Listening skills tasks and handouts task 1: Work in pairs. Write a list of all the things you listened to in the last 24 hours

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week 3 Tasks and Handouts

Tasks and handouts
TASK 1: Work in pairs. Write a list of all the things you listened to in the last 24 hours.
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TASK 2: Work in pairs. Decide which of your listening experiences listed in TASK 1:

  1. involved you speaking as well as listening, i.e. which were interactive, as opposed to those which were 'one-way', i.e. non-interactive

  2. involved listening to a speaker who was physically present

  3. involved listening for specific information

  4. involved listening more for pleasure or entertainment

  5. required you to listen closely and attentively

  6. allowed a less attentive style of listening

TASK 3. Work in pairs. Rate these types of listening in terms of their likely difficulty for a second language learner. Name some factors that could make listening difficult.

  1. watching the news on TV

  2. listening to the news on the radio

  3. listening to a song on the radio

  4. talking about the news with a friend face to face

  5. talking about the news with a friend on the phone

  6. listening to a recording of the news in the classroom

TASK 3. Listen to two dialogues and answer the following questions
Dialogue 1:

  1. What’s the interviewee’s name?

  2. Where is he from?

  3. Did he work in Africa?

  4. Where does he work?

  5. What is his job?

  6. How long does he work a day?

Dialogue 2:

  1. What is the talk about?

  2. Where is Gibralta?

  3. What language do they speak in Gibralta?

  4. How many people are there in Gibralta?

  5. What do they want?

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