Louisiana state university health science center new orleans emergency medicine residency program policies to supplement lsuhsc house officer manual

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Monthly CORD Exam

(7/08 updated)

Re: Monthly CORD Exams
The online monthly in-service exams must be completed by the day scheduled for discussion. The exams will be scheduled at least one month in advance and are “open book”. Residents who score less than 75% will be assigned additional questions in that topic.
Failure to complete more than three exams on time during one academic year will result in probation and a letter in the permanent file.


November 28: HEENT

December 18: EMS

Jan 31: Musculoskeletal

Feb 29: Trauma

Mar 31: Procedures

Apr 30: Cardiovascular

May 31: Anesthesia

June 30 OB


July: Neuro

Aug: NeuroSurg

Sept: Cutaneous

Oct: Pediatrics

Nov: Toxicology

Dec: Environmental

Jan: Endocrine

Feb: Mock Inservice

Mar: ID

April: Abd/GI

May: Admin

June: Research

Journal Club

2nd Thursday each Month 7:00 pm
The purpose of Journal Club is to discuss articles relevant to Emergency medicine. Whether these articles are "good" or "bad" is not important. What is important is to gain an understanding of research design, statistics, and interpretation of data. Hopefully this will enable you to gain a better understanding of the article: you read as well as help you in your own research projects.
Journal Club Procedures will be as follows:

  1. The purpose of Journal Club is to discuss articles relevant to Emergency medicine, and to gain an understanding of research design, statistics, and interpretation of data.

  2. Dr Slaven is the director of Journal Club

  3. Each year one of the Chief Residents coordinates Journal Club dinner and makes the annual schedule of resident leaders and presenters.

  4. A PGY3 resident is assigned each month to be the Leader and select a topic and articles (approved by Haydel) and lead the discussion.

  5. 2-3 other residents will be Presenters and present the articles using the critique template which follows and is posted on the yahoo website.

  6. Articles will be distributed via email and the yahoo website one week prior to Journal Club: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LSUEM/

  7. Unless excused or working, attendance and preparation are required.

  8. Failure to present for Journal Club may be grounds for disciplinary action.

Responsibilities of the Journal Club Leader:
The Leader of each Journal Club will be assigned by the chief residents prior to the start of each academic year. As Leader, be sure that you are able to attend on your assigned date.
Pick an appropriate topic for your Journal Club Month. A list of suggested topics is posted on the yahoo website: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LSUEM/ If you need assistance in choosing your topic, you can speak with any of the program directors. Your topic must be approved by Dr. Haydel three weeks prior to journal club. Once your topic has been approved, you must choose 3 articles pertaining to your topic. These articles must then be submitted to Dr. Haydel for final approval two weeks prior to journal club.

After your articles are approved, select one article for yourself to present, then assign the other two articles to the other two presenters designated on the schedule.

Your articles must be submitted for approval at least two weeks prior to the Journal Club Date.

Once approved, submit your 3 articles to the section secretary for distribution to the residents and staff. Please indicate the Journal Club Month on each article, as well as the order of presentation of your 3 articles. For example, "Article #1- July 2002 Journal Club, etc."

Journal Club Presenter Responsibilities
Make sure that you are off the night of your respective presentation date. Request to be off when putting in your monthly schedule requests.

Stay in touch with the Leader of your Journal Club, so that you can receive your article well in advance.

Adhere to the Standard Journal Club Presentation Format (Journal Club Literature Critique Form)
Finally, the Journal Club Chief Resident is responsible for organizing dinner and the location for each Journal Club. The section secretary will notify all of the location each month once things are lined up.

Journal Club Literature Critique Form

Article title and journal:
Study objectives:
Outcome measures(dependent variables):


Design type _ Observational

_ Case-control

_ Cohort

_ Experimental

_ Cross-over

_ Other: __________

Design features

Randomized no yes:

Blinded no yes: (single or double)

Prospective or Retrospective

Controlled no yes :

Sample: Number of data points or sample size (n) __________

Inclusion criteria:

Exclusion criteria:

Treatment (independent variables):

Sampling type: __ convenience _ consecutive _ randomized _ systematic __other:
Describe each treatment group and indicate number (n) for each:
Data type: __nominal (named ie yes, no) __ordinal (ordered, numbers) ___interval (specific differences)

Statistics: What statistical analysis is used?
Are the statistics used appropriate for the data?
What are the confidence intervals?

Is the hypothesis accepted or rejected?

Does the study answer the question asked?

How could the study be redesigned to better answer the question asked?

Were adverse effects of treatment, limitations to the study, and intention to treat discussed?

Is the study biased?

Are conclusions supported by the data?

Is the study good or not?

Does it affect your practice?

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