Youth exchange 2014

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Youth exchange 2014

Dance / Music / Theatre / Singing / Costume design

26.07 – 16.08 Cantal/Southern France

Czech Republic








Project leader 

Coordination Contact person

Euroculture en Pays Gentiane Cécile BRUNETEAU

1 avenue Fernand Brun 0033620927649

15 400 Riom-ès-Montagnes / France Plamen DIMOV


Or your team leader

Association Euroculture en Pays Gentiane

We are a group of young people organized in a non profit association named Euroculture en Pays Gentiane dedicated to youth and culture developed, based in Cantal/Auvergne/France from 2001. Our purpose is to contribute to make our beautiful rural area more open to cultural diversity and mobility, international dynamic organizing intercultural and exchanges projects. We lead young exchange projects for 13 years, using all kind of arts as tool of intercultural dialogue, developing main topic and issues of our society through artistic practices. So far, we have the opportunities to welcome more than 1400 young participants and artists from 30 countries : European countries, Mediterranean country, Caucasus and East of Europe countries.

Have a look on our blog , Facebook page, movies from previous exchange projects we accompanied:


Date of the project 26th July 16th august 2014

26th July – 14th August – Riom-ès-Montagnes/Cantal


Riom-ès-Montagnes, is 2000 inhabitants little city. We will be hosted in comfortable big cottages 4/5 people per room and enjoy activities around. We will be in the village for activities, meal (at the catering of high school).


14th – 16th Miramas, southern France

Everybody are moving together for a last show and encountering more new young people who are doing similar project in a beautiful city Miramas. Its in the department Bouches-du-Rhône in the région Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur


On the following pages you’ll find more information about the project, the participants, the aims, the activities proposed and the execution of the project


That project is an initiative set up in the framework of European programme “Erasmus +”, Action 1. This project put together 50 young people aged from 18 to 30 years old and coming from Czech Republic, France, England, Bulgaria, Spain, Danmark, Turkey. Group of participant are composed of 7 young people plus 1 leader (can be more than 30 years old).

The exchange is about building an intercultural common project and production in a form of a show, to explore and reveal our reality, culture, diversity, imagination, creativity and collective richness and share it with local population in Cantal and Bouches-du-Rhône, using arts as intercultural tools.

Together we propose to explore with our different influence and experiences of the topic about gender in the broad sens (gender equity, sexual and gender diversity), concept we will need to define together at the beginning of the exchange.

To explore our diversity of view points we propose different artistic workshops which can be led by different countries according to their specialties and know-how: music, singing, dance, theatre, costumes and set design, and more according your propositions. Professional artists will be present during all the exchange to teach and guide participants in each field. All participants will be involved in the creative process to set a final show/performances open to audience how will take the format of a “European Musical”. We propose to set a kind of musical setting on stage idea we will rise together about gender topic using also some extracts from Offenbach operette which focus on our topic.

The artistic workshops will be used to construct a diverse and dynamic fusion of the different cultures and artistic fields expressing cultural diversity and stories, which should take the final form of performances.

It is our wish that each participant should share and gain new skills and stage experience and develop mutual understanding and tolerance. We are looking to bring some benefit to participants and emphasize that the arts are a valuable way to achieve this.

A lot of free, informal time and evening times are set aside for activities with the local population and local associations: party, intercultural evening, games, walks, sports. This time can also be used for participants to propose and realize activities of your initiatives.


- To explore the very strong topic of gender relationships. We believe that the discussion on this issue on our time can exist in any aspect. The subject is alive, current and painful or joyful for any of us. We think it would be very interesting for everyone to discuss our vision together and the meaning of the gender concept.

- Promote equality, freedom, fundamental value

- The purpose is to discover each other, culture from different countries, activities, stories, knowledge, experience, points of view, especially using arts as intercultural tools.

- Setting up a common project following our topic, developing mutual understanding, solidarity and tolerance between young people of different countries and culture.

- Permitting each participant to find his own space for expression and develop his personal fulfillment and knowledge.

- Setting up an event all together and sharing it with the local population.

- Learning how to communicate in a multicultural environment, to acquire skills in the artistic field and how to conceive and set up a European project and valorize it in the future

- Building up a new social network

Commitment in Community life and group dynamics

One aim of this exchange is also to share daily life in every task. We rely on good will, good spirits and cooperation to take an active part in the community life and contribute to the good execution and quality of this project (eg. by setting the table, washing up, serving), and to a respect of the rules of community life. We ask you to be committed in activities and


Use Public transport: (Eurolines bus, train, plane in economic class). By plane for arriving , the best is to reach Lyon or Paris airport and then take the train to Clermont-Ferrand. And for going back it will be better if you try to find way trough Marseille Airport. See bellow the amount of reimbursement you can have. This amount is fixed by European Union according to the number of kilometer from your home to the place of project (use the link above to calculate it).

Eligible costs




Rule of allocation


Contribution to the travel costs of

participants, from their place of

origin to the venue of the activity

and return

Unit costs

For travel distances between 10 and 99KM:

20 EUR per participant

Based on the travel distance per

participant. Travel distances must be

calculated using the distance

calculator supported by the

European Commission

For travel distances between 100 and 499 KM:

80 EUR per participant

For travel distances between 500 and 1999 KM:

170 EUR per participant

For travel distances between 2000 and 2999 KM:

270 EUR per participant

For travel distances between 3000 and 3999 KM:

400 EUR per participant

For travel distances between 4000 and 7999 KM:

620 EUR per participant

For travel distances of 8000 KM or more:

830 EUR per participant

Keep your train, coach (Euroline), fly tickets and invoices, or else you could not be reimbursed.

Better to buy train ticket Paris – Clermont-Ferrand in advance to get nice price on the link bellow: or

If you are less than 25 years old, you should precise it to have discount.

Evaluation and Youthpass

Evaluation times will be organized during and after the project. During the project, we ask you to constitute a group with one person per country (your leader) to get together for feed back and to know each group's feelings. We also have three evaluation times, brainstorming, after each week, to discuss the progress of the project, the activities, the organization, your feelings. It is important to take evaluation seriously because it allows us to improve the project and fix the issues if there is. A part from the meetings, feel free to come to organization staff. Our aim is to welcome you as best as we can, keeping in mind the objectives of the project. To valorize your experience, you will have the opportunities to realize a Youthpass and we will help you in it. Have a look on the website :

List of things you must bring

- One (or two) pairs of SHEETS for 1 person bed or SLEEPING BAG and TOWEL. There is not in accommodation and we are not able to provide you any +

- A black outfit plus shoes and black socks (as you like but ALL black without any signs on it).

- A white outfit without anything written on it (all kinds of white are possible).

- Trainers.

- Medical documents and cards (just in case of a problem).

- Personal insurance.

- Identity card/passport.

- Don’t forget some warm clothes just in case (evenings can be cold) and you swim suit.

- Also if you want to bring any music, costumes, make up, ideas, songs, food, etc. you are very welcome, as there will be several occasions to practice and to share your knowledge.

Economic Conditions

We ask you for 20 Euros for membership.

Food, accommodation, activity fees are covered by the association

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