Lord ballyedmond edward Haughey, Baron Ballyedmond

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Edward Haughey
, Baron Ballyedmond , Edward Haughey, 63, who founded Norbrook Laboratories, the veterinary pharmaceutical manufacturing business, in 1968 in Northern Ireland, ranked 16th, with 520m euro.Norbrook employs 1,300 people worldwide, 1,000 of them in Northern Ireland.Haughey started an air travel business which included Haughey Air, And Carlisle Airport (sold to WA Developments in May 2006), and a helicopter charter company. He is a member of the British House of Lords and was an Irish Senator.
Dr. Edward Enda Haughey, Baron Ballyedmond OBE (b. 5 January1944) is a Northern Irish businessman and politician. He is the first person to have sat in both the upper houses of the United Kingdom and Ireland since the sixth Marquess of Lansdowne in 1927. Haughey was educated at the Christian Brother's School, Dundalk and married Mary Gordon Young in 1972, with whom he had two sons and a daughter. Haughey emigrated to the United States for four years in the 1960s, but returned home and founded a veterinary pharmaceutical manufacturing business in 1968. He has been Chairman of Newry-based Norbrook Laboratories and Norbrook Holdings since 1980. With an estimated personal wealth of several hundred million euros, Haughey owns the Ballyedmond Castle estate in Rostrevor, County Down and Corby Castle in Cumbria.
Haughey has served as an Honorary Consul to Chile in the north of England.

Background Information on Norbrook Laboratories:
Since its foundation in 1968, Norbrook Laboratories Ltd has grown to be one of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies. With manufacturing facilities on four continents and sales and marketing offices in over 30 countries, the company exports to more than 120 countries worldwide.
The Company has a particularly large veterinary division and is the only company in the world licenced by the food and drug administration of the United States to manufacture sterile injections for veterinary use outside the USA and import same for sale in USA territory. The Company has four divisions, bulk pharmaceutical synthesis division which includes synthetic penicillins, a wide range of antibiotic steroids, and hormones and anthelmintics. The Company is almost self-contained in its raw material production and produces many intermediates for the pharmaceutical industry.

The Company's finished dose forum division produces sterile injectables for both medical and veterinary use. It has facilities to produce tablets, capsules, aerosols, creams, sterile injections of solutions, suspensions and powders. All to the standards of Good Manufacturing Practice and for export world wide including Europe, the US and Japan.

The Company has a heavy commitment to chemical process development. It has invested over £80 Million within the last 5 years in the synthesis of complicated molecules.

Research and Development is of major importance - over 10% of the company's turnover is annually invested in research and development of new products. There is a strong pipeline and the Company has filed a number of patents each year and obtained marketing authorisations worldwide to a level that equates with any of its multinational competitors. Its production facilities in Ireland, North and South are housed on over 100 acres of land with 40 acres covered employing in excess of 1500 people.


Lady Ballyedmond (Mary) is a practising solicitor by profession, engaged mostly in large estates, conveyancing and probate.  She was a part-time lecturer in law at Queens University Belfast prior to her marriage and when she qualified she won the gold medal.  She has three children to her husband Edward (Lord Ballyedmond); Caroline, a practising barrister in London, Edward a qualified barrister but recently moved to his father’s business, and James a qualified medical doctor also recently moved to his father’s business.


Ambassador Khiyami noticed that Lady Ballyedmond is a keen gardener and takes care of a private garden in each of her husband’s estates. She loves nature walks.

She has an excellent knowledge in antiquities.

She is a Protestant and her husband is a Catholic. Both of them are not very religious but have excellent connections with the Church and the secular political class.

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