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Thank you for being a part of the 2nd (Indianhead) Division Association (2IDA)! We would like to offer you membership in our Mid Atlantic Branch (MAB), which covers a large area along the Atlantic Ocean from New York to Southern Virginia, all of Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey. Below is the Branch application form. Please join our ranks! We especially need your email address so we can keep in touch with you, alert you to activities in the MAB area, and ensure you get the word about key MAB events (e.g., we hold an annual MAB reunion in a central location in our region, and we do many 2ID Memorial Events in the region).
Please provide the following information and mail it along with a check to the Mid Atlantic Branch [NOTE: Annual dues are $10.00 covering any calendar year, so if you are sending a check for 2017, it should be $10.00; dues for 2018 are required by 1 January 2018 so, if you desire, you can also cover 2018 early by adding another $10.00!] And . . . donations are always needed and welcomed! Send all to:
COL (Ret) Barry Miner

Secretary / Treasurer, Mid Atlantic Branch, 2IDA

3100 Olin Drive

Falls Church, VA 22044

Cell: 703-201-0412 EMAIL: barry@vanguard6.com
Date: Name (First, Middle, Last):
Title/Rank (Military or Civilian):

Service/tours with 2nd ID (list each tour)

From: To: 2nd ID unit(s)

From: To: 2nd ID unit(s)
From: To: 2nd ID unit(s)

Current mailing address(es) (Include ZIP codes please):

Phone numbers (Cell (C), Home (H), Office (O)):
E-mail address(es):
Birthday (mm/dd): Wedding Anniv. (if applicable) (mm/dd): Significant other's name and birthday:

Please feel free to pass this application to anyone interested in becoming a member of the Mid Atlantic Branch (MAB) or the National 2ID Association (2IDA) (You can get the 2IDA application through the following link (http://www.2ida.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/Indianhead_Recruiting_Flyer_OCT2015.pdf)). Associate memberships are available to those who may not have served, but are related to someone who has, or has a personal interest in the 2nd Indianhead Division. For any questions please contact me, the Vice President, or the MAB Secretary/Treasurer.

Jack Woodall, LTG (Ret), USA

President, Mid Atlantic Branch, 2nd Indianhead Division Assn

35 Wilkinson Drive

Landenberg, PA 19350


MAB OFFICERS (2017-2019): President, Jack Woodall; Vice President, Barry Napp (email: brnapp3853@gmail.com); Secretary/Treasurer, Barry Miner.

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