Mathew D. Gayman

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Curriculum Vitae

Mathew D. Gayman
Department of Sociology (404) 413-6510 (office)

Georgia State University (404) 413-6500 (dept)

1059 Langdale Hall (404) 413-6505 (fax)

P.O. Box 5020

Atlanta, GA 30302-5020

2008 Ph.D. Florida State University, Sociology

2005 M.S. Florida State University, Sociology

2003 M.A. Indiana University, Indianapolis, Sociology

1999 B.S. Indiana University, Indianapolis, Kelley School of Business

2016-present Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, GSU

2010-2016 Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, GSU

2015-present Affiliated Faculty, Gerontology Institute, GSU

2010-present Affiliated Faculty, Partnership for Urban Health Research, GSU

2008-2010 NIH Postdoctoral Fellow, University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill

2007 Research Fellowship - National Hispanic Science Network on Drug Abuse

● Health Inequalities ● Lifecourse Social Epidemiology

● Mental & Physical Health ● Social Psychology

● Social Stress & Health ● Methods & Statistics

REFEREED PUBLICATIONS (ggraduate/uundergraduate student co-authored)
Gayman, Mathew D., Andrew M. Cislo, and Stephanie Hansardg. 2016. “Time-Clustered Deaths and Well-Being among Young Adults.” Stress and Health. 32(1):2-11.
gBulut, Elif and Mathew D. Gayman. 2016. “Acculturation and Self-Rated Mental Health Among Latino and Asian Immigrants: A Latent Class Analysis.” Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health. 18(4):836-849.
Gayman, Mathew D., Andrew M. Cislo, Alexa Goidelg, and Koji Ueno. 2014. “SES and Race-Ethnic Differences in the Stress-Buffering Effects of Coping Resources among Young Adults.” Ethnicity and Health 19(2):198-216.
Shillingsburg, M. Alice, Crystal N. Bowen, Richard K. Peterman and Mathew D. Gayman. 2014. “Effectiveness of the Direct Instruction Language for Learning Curriculum Among Children Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.” Focus on Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities. Online First: DOI: 10.1177/1088357614532498
Gayman, Mathew D., and Juan Barraganu. 2013. “Multiple Perceived Reasons for Major Discrimination and Depression.” Society and Mental Health 3(3):203-20.
Gayman, Mathew D., Manacy Pai, Ben Kail, and Miles Taylor. 2013. “Reciprocity between Depressive Symptoms and Physical Limitations Pre- and Post-Retirement: Black-White Contrasts.” Journal of Aging and Health 25(4):555-73.
Gayman, Mathew D., and Mindy S. Bradley. 2013. “Organizational Climate, Work Stress, and Depressive Symptoms among Probation and Parole Officers.” Criminal Justice Studies: A Critical Journal of Crime, Law and Society 26(3):326-46.
Ueno, Koji, Eric R. Wright, Mathew D. Gayman, and Janice M. McCabe. 2012. “Segregation in Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Youth’s Personal Networks: Testing Structural Constraint, Choice Homophily, and Compartmentalization Hypotheses.” Social Forces 90(3):971-91.
Gayman, Mathew D., Joseph Morrissey, and Gary Cuddeback. 2011. “Help-Seeking in a Community Sample of Young Adults with Substance Use Disorder.” Journal of Behavioral Health Services & Research 38(4):464-77.
Gayman, Mathew D., Robyn Lewis Brown, and Ming Cui. 2011. “Depressive Symptoms and Bodily Pain: The Role of Physical Disability and Social Stress.” Stress and Health 27:52-63.
Gayman, Mathew D., R. Jay Turner, Andrew Cislo, and Henry Eliassen. 2011. “Early Adolescent Family Experiences and Perceived Social Support in Young Adulthood.” Journal of Early Adolescence 31(6):880-908.
Gayman, Mathew D., Donald A. Lloyd, and Koji Ueno. 2010. “The History and Timing of Depression Onset as Predictors of Young-Adult Self-Esteem.” Journal of Research on Adolescence 21(3):691-702.
Bradley-Engen, Mindy, Gary Cuddeback, Gayman, Mathew D., Joseph P. Morrissey, and David Mancuso. 2010. “Trends in State Prison Admission of Offenders with Serious Mental Illness.” Psychiatric Services 61(12):1-3.
Cislo, Andrew M., Naomi J. Spence, and Mathew D. Gayman. 2010. “The Mental Health and Psychosocial Adjustment of Cuban Immigrants in South Florida: An Examination of Acculturation within a Sociopolitical Subgroup Analysis.” Social Science and Medicine 71:1173-81.
Sachs-Ericsson, Natalie, Mathew D. Gayman, Kathleen Kendall-Tackett, Don Lloyd, Amanda Medley, Nicole Collins, Elizabeth Corsentino, and Kathryn Sawyer. 2010. “The Long-Term Impact of Childhood Abuse on Internalizing Disorders among Older Adults: The Moderating Role of Self-Esteem.” Aging and Mental Health (144):489-501.
Ueno, Koji, Mathew D. Gayman, Eric R. Wright, and Steven D. Quantz. 2009. “Friendship Network Quality and Mental Health Among Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Youths: Is It Better to Have GLB Friends Than Straight Friends?” Personal Relationships 16(4):659-70.
Gayman, Mathew D., R. Jay Turner, and Ming Cui. 2008. “Physical Limitations and Depressive Symptoms: Exploring the Nature of the Association.” Journal of Gerontology: Social Sciences 63:S219-28.
Wright, Eric R. and Mathew Gayman. 2005. “Sexual Networks and HIV Risk of People with Severe Mental Illness in Institutional and Community-Based Care.” AIDS and Behavior 9(3):341-53.
Wright, Eric R., Beverly Linde, N. Leela Rau, Mathew Gayman and Theresa Viggiano. 2003. “The Effect of Organizational Climate on the Clinical Care of Patients with Mental Health Problems.” Journal of Emergency Nursing 29(4):314-21.
2017 Mathew D. Gayman (Instructor). Domestic Field School – Neighborhood & Health Survey: An Evaluation of the Atlanta Beltline Project. Georgia State University. Amount: $4,250. Awarded December 2016

2016 Mathew D. Gayman (Co-PI), Holley Wilkin (Co-PI), Katherine Hankins (Co-PI), Erin Ruel (Co-I), John Steward (Co-I). B.E.*Well: Built Environment and Wellness: The Impact of the Built Environment on Physical Activity in Low-Income, Minority Communities. National Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute. Amount: $2,932,153. Scored 23%, not funded. November 2016.

2014-2016 Holley Wilkin (Co-PI), Candace Rutt (Co-PI), Mathew D. Gayman (Co-I), Tegan Boehmer (Co-I), Dajun Dai (Co-I), Rebecca Ellis (Co-I), Christina Fuller (Co-I), Chivon Mingo (Co-I), Isabel Garcia de Quevedo (Co-I), John Steward (Co-I), and Scott Weaver (Co-I). Individual and Community Health in Low Income Neighborhoods: An Evaluation of Atlanta’s Beltline Project. GSU/CDC Collaborative Seed Grant. Amount: $100,000. Awarded October 2014.
2014 Mathew D. Gayman (PI). Socio-contextual Determinants of Race-Ethnic Health Disparities. Atlanta Census RDC Seed Grant. Amount: $8,700. Awarded: March 2014.
2014 Chivon Mingo (PI), Holley Wilkin (Co-I), Wing Yi Chan (Co-I), Mathew D. Gayman (Co-I), and Scott Weaver (Co-I). “The Impact of Urban Dwelling Older Adults’ Perceptions of Livable Community Factors on Health and Health Disparities: The Atlanta Beltline Project” Gerontology Institute Collaborative Interdisciplinary Seed Grants in Aging. Amount: $5,000. Awarded June 2014.
2012 Mathew D. Gayman (PI). SES and Race-Ethnic Differences in the Stress-Buffering Effects of Coping Resources for Health. Cleon C. Arrington Research Initiation Grant, Georgia State University. Amount: $10,000. Awarded: February 2012.
2009-2010 Gary S. Cuddeback (Co-I), Mindy S. Bradley-Engen (Co-I), and Mathew D. Gayman (Co-I). North Carolina Community Correction Workload Analysis. North Carolina Department of Corrections. Amount: $160,000, Awarded: April 2009.
2007 Louise Johnson Scholar Award (ASA, Medical Sociology)
CONFERENCE PRESENTATIONS & INVITED TALKS (*student/co-author presented)
2016 Examining an Urban Redevelopment Project’s Potential to Change Community Health Outcomes. American Public Health Association. Denver, CO. Co-authors: Holley Wilkin, Jessica Kolling, John Steward, Chivon Mingo, Julia Bryant, Erica Adams.
2016 Individual and Community Health in Low Income Neighborhoods: An Evaluation of the Atlanta’s Beltline Project. Invited talk at the symposium titled “STILL THE 'BLACK MECCA'? Race, Social Inequality, & Urban Displacement

in 21st-Century Atlanta.” Emory University, The James Weldon Johnson Institute for the Study of Race and Difference. Atlanta, GA.

2016 Race-Ethnic Disparities in Perceived Police Discrimination: The Role of Mistrust toward Whites and its Psychosocial Consequences. Southern Sociological Society. Co-authors: *Stephanie Hall, Johnathon Grant, Marlaina Dreher, Stephanie Hansard, and Gabrielle Williams
2015 Religion and Depression: Examining the Nature of the Relationship. Society for the Study of Social Problems. Co-author: *Stephanie Hansard.
2012 Time-Clustered Deaths and Health. Health Disparities conference. Summit on the Science of Eliminating Health Disparities. National Institutes of Health. Gaylord National Harbor Convention Center in National Harbor, Maryland. Co-authors: Andrew M. Cislo and *Stephanie Hansard.
2012 Returning to Work and Health: How Postretirement Employment Impacts Health. American Sociological Association. Co-author: Ben L. Kail
2011 Race-Ethnic Differences in the Availability and Mental Health Significance of Social and Personal Coping Resources. American Sociological Association. Co-authors: *Alexa Goidel, Andrew M. Cislo, and Koji Ueno.
2011 Segregation in Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Youth’s Personal Networks: Testing Structural Constraint, Choice Homophily, and Compartmentalization Hypotheses. American Sociological Association. Co-authors: Koji Ueno, Eric R. Wright, and Janice M. McCabe.
2011 The Social Distribution of Agreement with Proxy Reports of Physical Disability Status: Race/Ethnic, Gender, and Age Group Comparisons. Eastern Sociological Society. Co-author: Andrew Cislo.
2009 The Social and Developmental Origins of Perceived Social Support. American Sociological Association. Co-authors: Turner, R. Jay, Andrew Cislo, A. Henry Eliassen.
2009 Depressive Symptoms and Bodily Pain: Reciprocity and the Role of Physical Disability and Social Stress. Society for the Study of Social Problems. Co-authors: Robyn Lewis, Ming Cui.
2009 Friendship Network Quality and Mental Health Among Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Youths: Is It Better to Have GLB Friends Than Straight Friends? Southern Sociological Society. Co-authors: Ueno, Koji, Eric R. Wright, Steven D. Quantz
2008 Drinking Trajectories and Risk Factors for Substance Use Disorders among Males. American Sociological Association.
2008 Contexts of Reception and Mental Health Disparities across Cuban Migration Cohorts. Society for the Study of Social Problems. Co-authors: Cislo, Andrew, Naomi J. Spence.
2007 Consequences of the Timing of Onset of Psychiatric Disorders on Psychosocial Resources. American Sociological Association.
2007 Physical Limitations and Depressive Symptoms: Exploring the Nature and Meaning of the Association. American Sociological Association. Co-author: R. Jay Turner.
2007 Heavy Alcohol Use among Young Adult Hispanics: Exploring Risk and Protective Factors. National Hispanic Science Network Annual Conference.
2005 The Social and Developmental Origins of Perceived Social Support: A Longitudinal Analysis form Adolescence to Young Adulthood. Southern Sociological Society. Co-authors: Andrew Cislo, A. Henry Eliassen.
2010-present, GSU
Undergraduate: Social Problems (1160), Research Methods (3020), Social Statistics (3010), Sociology of Health and Illness (4230), Life Course Sociology (8900), Sociological Field School (3390/8900)
Graduate: Stress and Health (8900), Health Disparities (8900), Intermediate Social Statistics (8010), Life Course Sociology (8102), Sociological Field School (8900)
2017 Student Technology Awards Committee, GSU

2016-18 Senate, College of Arts and Sciences, GSU, Cultural Diversity Committee

2016-18 Senate, College of Arts and Sciences, GSU, Student Discipline Committee

2013-16 Partnership for Urban Health Research, GSU, Steering Committee

2017 Executive Committee (Sociology)

2016 Research Committee (Sociology, Chair)

2016 Diversity and Outreach Committee (Sociology, co-Chair)

2016 Graduate Committee (Sociology)

2015 Research Committee (Sociology, Chair)

2015 Diversity and Outreach Committee (Sociology, co-Chair)

2014 Executive Committee (Sociology)

2014 Research Committee (Sociology, Chair)

2014 FHLC Comprehensive Exam Committee (Sociology, Chair)

2013 Technology Committee (Sociology, co-Chair)

2013 Research Committee (Sociology)

2012 Graduate Committee (Sociology)

2012 Research Committee (Sociology)

2011 Research Committee (Sociology)

2011 Technology Committee (Sociology, co-Chair)
Graduate Student Committees:
Masters Theses:
2016- Leanna Greenwood. (Chair). “Attitudes Toward Interracial Marriage: Military vs Civilian Contrast.” In Progress.
2016 Rebecca Marfawtem Amin. (Committee member). “The Impact of Home Modification and Other Community-Based Services on the Ability to Age in Place Among Older African Americans and Whites in Georgia. Complete.
2014 Stephanie Hansard. (Chair) “Religion and Depression: Examining the Nature of the Relationship.” Complete.
2014 Annie Hirschman. (Chair) “Risk for Obesity: Contribution of Socioeconomic Status Factors and Potential Mediators.” Complete.
2013 Aja Simpson Zulfiqar. (Committee member) “Diversity within Discrimination: Does Victim Nativity and Discriminator Race Matter for Black Mental Health?” Complete.
2016- Nicholas Powell. (Chair) “Mental Health of Probation/Parole Officers.” In Progress.
2016- Allana Zuckerman. (Committee member) “Campus Racial Climate and Academic Outcomes: Examining the Moderating Role of Racial Identity for African American College Students. In Progress.
2014- Stephanie Hansard. (Chair) “‘Tis better to give and to receive: Reciprocity, social support, and depression in dyadic relationships.” In Progress.
2015- Amanda Powell Dorrington. (Committee member) “Accessing Health: Examining Racial and Geographic Disparities in Diabetes Prevalence as a Result of the Built Environment.” In Progress.
2015- Stephanie Hall. (Committee member) “The Influence of the Strong Black Woman Construct on, Stress, Depression, and Anxiety in Black Women.” In Progress.
2014 Elif Bulut. (Chair) “Acculturation and Mental Health.” Complete
2014 Daisuke Ito. (co-Chair) “The Health Consequences of Losing a Parent: Does Culture Moderate the Impact of Parental Death? Complete.
Committee Member:
2011 Nominations Committee—Greenley Award (Sociology of Mental Health, ASA)

2008-09 Nominations Committee—Medical Sociology Section (ASA)

Journal Reviewer:
American Journal of Sociology; Social Science & Medicine; Society and Mental Health; Journal of Gerontology: Social Sciences; Journal of Aging and Health; Research on Aging; Journal of Family Issues; Stress and Health; Journal of Early Adolescence; Journal of Urban Affairs; Journal of Psychosomatic Research; Western Journal of Emergency Medicine; Criminal Justice Studies; Criminal Justice and Behavior
American Sociological Association (ASA), Society for the Study of Social Problems (SSSP), Southern Sociological Society (SSS), National Hispanic Science Network (NHSN)

Mathew Gayman Page 8/9/2017

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