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M E R E D I T H T E T L O F F, Ph.D.


My research focuses on the role of collaboration within community problem-solving. Specifically, I have investigated the role of professional community organizers in implementing and maintaining multi-sector community interventions, and the influence of contextual factors, such as community demographics, community history, and the goal of the intervention. My current research utilizes a multi-site case study of a university-community partnership, which has allowed me to contribute to the knowledge base of building relationships within communities, as well as between communities and external entities.


08/12-present Assistant Professor of Social Work

University of Montevallo, Montevallo, AL


08/08-08/12 Doctor of Philosophy, Social Work

Dissertation Title: Contributions, Challenges, and Contradictions: Assessing the Role of Professional Organizers within Collaborative Community Problem-Solving

Major Professor: Michelle Carney

University of Georgia, School of Social Work, Athens, GA
08/02-05/04 Masters of Science in Social Work

Concentration in Policy Practice

Columbia University School of Social Work, New York City, NY
08/96-05/00 Bachelor of Arts, Political Science

Birmingham-Southern College, Birmingham, AL


08/09-08/12 Co-Investigator, Doctoral Dissertation Research, “Assessing the Role of the Professional Community Organizer within Collaborative Community Problem-Solving”

IRB Study Number: 2010-10819-1

Principal Investigator: Dr. Michelle Carney, Ph.D, School of Social Work, Athens, GA, University of Georgia

05/09-05/10 Research Assistant, “The Impact of the Current Economic Downturn on Poverty in Athens-Clarke County”

IRB Study Number: 2009-10819-0

Principal Investigator: Dr. David Okech, Ph.D., School of Social Work, Athens, GA

University of Georgia


Fall 2012 Assistant Professor, Introduction to Generalist Practice (SWK350), Social Work with Groups (SWK 305), Substance Abuse (SWK 311), Social Policy (SWK 373), University of Montevallo

Spring 2012 Instructor of Record, Social Work Communication, University of Georgia (SOWK 2155)
Fall 2011 Instructor of Record, Social Work Communication, University of Georgia (SOWK 2155)
Spring 2011 Teaching Assistant, Evaluation of Community Initiatives and

Institutional Practices, University of Georgia (SOWK/MNPO 7106)

Fall 2010 Teaching Assistant, Theory and Practice with Organizations and

Communities, University of Georgia (SOWK/MNPO 6074)

Summer 2009 Guest Lecturer, General Practice Social Work I, University of Georgia (SOWK, 5524)
Spring 2009 Guest Lecturer, Direct Practice Methods, University of Georgia (SOWK 6033)
Fall 2008 Guest Lecturer, Direct Practice Methods, University of Georgia (SOWK 6033)
Fall 1999 Teaching Assistant, Public Policy, Birmingham-Southern College

Profesional EXPERIENCE

06/09-06/10 Evaluation Consultant, VOX Teen Communications, Atlanta,


I volunteered my expertise within program evaluation to assist this nonprofit with developing a plan for evaluation, modifying existing tools to be more useful and efficient, and identifying new tools to gather pertinent data in order to improve both program management and the fundraising capacity of the organization. I utilized a community-based approach, involving program participants and staff in all the decision-making and implementation of the plan.

06/04-08/08 Program Director, VOX Teen Communications, Atlanta, GA

Working at this grassroots nonprofit allowed me to gain experience across a wide diversity of tasks. My primary role was to partner with adolescents in order to create, implement, facilitate, and evaluate program activities that were congruent with the needs of our constituency. Additionally, I assisted with grant-writing, fundraising, staff management and development, volunteer management, and brokering resources for adolescents in need.

08/05-05/07 Masters of Social Work Field Supervisor

While working at VOX, I served as a field supervisor for three MSW students. In this role, I supported the students in crafting an educational work plan that enabled their learning as well as met the needs of the organization; met with students routinely to discuss challenges, provide feedback, and recognize successes; and demonstrated application of theories and classroom materials to the world of practice.

09/05 Contract Writer/Editor, CARE, Atlanta, GA

In this contract position, I wrote a brief report of the Nkundabana program in Rwanda, transitioning research data into a cohesive narrative that provided both the story of the program and its participants, as well as relevant empirical evidence of its success.

01/04-05/04 Intern, UNICEF, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

My time at UNICEF was divided among two primary projects: assisting with a multimillion dollar grant request to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria and organizing an international conference of NGOs focused on the needs of children under seven years of age. Additionally, I attended and documented meetings of several UN and NGO partners and contributed to the maintenance of the organization.
08/02-05/03 Intern, The Steven Biko Family Life Center,

Brooklyn, NY

While at this neighborhood-based community center, I created and facilitated a program for adolescents, assisted with an afterschool program, provided clinical services to several youth, facilitated holistic interventions that involved family, school, and community, assisted with a street library for local residents, and advocated for policy change through a local initiative to improve New York City schools.

08/01-08/02 AmeriCorps VISTA, Georgia Mutual Assistance Association

Consortium, Atlanta, GA

GMAAC is a refugee resource agency, and I supervised one of the afterschool programs that served school-age youth. The program provided homework assistance, language development programs, support to families and youth in negotiating resources, adjustment to a new culture with an emphasis on preserving the culture of origin, and advocacy within the community for the rights and needs of refugees and immigrants.


Okech, D., Miller, S., Barner, J., Tetloff, M., Beatty, S., Clay, K., & Holosko, M. (in press). Economic Recession and Coping with Poverty: A Case Study from a Mid-size American City. Journal of Policy Practice.

Nichols, S., Williams, N., & Tetloff, M. (in press). Three R's of Interdisciplinary, International Service Learning: Risk, Reciprocity, and Reflection. Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement.
Tetloff, M. & Griffith, M. (2008). Engaging adolescents as community organizers. Journal of Youth Development: Bridging Research and Practice 3(2).


Battista, A., Tetloff, M., & Hitchcock, L. (2013, February). Multimodal Composition and Social Justice: Videos as tools of Advocacy in Social Work Pedagogy. Paper presented at the Gulf-South Summit on Service-Learning and Civic Engagement through Higher Education, Louisville, KY.

Tetloff, M. (2012, Nov.). Collaborative Leadership: The Role of Professional Organizers within University-Community Partnerships. Paper presented at the Council on Social Work Education, Washington, D.C.

Tetloff, M. (2012, Oct.). Assessing the Role of Professional Community Organizers within University-Community Partnerships. Paper presented at the Alabama/Mississippi Social Work Education Conference, Huntsville, AL.

Tetloff, M., Bishop, M., & Chapman, S. (2012, Oct.). Assessing the Role of the Professional Organizer within Sustainable Engagement. Paper presented at the National Outreach Scholarship Conference, Tuscaloosa, AL.

Tetloff, M. (2012, Mar.) Assessing the Role of Professional Practitioners within Collaborative Problem-Solving. Paper presented at the Gulf-South Summit on Service-Learning and Civic Engagement through Higher Education, Hattiesburg, MS.

Tetloff, M. & Carney, M. (2011, Oct.) A Model of Comprehensive Community Engagement: Lessons Learned from the Archway Partnership. Poster presented at the Council on Social Work Education, Atlanta, GA.
Barner, J., Tetloff, M., Okech, D., Miller, S., Clay, K., & Beatty, S. (2011, Jan.)Tough Times: The Impact of the Recession in Athens, GA. Paper presented at the Society for Social Work Research, Tampa, FL.
Beatty, S., Okech, D., Miller, S. & Tetloff, M. (2010, Oct.) A Collaborative, Action-Oriented Approach to Research Education Across the Continuum. Poster presented at Council on Social Work Education, Portland, OR.


1/2013 Recipient of Illuminate Grant, University of Montevallo

05/11-08/11 Summer Doctoral Research Fellowship, University of Georgia
08/10-05/11 University of Georgia School of Social Work Research


08/08-05/10 University of Georgia Graduate School Assistantship

09/12-present Member of the Association for the Advancement of Social Work with Groups (AASWG)

12/10-present Member of the Society for Social Work Research (SSWR)
06/10-present Member of the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE)
Spring 2006 Atlanta Women’s Foundation GoGirlGo Grant-making committee
2005-2006 Completed four MSW Fieldwork Supervisor Trainings, earning 15 Continuing Education Units

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