Manheim Auctions’ Executive Management Bios Hal Logan, Senior Vice President, Strategic Planning and Industry Relations, Manheim

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Manheim Auctions’ Executive Management Bios

Hal Logan, Senior Vice President, Strategic Planning and Industry Relations, Manheim
Hal Logan is Senior Vice President of Strategic Planning and Industry Relations for Manheim Inc., the world’s leading provider of automotive services to commercial sellers and auto dealers. Logan is responsible for identifying new ways for Manheim to serve its customers, and for managing the company’s relationships with financial analysts and industry associations.
Logan has been with Manheim since 1999, and has held several positions with the company, including Senior Vice President of Marketing, and President & CEO of Manheim Interactive Inc.
Before joining Manheim, Logan managed Third Set Partners, a consulting company, for three years. Logan’s career started as a reporter with the Washington Post in 1973. In 1984, he joined Dow Jones where he helped launch their successful online ventures. In 1988, he joined Pacific Bell for several years in various executive level positions. In 1996, he became chief executive officer of Vicinity Corporations, an Internet company that provides mapping and direction services.
Logan holds a bachelor of arts degree from Harvard University and a master’s of business administration degree with a concentration in strategy and finance from Stanford University.
Logan is also actively involved with a couple of organizations that bring him into contact with younger generations.  One is the Executive Leadership Council, a group comprised of senior African-American executives from Fortune 500 companies.  ELC has a subsidiary called the Next Generation Network, a group of younger high-potential managers (most are in their 30s and 40s) who the group works with to groom for advancement in their companies.
He also serves on the Atlanta advisory board of Teach For America, a wonderful organization that brings high-performing graduates of America's top colleges and universities into inner-city classrooms, where they work as teachers for two or three years.  TFA corps members are achieving some very remarkable results in some of the most challenged classrooms in this country.
In addition, he is also the co-founder of the W. E. B. Du Bois Society, an Atlanta-based non-profit whose mission is to make success in the classroom as attractive to African-American high school students as success in sports and entertainment.
Hal Logan continues to cultivate the younger generation of leaders through his exemplary work in the professional sphere, as well as his work outside of the office environment that continues to bridge the generation gap.

Download 5.38 Kb.

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