Mental Health In The Medical World

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Mental Health In The Medical World

By: Adediji Naheemah A. A Student at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of
Ilorin Kwara state.
Mental health encompasses our emotional, psychological and social well-being.It affects how we think, feel, act and cope with stress.Amusingly, a lot of students' preparation for university life comes with great expectations, excitement and enthusiasm.They believe student life offers opportunities for personal and all round development which is more than realistic.However,
there is a lot to be overcome : change of residence, isolation, separation from families,academic obligations and so on. Amidst these, students also have to battle with their mental health[1].
In medical school especially, students are faced with lots of demands and pressures so it's no surprise that our mental health can be compromised.While no one was prepared for what the
Corona Virus pandemic will bring, an already existing problem seemed to have escalated: what I
refer to as the silent suffering,the pandemic of mental health among pharmacy students[2].
In addition to the stress common among medical school training, Nigerian medical students face additional social problem due to poverty, income inequality, insecurity, social and economic instability.All these have direct impact on their mental well-being.[3] According to a descriptive study of mental health among Medical students : 505 medical students from 25 Nigerian medical schools completed a socio-demographic questionnaire.Nine students (1.8%) had received mental health diagnosis prior to medical school but the number increased to 29(5.7%)
when in school .Most cases were of anxiety and depressive disorders.The prevalence of psychological distress was 54.5% and shockingly, < 5% received medical assistance[4].Ironically, a field that advocates promotion of health in patients falls behind in addressing the issue of mental health among its students[1].
Several factors identified for the failure to seek medical help include: fear of having a mental health record and its effect on future career, tight schedules, stigma associated with accessing mental health care services [5],fear of withdrawal from medical schools and some other misconceptions among students.Some common myths about mental health among medical students are:

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