools industry.
The enterprise covers an area of 180, with total assets are 700 million RMB. It has 1499 pieces (sets) main production equipments. And the major products it produces are measuring tools, cutting tools, precision measuring instruments, NC cutting tools and CNC machine tools, which can be sorted into 5 major categories, more than 200 varieties, and more than 5000 specifications and the annual productivity of these products is more than 30 million pieces. In 1998 and 2003 the enterprise respectively passed the international quality certification systems ISO9001:1994 and ISO90001:2000.
The company wishes to discuss possible cooperation with European machine tool and cutting tool manufacturers, developers, sellers, suppliers, importers and exporters.
Qier Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd

Qier Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd. (reformed from Qiqihar No.2 Machine Tool Works) moved to north from Shenyangin October 1950, was the first group of important enterprise in domestic machinery industry in the period of first “five years plan” and was entitled as one of the 18 largest industrial enterprises. Through 50 years development, it has formed its own features and advantages on heavy-duty CNC milling-boring machineheavy-duty mechanical presslarge automatic metal forming machine and milling machine series. The products are mainly used in such important industries in China: national defensemilitary industryaerospaceshipbuildingautomobile and energy, etc. The rate of CNC machine tools production value reaches to over 70% and the heavy-dutysuper heavy-duty products to over 80%.
The company seeks to discuss interested cooperation with European NC machine tool manufacturers, dealers, importers and exporters and suppliers. The company also wish to discuss selling machine tool with suppliers.
Qiqihar Railway Rolling Stock Co., Ltd

Qiqihar Railway Rolling Stock Co., Ltd. (QRRS) was founded in 1935, which is a leading provider and export base in the field of design and manufacture of railway wagons and cranes in China.

QRRS is of a large enterprise group comprising of four manufacture facilities in Qiqihar, Mudanjiang, Dalian and Harbin and focusing on the four core businesses, wagon manufacture, wagon overhaul, railway crane manufacture and overhaul, manufacture of wagon parts and components.
QRRS, focusing on developing railway wagons and cranesas market orientation, bogie technology as the core and advancing unique market competitiveness, is influencing and leading the development direction in Chinese wagon manufacturing industry and courageously forward to the vision objective Become a World Class Enterprise in the Field of the Railway Transport Equipment.
The company seeks for cooperation with European railway companies, coach manufacturers, sellers, suppliers, importers and exporters.
Huaneng New Energy Industry Holding Co. ltd

The company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Huaneng Group. It is found in Nov.2002 with registered capital of 451.5 million RMB. The leading industry of the company is new energy electricity mainly reply on wind power and solar energy generation. After 10 years development, the company has formed a professionalized company mainly on wind power development, construction, operation and management and concurrently engaged in clean energy like hydroelectric, solar energy, etc. at present, the company has constructed a batch of wind power station in Jilin, Liaoning, Shandong, Nei Monggol, Hebei as well as other provinces and formed large-scale developed wind power base. At the same time, the company also actively develops a batch of wind power projects in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Gansu and Shanghai, etc.
The company is looking for cooperation with European wind power generation enterprises.
Fuyu County Longda Chemical Industry Co. ltd

The company has total 150 employees with 20 administrative personnel and 130 production line staffs. The company is a private enterprise mainly engaged in producing vitriol.
The vitriol production line is a reformed one. The production capacity was originally designed 40000tons/year and reaches 1 million tons/year after reformation. The raw materials are from Hailaer Longda Mining Company, which is located at Hunlun Buir city, the Nei Monggol Autonomous Region.
The company looks for European chemical industry partners.
Heilongjiang Longyou Petrochemical Industry Co. ltd

The company is joint-contributed by Dalian Fushi Group and Daqing Lianyi Petrochemical industry Co. ltd. It is located in Daqing city, which is the biggest local chemical industry enterprise in Daqing. The 5.5 million tons heavy oil catalysis thermal cracking project of the company covers an area of about 3,100 acre. The project is totally invested about 7.95billion RMB with construction investment 7.1 billion RMB.
The company is looking for cooperation with European petrochemical companies.
He Mine Group Diversified Economy Co.

The company has a history of over 30 years. It has set 17 secondary companies and has 87 production factories. The company has agricultural acreage of 5000 hectare with 3602 employees. The main business of the company is mineral resources exploit like radiation coal, ferromanganese iron, aluminum; energy saving and environmental protection building materials, NC machine base, husbandry zoology travelling.
Now the company seeks technical cooperation with EU on developing 200,000 tons/year manganese-silicon project, 5000 hectare agricultural planting project, NC machinery processing project
Heilongjiang Beidahuang Rice Industry Group Co. ltd

Beidahuang Rice Industry Group has set 35 core processing manufacture bases, 14 sales subsidiary companies and has 168 board of directors member units. Beidahuang Group’s rice entered into national market, point of sale in 20 key cities reaches 20,000. The products have been exported to more than 40 countries and regions. Now the group has developed into one of the most famous rice industry group in China. Supported by the black soil belt and subfrigid zone 20 million acres japonica rice bases, the group could process 7 million tons of rice every year. The value of the group brand reaches 27.688 billion RMB. Series of products of the group “Jinzuan Rice”, “Organic Rice” and “Xianxiang Rice” are awarded by Chinese famous brands.
The group is looking for European rice deep processing partners for cooperation.
Jiusan Oil & Fat

Heilongjiang Jiusan Oil & Fat Co. Ltd (JOFC) with its headquarter in Harbin Economic & Technical Development Zone is one of the 151 enterprises, the first batch who have realized agriculture industrialization at a state level in China
JOFC takes the non-genetically modified organism(NON-GMO)soybean in sound quality grown in Heilongjiang Province as the raw material to process edible soybean oil, JIUSAN BRAND, soybean flakes, soybean germs, natural vitamin E, soybean isoflavone, etc.. The soybean oil, Grade 1 , soybean salad oil, soybean flakes and soybean germs have been certified as NON-GMO products examined and tested by HONG KONG DAN CHIPS LIMITED by adopting the Standard UKSA. The soybean oil, Grade 1, and the soybean salad oil have been certified green food by China Green Food Development Center and won awards of famous products at China International Agriculture Exhibition Fair in the past successive three years. The soybean salad oil has been certified an exemption from quality surveillance inspection product by the State General Administration of the People's Republic of China for Quality Supervision and Inspection and Quarantine.
the company looks for various kind of cooperation with European grain and oil products producers, suppliers, dealers, importers and exporters.
Heilongjiang Beidahuang Agriculture Holding Co. ltd

The company is found in 1947. Now it becomes the biggest commodity grain production base in China. The main business of the company is to produce and deep process grain crop like rice, soybean, wheat, corn, etc. The company also engaged in ureal production and sales, agrifood processing, seeds import, process and sales, papermaking, medicinal materials plant and processing, information and service system development and consultancy, etc.
The company seeks for European agricultural food producers, suppliers, importers and exporters to discuss interested cooperation.
Heilongjiang Yanglin Grease Group

Heilongjiang Yanglin Grease Group is a private technological company which founded in 1996. The headquarter is located at Jixian County- village of soybean.
The main business of the group is non GMO soybean deep processing. The company also steps into grain and oil distribution, rice processing, agriculture scientific research, livestock breeding, hotel service, travelling, logistics, etc. Now the group has 10 branch companies with total employees of 1,128. The group has 5 soybean processing production lines with working ability of 1.8 million tons/year and 1 first-rate refined rice production line with working ability of 40,000 tons/year. The main products are refined soybean, refined rice, soybean oil, pressed oil, low temperature bean pulp, high temperature bean pulp, etc. The products have been exported to Japan, Korea, Russia, Indonesia, etc.
The group looks for European agrifood producers, suppliers, dealers, importers and exporters to discuss cooperation.
Harbin Songhuajiang Summer Resort Invest and Development Co. ltd

Harbin Songhuajiang Summer Resort Invest and Development Co. lt was founded in Dec. 2011. It is a sole corporation with registered capital of 50 million RMB. It serves as investment and financing platform for Harbin Songhuajiang Summer Resort development and construction project.
Songhuajiang Summer Resort region has widened area with beautiful scenery, which is suitable for large-scale exploitment. The project aims to establish an international top-grade travelling and holiday resort in Songhuajiang region which combines with functions of economy, culture, education, entertainment and healthcare.
The company wishes to discuss interested cooperation with European modern service industry companies.
Beidahuang Group
China’s biggest agricultural group, which produces rice, flour, milk, meat, medicine, potato…
Looking for cooperation with European agricultural food companies and European agent.
China Longjiang Forest Industry Group
Wood material production, forest industry, wooden processing, artificial board, etc.
Wishing to cooperate with European wooden products suppliers as well as looking for an agent.
Dongjin Automotive Industry Co. ltd
Specialised in different kinds of special purpose vehicle’s R&D as well as market exploiting. Engaged in different kinds of auto chassis component production and manufacture, which includes casting, pressing and metal processing. Besides, the company also produces and makes research on auto component mould and die.
Wish to discuss cooperation with auto and machinery enterprises.

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