Marie Julie Peters-Desteract Cell (Beijing): + 86 18610410184

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Marie Julie Peters-Desteract Cell (Beijing): + 86 18610410184

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Education (selected)

  • Masters degree in Fine Arts from Ecole Des Beaux-Arts. Marseille, France. 1999-2001.

  • A semester abroad at the California College of Arts and Crafts. San Francisco, CA. fall 2000.

  • Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Ecole des Beaux-Arts. Marseille, France. 1996-1999.

  • Bachelor’s degree in Textile from Ecole Superieure des arts Appliqués Duppéré. Paris, France. 1994-1996.

  • Art education courses from Ecole Superieure des Arts Appliqués Duppéré. Paris, France. 1993-1994.

Work experience

Teaching (selected)

  • Visual arts teacher and head of the arts department at Tsinghua International School. Beijing, China. 2009-2014.

  • Giving Shadow puppet workshop.

  • Collaborating on an educational project to bridge Chinese culture with progressive education.

  • Teaching textile courses at Yeditepe University. Istanbul, Turkey. 2008-2009.

  • Art teacher at the ISTEK School. Pre-K -10. Istanbul, Turkey. 2007-2009.

  • Art teacher at the French American international school. (MYP)/(IB dip.) San Francisco CA. 2003-2005.

Performing arts (selected)

  • “Guizhou en Marche” premiered at Zajia Lab, during the festival croisement, Beijing 2014 and performed at the Wuzhen theatre festival, Wuzhen 2014

  • “songe de la lanterne” premiered at the Wuzhen theatre festival, Wuzhen 2014

  • “found memories” premiered at the Beijing One International Festival, Beijing 2014

  • "some salt?"shadow performance at “art at home” gallery, Beijing 2013

  • “Circle” shadow performance at “Au goulot” Beijing 2013

  • “Shady N” Shadow performance at Zajia Lab, Beijing 2013

  • A Part Apart, art director on a short movie competition. Beijing. 2012.

  • Beijing Weird Tales; shadow performance part of the Beijing Fringe Festival. 2012.


MYP ART workshop, Dubai, U.A.E. March 2008.

Shadow puppet in Cambodia and China; creative writing for Puppetry and storytelling in France.
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