Mccc exercise science program advisory board

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The following are the distinguished members of the Mercer County Community College Exercise Science Advisory Board. These professionals represent a variety of professions within the field of exercise science. Their experience has and will continue to provide valuable guidance as we continue to create the most well prepared students and professionals in the fields of exercise science.

Keith Abrams - University of South Florida Athletics

Assistant Athletic Trainer/Rehab Coordinator

Angie Brambley – Princeton University Strength & Conditioning

Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach
Keith Burns – Atlantic Club Sport Performance

Sport Performance Director

Jackie Franz – Mercer County Community College

Ex-student and PE Adjunct Instructor

Jason Gallucci - Princeton University Strength Conditioning

Head Strength & Conditioning Coach

Gerry Green - Rider University Strength and Conditioning

Head Strength & Conditioning Coach

April James - Body Tech Fitness

Fitness Director

John McKenna - Notre Dame High School Strength & Conditioning

Strength & Conditioning Coordinator

Download 6.68 Kb.

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