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The MEYER-360 is Fred Meyer’s third original airplane designed for Aircraft Technologies. The wing is all composite, and the fuselage is welded tube steel, covered in fabric and aluminum. With a 200 hp. AEIO-IO360 Lycoming, three blade MT prop and a roll rate of over 460 degrees per second this aircraft is capable of 10 vertical rolls and triple-somersault maneuvers.

Empty Weight 864 lbs

Gross Weight 1650 lbs

Fuel 48 gal

Power 200 hp

Wing Area 80 sq/ft

Wing Span 21 ft

Maximum Speed 200 mph

Cruise @ 23*23 178 mph

Never Exceed Speed 253 mph

Range 800 sm

Load Limit @1216 lbs. +,-10g’s

Fred Meyer was an innovator and economist in his design of the MEYER-360. “I wanted an airplane that could be truly competitive at the unlimited level without the cost of the 300 hp engines. We all know 2/3 the hp translates to 50% more flying time for the same cost.” Fred designed the MEYER-360 as his personal competition aircraft; it was not originally designed to be kited. The narrow fuselage and large canopy provide extraordinary visibility. The overall length of 20’ and large tail area make the Meyer-360 a stable performer and an easy airplane to fly.


The MEYER-360 is designed for unlimited aerobatics with a composite wing and steel fuselage. No expense was spared in development of the Meyer-360. For example, there are over $1200.00 worth of ball bearings in the MEYER-360…even the rudder pedals ride on precision ball bearings to give you that silky smooth feel. Every moving part of the control system rides on precision ball bearings. The MEYER-360 has inverted fuel and oil (Christian inverted oil system) and uses the constant speed MT propeller.

The fuselage is TIG welded 4130 steel. Firewall & tail wheel springs are made out of titanium. Only the highest quality pre-preg composite materials are utilized to construct the Meyer-360 wing. These pre-preg composites were cured in Aircraft Technologies’ factory oven under vacuum pressure to insure highest quality parts. The Meyer-360 has servo tabs on the rudder and elevators…hence every control force may be tailored to each individual pilot’s taste.
Fred Meyer designed and built the MEYER-360 in 1998. This is a one of a kind aircraft that is built similar to his 2 place ATLANTIS design. It has removable side panels, belly pan and turtle deck that makes access and inspection to any part of the airplane easy. The registration N6366M is in the experimental category.

The MEYER-360 first flew in April 1998 with a borrowed wing that he had built for Elgin Wells.

The engine was factory new in 1996 and first flew on his two place Atlantis design.

In 2001 Fred installed a new wing which has a greater taper ratio, redesigned ailerons that eliminated the spades, and was much lighter due to the design and also due to the pre-preg, vacuum bag and oven cured construction. In addition, ‘see-through’ panels were incorporated in the wings to allow better visibility of ‘the box’ during competitions.

He removed the lights, replaced the original starter and alternator with a light weight B&C starter and alternator. He machined the starter ring assembly removing the alternator belt area and drilled lightening holes to remove weight. He shortened the landing gear by 2”. The Magnesium 500x5 Cleveland wheels and brakes were machined to reduce weight and to better fit the smaller lamb tires.

All totaled 100 pounds was removed from the airplane, mostly due to the new wing and ailerons, making the MEYER-360 a true unlimited class aerobatic airplane.

New Equipment added since Feb 2011:

Odyssey 680 Battery

XCOM Radio Transceiver

Trig TT-21 Mode S Transponder

Garmin 396 with XM Weather

Westach CHT/EGT gauge

GT-50 Digital G-Meter/Clock/Timer/Voltmeter

Crossover Exhaust System (Cyl#1/2)

New Steerable Tailwheel L-693

New Tires/Tubes 500-5

New MT Prop Overhaul
Current Times: Airframe 440 hrs Engine 860 hrs since new Prop 0 SMOH
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