Braille Challenge 2015 Preliminary

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Braille Challenge

2015 Preliminary

Junior Varsity

Charts and Graphs No. 1

Accidental Vehicle Deaths

In the United States

Number of Fatalities

(in thousands)





1985 1995 2005 2010



The data presented on this graph is fictitious.

Questions for “Accidental Vehicle Deaths”

1. Which mode of transportation is most dangerous in the year 2005 according to

the graph?

a. Automobiles

b. Bicycles

c. Motorcycles

d. Buses


2. In which year were there the least motorcycle fatalities?

a. 2000

b. 2005

c. 2010

d. 1995
3. In which year was there three fourths as many automobile fatalities than

motorcycle fatalities?

a. 1995

b. 2010

c. 2005

d. 1985
4. In 2010 the total number of fatalities for both motorcycles and automobiles

reached which number?

a. 100

b. 1000

c. 10,000

d. 100,000

5. This graph shows that bicycle fatalities ____

a. are on the increase.

b. are on the decrease.

c. are neutral.

d. cannot be determined on the graph shown.
6. Which year displays the most fatalities for both automobiles and motorcycles?

a. 1985

b. 1995

c. 2005

d. 2010
7. For which year were there 60 thousand fewer fatalities for motorcycles than


a. 1985

b. 1995

c. 2005

d. 2010


8. In 1995, automobile fatalities were what fractional part less than motorcycle


a. 1/3

b. 1/2

c. 2/3

d. 1/4
9. This graph best shows which of the following?

a. the number of accidental deaths during a four-year period

b. accidental deaths involving motorcycles and automobiles in the United


c. deaths for the years 1985 through 2010

d. 1995 had the most accidental deaths involving motorcycles and

10. What definite information can you project and conclude from this bar graph?

a. Automobile fatalities are on the rise.

b. Motorcycle fatalities are on the decrease because riders must wear


c. The information on this graph is not from a factual source.

d. The information on the Y axis is labeled in increments of 10,000 fatalities.

e. None of the above.

Braille Challenge

2015 Preliminary
Junior Varsity

Charts and Graphs No. 2

Below is the northwest sectional display of all the 7th grade classrooms at Benalto Middle School. The 8th grade center wing and the 6th grade east wing are not included on this graphic.

Benalto Middle School Entrance








Mr. Frey = Science

Mrs. Brassard = Language Arts

Mrs. Frey = Math

Mrs. Henry = History

Questions for “Benalto Middle School”

1. Where is the main entrance when entering the school?

a. the south end of campus

b. the north end of campus

c. the west end of campus

d. the east end of campus

e. the southwest end of campus
2. History class is taught in which area of Benalto Middle School?

a. downstairs across from the science classroom

b. in the northwest section upstairs

c. upstairs above the lockers on the 1st floor

d. next door to Ms. Brassard's classroom

e. none of the above

3. Mrs. Tronne works in which area of this middle school?

a. physical education

b. science

c. library

d. office staff

e. none of the above

4. The lockers are ____ of the girls restrooms.

a. north

b. south

c. east

d. west

e. northwest

5. The Staff Room is below which classroom?

a. the science classroom

b. the language arts classroom

c. the history classroom

d. the math classroom

e. the assembly room


6. Which of the following is the correct location of the physical education’s storage


a. upstairs west of Mrs. Henry's room

b. downstairs north of the assembly room

c. downstairs on the west wall north of Mr. Frey's room

d. downstairs on the west wall south of the assembly room

e. none of the above

7. Where are the stairs located going from the 1st floor to the 2nd floor?

a. on the east end of the 1st floor

b. on the northeast end of the 1st floor

c. on the southwest end of the 1st floor

d. on the west end of the 1st floor

e. on the southeast end of the 1st floor

8. The Teacher's Lounge is ____ of Mrs. Frey's Classroom.

a. north

b. northwest

c. south

d. southeast

e. none of the above

9. If the floor plan was turned 90 degrees clockwise on the 2nd floor, which would

be the correct location for Mrs. Henry's room?

a. above the staff room

b. above the assembly room

c. above the science classroom

d. above the lockers and the restrooms

e. none of the above
10. Which would be the correct answer if the floor plan was turned 180 degrees

counterclockwise on the 2nd floor?

a. The history classroom would be above the staff room.

b. The science classroom would be below the history classroom.

c. The math classroom would be south of Mrs. Brassard's room.

d. The main office would be on the north entrance wall across from the

science and assembly room.

e. None of the above.


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