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Madhav Khosla/Statement of purpose

Objective: to take up the challenge of applying analytical learning to real world situations.

Exposure to computer engineering: I believe that computer science provides me the best platform for pursuing my long term goals, and unlike many other disciplines of engineering, computer science is not necessarily burdened by manufacturing expertise and capital investments for implementing new ideas and paradigms. Among various subjects that I have studied thus far, I found the courses on computer networks and advanced computer networks to be most interesting. I also undertook an interesting course-project on remote installation of an OS over a network and independently performed all the network-related experiments normally taught in a second-year networking laboratory course at IIT Bombay.

The limited yet in-depth exposure to algorithms, Operating System, Programming languages, Database Management System, Computer graphics, Computer network, Artificial Intelligence, computer security, computer networks, cryptography and mobile computing have shown the myriad of opportunities that lie in front of me. As I am progressing in my UG computer engineering program, I find - networking, computer security, theory of computer science, mobile computing, databases and data-mining - both interesting as well as challenging.

Part time employment: I work for 15 hours/week at Rays Electronics, a local electronics design unit. My work with embedded design as well as embedded programming has been by far the most satisfying experience of my life.

Project work: I have taken my major B.E. Project on ''Study of mitigation of XSS attacks and its mitigation through a browser plugin" under the joint guidance of Prof. Uma Sahu from Don Bosco Institute of Technology and Prof. Bernard Menezes, Senior professor, Department of Computer Science, IIT Bombay. In the project, I am working on a browser-side plugin to reduce attacks based on persistent XSS.

I am working on php/mysql/database programming with Prof. S Sudarshan at Computer Science Department, IIT Bombay. I am working on the creation of an extension for moodle, which shall allow instructors to set problems requiring a graphical solution, and provide a web based tool for students to create maps and diagrams as solutions to quiz problems.

Learning outside the classroom: I complemented my learning by attending several seminars and conferences organized by my college. In my search for detailed knowledge on specific areas of interest that the text book did not substantiate, I have read various books to gain deeper understanding on various topics and frequently updated myself through numerous e-journals made available by the library. Discussions and debates with lecturers, seniors and peers ranging from computational complexity problems to computer graphics, and on how to further human computer interaction were something I looked forward to and gained immense satisfaction from.

Lectures attended: I’ve had opportunity to attend talks by luminaries in the field of science, engineering, business and economics during annual technical events such as TECHFEST and AVENUES at IIT Bombay. I have understood the importance of suggesting solutions, looking beyond theory and its impossibilities, and to inculcate a confidence in what I am pursuing. This has further strengthened my resolve to pursue a Master’s in Computer Science from a renowned university such as University of Florida.

Long term goals: The synergy of technology-update and societal-demand is mind boggling. It puts new challenges to existing solutions and churns out new paradigms and technologies. I remember hearing the phrase - “We tend to overestimate the effect of a technology in the short run and underestimate the effect in the long run” - in one of the lectures that I attended during Techfest. Therefore, I would like to broaden my perspectives before I peg myself to an area, or a career option At this stage, I am convinced that I need to increase my exposure and broaden my technical expertise which is not possible without undergoing a good MS program at an Institute of higher learning. To me the challenge of designing and exploring for solutions is a creative high. It is this feeling which is my motive force that drives me to seek admission to the graduate program at your university.

CSE department at University of Florida is well-known for research and in-depth study in systems, data bases, AI, graphics and HPC. Undertaking a prestigious MS in Computer Science from here will not only provide me an opportunity to acquire deeper knowledge in my areas of interest, but simultaneously expose me to techniques of research and empower me to apply analytical methods to real world problems.

The excellent faculty at University of Florida and the coursework that focuses on building the professional and research skills will ensure that I learn new techniques and explore solutions to meet computational challenges.
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