Mercy Merciful Jesus Parish Multipurpose Building (mpb) Sound / Audio Visual Support Requirements Objective

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Mercy Merciful Jesus Parish Multipurpose Building (MPB) Sound / Audio Visual Support Requirements

Objective: Primary goal is to acquire/install a high quality sound system in the Mercy Parish multi-purpose building (MPB) worship space that will help the congregation to clearly hear the word of God, provides high fidelity sound support for the parish music program and supports the long range utilization of the MPB. Secondary goal – provide audio/visual support.


  • Site Visit POC: Norm Myers cell – 256 679 8749

  • High level user requirements are contained in this information paper

  • Mass will be celebrated in the MPB for 8-10 years or until the Church is built

  • Sound system solution must be scalable / flexible to support phased install

  • Construction/sound system installation will be phased implementation

  • Sound system installation start date is negotiable but not later than 1 Mar

  • Construction contractors are onsite now

  • Electrical power is currently not available

  • Target completion for installation/acceptance is 24 March 2017

  • Deadline event – Bishop visit 30 Mar to bless MPB

  • Phase 1 = P1, Phase 2 = P2

  • MPB = Multipurpose Building

Multi Purpose Building (MPB)

  • Location – 10098 Segers Road near Powell/Segers intersection

  • PDF Floor plan – scale 1/8 = 1’.0” - identifies location for altar, choir, piano, amp rack and sound booth

  • Size of the worship space (length 77’, width 50’, height walls – 22’, ceiling 30’

  • Choir area located on north wall – 2 rows of 6-8 chairs – starting 6 feet from NW corner extending 21 feet long x 8 feet wide (from the wall)

  • Concrete floor/slab/no crawl space/no floor plates

  • P1 altar area (in front of west wall is centered 29’ wide x 18’deep) and will be completely removed and placed behind the west wall in P2.

  • Worship area walls (inside 22 ft high) will have sheet rock installed beginning next week – outside walls will have a 9 foot ceiling for the hallway and rooms

  • Phased construction

    • Phase 1 consists of base system, wiring, sound booth/control station, mics, speakers, monitors, mixer, equalizer, amp rack etc..

    • Phase 2 in approximately 1-2 years – altar will be relocated after west wall is removed / install audio visual equipment, install speaker/volume control in cry room, Narthex lobby, move altar monitors.

  • Functions to be supported (Mass, socials, religious education etc.. )

  • Estimated population/congregation/number of chairs 350.

  • 15 AMP service for choir area/sound booth / 20 AMP service for amplifier rack is planned to be placed in the sacristy (NW corner of the worship space)

  • MPB is scheduled to have a sound friendly ceiling (minimize reflection) installed in phase 2 – specifics are not available

  • Carpeting for the MPB is not in the current plans

  • Folding chairs will have clothe seats

Sound Solution Considerations

We are looking for a sound system designed to support speech, live music and audio visual equipment in a medium size worship space. We envision high quality main speakers that produce accurate sound and project well into the room. We see the need to consider all types of technology (wireless/hard wired etc). We need to be able to expand (add more microphones/AV, speakers etc.), separately control main sound with separate mixes for monitors and eventually recording capability in P2. The technical solution should be flexible/robust enough to add speakers to other rooms during phase 2. Other considerations and requirements include:

  • Life expectancy 8-10 years

  • For routine/simple MPB events the sound board (mixer) should not require an operator – simple on/off switching for basic 4-5 channel mic support

  • Power sequencer - controlled by a single button to turn the entire sound system on or off (for instance: note: mixer and other sound equipment in sound booth could come on first and then power amps in closet behind Sacristy etc.. When turning off system, power amps go off first and mixer goes off last etc. Recommended solution should be specific.

  • Vendors will propose technical sound system solution / components / numbers of required equipment (amps, speakers, #of mics/types/speakers, mixer, equalizer, spares, etc) recommended equipment by OEM / wiring approach, wireless vrs hardwired, installation timeframe – based on MPB floor plan (PDF file) and this requirements document

  • MPB is scheduled to have a sound friendly (minimum reflection) ceiling solution installed phase 2

  • Vendor recommendations for speaker placement and recommended changes to provided floor plan is welcome

  • Questions related to location of wireless altar mics, sound booth, speakers, choir, piano etc… to be coordinated with Norm Myers (256 679 8749)

Microphones – vendor recommendation for number / type

  • Altar - lapel / hand held ALL wireless / flat/PZM - one wireless headset mic– with visual display of remaining battery power (%, amber/green status light)

  • Appropriate stands/holders/clips for all microphones

  • Choir area – type/number/location - vendor recommendation

  • Other areas – type – number - vendor recommendation

  • Estimated mic / mixer channel requirements (P1=phase 1/P2=Phase 2)

P1 1—Altar Mic left – Lector – hand held
P1 2—Altar Mic right – Cantor – hand held
P1 3—Altar Mic center – flat on altar (PZM type mic)
P1 4—Altar spare – wireless lavalier
P1 5—Pastor mic – wireless (no headset) lavalier
P1 6—Piano mic
P1 7—Electronic Keyboard
P2 8—Acoustic guitar
P2 9—Electric guitar
P2 10— Bass guitar
P1 11—Lead vocal choir - hand held
P1 12—Choir vocal - ceiling
P1 13—Choir vocal - ceiling

P1 14— Computer

P2 15— audio/visual
P2 16— cd player

P1 17-- spare wireless mic – lavalier for con celebrations

P1 18-- spare wireless mic – lavalier

P2 19—DVD

P1 20-- spare mic – hand held

P1 21 – Wireless headset microphone

Sound system components – vendor recommendation type / number/location

    • Amplifier, graphic equalizer, mixing board, uninterrupted power supply, wall plates/box, mics/stands/cables, Furman power conditioner (or equivalent functionality) for the equipment at the sound booth

    • Sound booth equipment / work station furniture

    • Rack solution for amplifier/equalizer to be positioned near altar sacristy (west end of the building)

    • Mixing board – minimum 24 channel functionality to support all types of mics, instruments, computer (IPOD inputs, MP3, HDMI inputs etc); consider automatic sound engineering for four-five channels (daily use vrs special events); mixer selection (analog or digital) should be based in ease of training/ease of use as well as satisfy technical requirement and future growth.

    • Speakers - open to all types (mains/wall/horns/cluster/choir, monitors, with/without amplifiers etc)

    • Speaker jacks/monitor solution / location / number

Response Format

    • Phase 1

      • Description of proposed solution / location of equipment / training

      • Schematic of sound solution

      • Installation labor cost / duration in days

      • Equipment costs by type/OEM

      • Power requirements

      • Warranty

    • Phase 2

      • Description of proposed solution / location of equipment / training

      • Schematic of sound solution

      • Installation labor cost / duration in days

      • Equipment costs by type/OEM

      • Power requirements

      • Warranty

    • Information on typical service support costs / response times

Please provide your response to Mercy Parish COB 2 Feb 2017. Send response with attachments to &

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