May 9th, 2014 Dear Parents, Please note that our principal Mr. Alagiri is still on leave till May 18

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May 9th, 2014

Dear Parents,

Please note that our principal Mr. Alagiri is still on leave till May 18th due to his father’s health. Any inquiry can be directed to Ms. Jain till then. Ms. Lavanya will also be on leave for some time and Mr. Govindha will take their math classes.
Attention Yokohama Parents,

The second grade homeroom teacher has been changed.

Ms. Vandana has left and will be replaced by Ms. Pinky Mehta. Please be aware of the change.
Attention Tokyo Parents,

On Monday, May 12th, there will be a scheduled evacuation drill. It is important that students bring their hoods from home if they had taken them home at the end of the school year. Homeroom teachers will review the drill procedures on Monday morning in the homerooms. If the weather is not cooperative, we will shift the drill to the following day.
Please send your ward’s ID card for updating. The class has to be changed and in some cases address has to be updated. Also, please send an updated photograph to place on the ID card as well as an updated picture for the school’s register. Some of the pictures the school has on file are no longer usable for students.

Recently there has been an increase in students playing with their phones in school, even in the lower grades. There have also been instances where parents are calling their children in the middle of class. These are both violations of the school’s code of conduct regarding cell phones. Please make sure that if you have to reach your child, call the office to have a message relayed. Students should also keep their phones inside their bags at all times. The phones are to be used only in the case of emergencies. Please comply with the rules regarding cell phones at all times.
IISJ’s Tokyo campus has started an affiliate center to IIT JEE coaching online as of this week. There is still time to register if you missed the beginning of these coaching classes. Please submit your request to the office or talk with Mr. Suresh regarding the classes. The classes will be from 4:30 to 6 pm Monday to Friday at our computer lab. Students need to attend the class minimum three days on weekdays.
There will also be Saturday classes for LIVE classes with the instructors on Saturday from 7-9pm. Any students who miss classes during the week and are interested in making up the classes on Saturdays before the LIVE session should inform the office or Mr. Suresh so that accommodations can be made. The monthly fee is 5,000 yen per month. IIT JEE Coaching is in Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry. These courses are also useful for CBSE, NCERT, Olympiad, K-9 to K-12, and SAT.
NGSE is an optional exam that will be conducted after September. If you want your ward to participate in it please confirm by Monday, May 12th, 2014 by sending the information requested below. The exam fee is 1,000 Yen. This is only for grade 4 and above. The NGSE exam will be a single test, which will contain questions from Science, Math and GK.
Student's name.......................................

Student's class.......................................

1000 yen fee paid: Yes No
Some students paid 2000 yen (1000 yen for each subject). They can collect 1000 yen back from the school office on Monday (12th May).
Here are some further details about the NGSE:

For Class IV - X: 
The NGSE for Class 4 to 10 are drawn from Mathematics and Science of the respective class. The NGSE also includes a few questions on General Knowledge related to scientific aspects. 
For Class XI & XII: 
Students in Class XI & XII can choose any two subjects from Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Economics, Business Studies and Accountancy. 
The Syllabus of NGSE for each class or its equivalent grades can be downloaded from the downloads section of the 
NGSE questions are mainly based on daily life experiences. Success depends on answering them by grasping the underlying concepts. The questions do not follow a fixed structure or pattern.


Great news history fans and students alike! The school has signed up for the website called It is a site that provides narrated and animated maps of events and periods of time in history. They have maps from throughout history and are always adding more to their archives. The information for log-in is as follows:

Username: iisj

Password: history

There is a warning involved. This subscription is for IISJ students at Tokyo and Yokohama only. The login is not to be shared with people from outside of the school community. Any person or persons found to have provided the information to people from outside of the school will be requested to pay for the year’s subscription.

Students from all grades at both Yokohama and Tokyo can use it whenever they wish but please refrain from giving out the login information. Enjoy the new tools and enjoy learning about the history of the world.

Parents Association (Tokyo) will be having a cupcake workshop and brain storming session about the School carnival on 12th May at 10:00 am at the school gym. All parents are invited to participate in the same.
Parents who have not paid for the emergency kit and hood (3000 yen) should pay it by 12th, May.
It has been noticed that the younger brother or sisters of the higher grades students wait till 4 pm to go with their older brother or sisters. While they are waiting there is no one to supervise them. Many of them are playing with play stations (which are a distraction during the study time also)or running around without any supervision. The solution to this problem is that parents enroll them in various clubs where they can utilize their waiting time in a better way and remain under teachers’ supervision. If you are not ready to do that then please come and collect them after their classes are over. School does not take any responsibility of supervising them. School management cannot be held liable for any mishap.
All parents are requested to send a hand towel with their ward. Also some children are not using table mats while eating. This is not hygienic. Make sure they bring a table mat also.
Please check if you have paid the 1st term fee by the due date.
Have a nice weekend,

Nirmal Jain

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