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Mobile Programming Blackberry

Aditya Gisheila - 1501152025




Everybody knows Blackberry as a smartphone or smart device that has the very famos application called Blackberry Messenger. Blackberry is really convenient gadget because you also can open your email in this device. Blackberry become ruling Indonesian market. So far we see, consumer of blackberry product in Indonesia mostly as a blackberry end-user. In this paper we will know about history of blackberry it first then we provide you information about blackberry application development which is the programming development for blackberry like the programming language, where people can use it as standard in starting to develop blackberry mobile application. Talk about application, Blackberry application is also not-quite-hard to develop since they used JAVA as the programming language, the language that used by most mobile programmer. Since the programming language in Blackberry using JAVA, it’s really easy to create and develop mobile application for Blackberry. Also we provide information about the difference between android mobile application programming and the blackberry mobile application programming, since they both using JAVA as the programming language.

Keywords: Blackberry, Blackberry programming, JAVA, Programming language, Blackberry Revolution

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Blackberry (Device) 7

Mobile 7

Programming 7

Application 7

Software 7

Instant Messaging 8

Smartphone 8


History of Blackberry 9

Integrated Development Environment 14

Programming Language Types 15

Programming Language in Blackberry 16

How to Compile  17

How to Publish  18

Where's the community 19




References 23




Communication is one of the most important thing in everyone life. It is become our essential part in our life. If there is no communication, we can’t get anything, understand anything, and know everything. Without us realizing we communicate whenever and wherever while we can.

There are so many ways to do communication, verbal and non verbal. But mostly we use the verbal one for the fastest way such as telephone, messaging, and else. Thanks to technology and globalization, nowadays we are able to use chatting as part of our communication method. And also by exchanging emails, people able to do anything especially working.

A long time ago, we only knew how to chat in PC,. Thanks to technology, now we can d chatting in everywhere and everytime. Things get a lot of better after chatting can be part in mobile devices. People call this as smart-device or smartphone. Smart-phone are so famous these days. People can even chat with each other in easier way. Nowadays, even the whole family has their own smart-phone. Blackberry remains as one of the smart-phone that is still booming up until now.

Indonesia is one of the biggest consumer of Blackberry. Up until now, after the booming of Android Smartphone and Apple, Blackberry still becomes one of favorites devices. Even a 14-year old boy could forget their homwork and study in front of him just because of Blackberry.

Blackberry lost their attentions after getting a lot of complains because of their lackness, unefficient batter using and a lot of competitions between Android and iOS. Their name falls behind android and iOS. Since then, they try to make something new in blackberry by introducing customer to Blackberry 10. This series is the most new series and Blackberry will develop from this series. As we know, that the 10 series is the newest Blackberry device with a lot of features and get a lots better than the previous series.

Though not many people using BB device, but BB still exists because of BBM application that available in any Android and iOS platforms.


This paper willbe covering several things in order to understand about mobile programming: blackberry better and deeper. Consisting of:

1. History of Blackberry

2. IDE in Blackberry

3. Programming language that used in Blackberry

4. How to compile the application

5. How to publish it

6. The community around us


Objectives are to create a writing that can help people in understanding about Mobile Programming: Blackberry. Because some statement in this writing based on trusted reference. So, it will increase people’s efficiency in finding sources when understanding one of the Mobile Programming: Blackberry. And the other method is to fulfill the requirement to pass Teori-Teori Lanjutan subject.

The advantages that come from this writing that provide:

  • Can fulfill one requirement to pass the Teori-Teori Lanjutan subject.

  • Help people more understand the Blackberry

  • Learn how to write a proper paper


Method that used in this writing:

  • Literature Study: We research from any source, especially books and journals that has relation with this.


Blackberry (Device)

Blackberry is a handheld mobile device that provides Internet access and email, telephone, and text-messaging facilities.(Oxford Dictionaries) Mobile smart devices that combines a number of function including emails, web browsing, text messaging, schedule management, and mobile phone into one portable handset. The Blackberry was developed by Research In Motion and is considered one of the leaders in the smart device industry. A number of corporations have adopted the Blackberry to remain in constant communication with their employees and clients. (Business Dictionary)



Mobile is able to move or be moved freely or easily (Oxford Dictionaries); relating to mobile phones, handheld computers, and similar technology (Oxford Dictionaries).


Programming is the process of writing computer programs (Oxford Dictionaries).


Application is a program or piece of software designed to fulfill a particular purpose (Oxford Dictionaries).


Software is the programs and other operating information used by a computer (Oxford Dictionaries).

Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging is software that facilitates instant messaging and a form of direct communication between two or more people through typed text (Tanutama, Imom, & Kevin, 2009).


Smartphone is a cellular phone that is able to perform many of the functions of a computer, typically having a relatively large screen and an operating system capable of running general-purpose applications (Oxford Dictionaries).


History of Blackberry

1984: Research In Motion is founded by University of Waterloo engineering student Mike Lazaridis (President and Co-CEO) and University of Windsor engineering student Douglas Fregin (Vice President, Operations)

1988: RIM begins developing products for Mobitex wireless packet-switched data communications networks, often used by military and police forces, firefighters and ambulance services

1988: RIM releases the DigiSync Film KeyKode Reader, a product for the motion picture industry

1996: RIM releases the Inter@ctivePager, also known as the RIM 900, its first keyboard-based device The original BlackBerry - the Inter@ctive Pager -  was announced on September 18, 1996. The device provided only basic email and WAP services. The series included the model 850, 857, 900, 950, 957 and 962 devices.

interactive pager

Inter@ctive Pager

blackberry 850


1998: The RIM 950, a dramatically slimmed down two-way pager, is released

1999: The stock symbol RIMM is added to Nasdaq. RIM announces it has received FCC approval in the U.S. to begin selling its first BlackBerry device, the 850, with mobile email

2002: RIM adds voice calling capabilities to the BlackBerry 5810. The 5000 and 6000 series devices were the first to incorporate a mobile phone with a pager. The 5810 was released on March 4, 2002. The 5000 series included the 5810 and 5820 (which had phone capabilities using a headset) as well as the email only 5790. The 6000 series included the 6210, 6220, 6230, 6280, 6510, 6710, 6720 and 6750.

blackberry 5810

Blackberry 5810

blackberry 6200

Blackberry 6200

2003: RIM is added to the Nasdaq 100, releases its first BlackBerry with a colour screen

2006: BlackBerry releases the first in a line of consumer-friendly Pearl devices, adding a digital camera and multimedia capabilities

blackberry 8100

Blackberry Pearl 8100

2007: RIM becomes the most valuable company on the TSX with a market capitalization surpassing $67 billion. The company has 10 million subscribers and introduces the first of its Curve BlackBerrys. But RIM is caught flat-footed by the overwhelming response to Apple’s new iPhone

blackberry 8900

Blackberry Curve 8900

2008: RIM stock hits a high of $149.90 in June but the euphoria is short lived. The stock market crash in September takes its shares below $50 and its first touchscreen BlackBerry, the Storm, is critically panned as iPhone hype grows with the new 3G model

blackberry 9530

Blackberry Storm 9530

2009: BlackBerry launches its App World marketplace to compete with Apple’s App Store. Its selection pales in comparison, a problem that is never solved

2010: RIM surpasses 40 million users and announces it has shipped its 100 millionth smartphone. It buys Ottawa-based QNX Software Systems, which would help reshape its operating system software going forward. A few months after the first iPad hits the market RIM unveils its PlayBook tablet but says it won’t be released until early the following year

Blackberry Playbook

2011: An unpolished PlayBook is finally released in the spring, later than expected, and reviews are not kind. A few months later the company announces it’s cutting 2,000 jobs. In October, users around the world suffer through a four-day service outage

2012: Lazaridis and Balsillie step down as co-CEOs and are replaced by Thorsten Heins. Balsillie also resigns from the board of directors. Within months Heins announces 5,000 layoffs and a delay to the critical BlackBerry 10 software update, which is seen as the company’s last chance to stay alive. The stock touches a low of $6.10 in the fall

2013: Heins finally unveils BlackBerry 10 and the first two smartphones to use the operating system, the Z10 and Q10. The company purchases a Super Bowl ad to build hype for the new company, which officially changes its name to BlackBerry. The phones don’t sell well enough to bolster its fortunes. Lazaridis steps down as vice chairman and leaves the board of directors. In August, the company says it is open to “strategic alternatives” including a possible sale. On Friday, the company announced it was laying off another 4,500 employees and planned to refocus on the enterprise market. On Monday, it announced Fairfax Financial Holdings offered to buy the company in a deal worth about US$4.7 billion (Global News).

Blackberry 10

Integrated Development Environment

IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is a software application that provides comprehensive facilities in developing software for computer programmers. IDE consists of a source code editor, build automation tools, debugger and the most integrated features like intelligent code completion The IDE is based on the Eclipse Platform developed by the Eclipse Foundation, an open consortium of tools vendors.. Blackberry implemented their own Development Environment that based on Java Programming Language.

There are 3 types of java development tools that is available, such as Blackberry Java Development Environment, Blackberry Java Development Environment plug in for Eclipse (eJDE) and Blackberry Java Development Environment Component Package. (John.M.Wargo, 2010, Blackberry Development Fundamentals).

  • Blackberry Java Development Environment (JDE): an integrated development environment (IDE) that provides a complete set of tools to develop Java applications that run on Blackberry devices. Through the JDE, programmer can compile Java source code, bundled it into a .cod file, which is in a proprietary format, and load the application into the Blackberry devices.

  • Blackberry JDE Plug-in for Eclipse (eJDE): provides the same functionality as the JDE, but the tools are integrated as a plug-in to the Eclipse IDE. The benefit of this toolset is that developers get the development tools provided by the JDE along with all the other sophisticated features and plug-ins supported by the Eclipse platform.

  • Blackberry JDE Component Package: a collection of the tools developers need when developing Blackberry Java Applications using a different IDE than ones listed in the previous bullets. Developers might select this option if they were already familiar with another development environment and were unwilling or unable, for whatever reason, to switch to one of the integrated Blackberry tools.

Blackberry implements the Blackberry Java Development Environment (JDE) into their devices. The most basic version of JDE is using 4.1 versions.

Programming Language Types

A programming language is a high-level languages, such as BASIC, C, C++, COBOL. Each language has a unique set of keywords (words that it understands) and a special syntax for organizing program instruction. Each different type of CPU has its own unique machine language. Programming languages can be used to create programs that control the behavior of a machine or to express algorithms. Programming language is a computer language programmers use to develop applications, scripts, or other set of instructions for a computer to execute.

Programming language is divided into 7 major classification like Application and Program development, Artificial and Intelligence development, Database development, Game development, Computer drivers or interface development, Internet and Web page development and Script development.

Programming Language in Blackberry

While some BlackBerry devices are based on C++, many new ones support the Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME), primarily because Java technology makes

developing applications so much easier. Its platform-independence eliminates many porting woes and its automatic garbage collection lets developers concentrate on application logic rather than memory management.

RIM's support for J2ME includes development of its own Java virtual machine (JVM), which supports the Connected Limited Device Configuration (CLDC) and the Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP). BlackBerry devices also come with additional BlackBerry-specific APIs, however, that enable developers to create applications that have the BlackBerry-native look and feel, and are more sophisticated than standard MIDlets developed using MIDP.

In addition to full support of standard CLDC and MIDP APIs, RIM provides BlackBerry-specific extensions that enable you to develop applications with the look and feel of native applications. The BlackBerry APIs provide tighter integration for BlackBerry devices, and access to BlackBerry features for user interface, networking, and other capabilities.

Blackberry device includes a Java runtime environment based on two standards for mobile device platforms: Connected Limited Device Configuration (CLDC) and Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP). Both standards are part of Sun Microsystems’ Java Micro Edition (JME) framework.

  • MIDP is a specification published by Sun Microsystems for the use of Java on embedded devices, such as Blackberry devices, smart phones, and PDAs.

  • CDLC is a specification targeted at devices with limited resources and capabilities; it defines several low-level libraries required by any mobile application.

  • Blackberry APIs

RIM has created Blackberry-specific Java libraries too support special hardware and software capabilities of the Blackberry device. These libraries allow Blackberry developers to build applications that look and feel like other Blackberry applications and make use of the special features of the Blackberry platform, such as special user interface components, integrating with PIM and messages applications.

BlackBerry Application Models

To give developers flexibility in designing sophisticated wireless applications for the enterprise, BlackBerry supports two application models:

  • The browser-based model allows developers to focus on developing back-end content in a standard markup language, such as the Wireless Markup Language (WML) or the compact Hypertext Markup Language (cHTML). Using existing browsers' client capabilities frees the developer from worrying about the client interface – but it does limit client functionality to what the browser provides, and there's no support for offline processing. 

  • Custom Java applications enable developers to develop customized user interfaces and navigation, and support content beyond text and images. Developers can also build applications that users can download and install on wireless devices, so they can continue to use offline capabilities while out of wireless coverage. Several BlackBerry devices come with a complete set of APIs and tools that enable you to build custom Java-based applications.

How to Compile 

1. Provide Additional Simulators to test how application functions in different screen resolutions or input methods.

The Blackberry Simulator is designed to emulate the Blackberry experience without using a real Blackberry smart phone. The functionality includes the same user interaction of an actual Blackberry smart phone (including the track pad, trackball, or track wheel, and the touch screen or keyboard), the same applications, and the same features, such as email messaging, phone, and Internet browsing. The Blackberry Simulator serves as a platform on which applications can run includes the ability for the applications to make network connections, store data, and handle email messages. When Blackberry simulator to perform testing, additional Blackberry services might be needed.

2. Getting Code Signing Keys

For basic applications, developer can compile and run real Blackberry devices with no further involvement from RIM using free tools. However for certain features like Blackberry persistent store, cryptography and embeddable web browser developers requires code signing key from RIM. The code signing key are only required to use controlled API from active application.

3. Installing code signing keys:

  • Applied for signing keys from RIM, register and wait for the confirmation

  • RIM will provide 3types of code signing keys that can access to different parts of API

  • Install the obtained signing keys into Blackberry JDE plug in and import the keys

  • From IDE, select windows from menu then choose open perspectives then others

  • Select the Blackberry Application Development perspective

  • Then select Blackberry>Sign>Install New Keys

  • Create new private key password to protect key file

  • Enter the previous code signing keys and finis

How to Publish 

Before application being published to the BAS, the application files (the .jad file and any associated .cod files) must be compressed into a .zip archive file. Following are the procedure:
1. First is publishing the application files on the BAS. When the zip archive for the application is ready, open the BAS URL in any web browser (Internet Explorer is recommended because BAS uses ActiveX controls that only run on Internet Explorer)

2. Second is defining a Software Configuration that contains information about applications that had been published to the BAS database.

3. Third is by assigning the Software Configuration to users or groups
An administrator can deploy Blackberry Java applications through the BES; by create an accessible network share by any BES that will deploy the application. After the network share is created, the Blackberry Administration Service (BAS) must be configured with the location of the shared folder. If BAS has been configured, a Blackberry Java application can be pushed to devices over the air by performing the following tasks:

1. Publish the Blackberry Java application to the shared folder

2. Create a Software Configuration.

3. Assign the Software Configuration to a user’s or groups of users.

The best method to publish Blackberry application using:

  • OTA (Over the Air) Method

To support software developers and help applications upgraded to the next level, Blackberry administrators can configure the BES to deploy Blackberry applications to devices OTA without the user’s involvement. This feature allows central control and administration of the application deployment process and is suitable for organizations large and small. OTA contained positive and negative benefits like:

  • Positive:

• Easy to set up.

• Able to produce interactive menu user interface for many applications

• Everyone that able to access the correct URL can install the application.

  • Negative

• Admin or user has to perform the installation process.

• Available wireless network or internet connectivity required during installation process.

Following are the last steps to publish in to Blackberry World

  1. Join the Blackberry World register procedure

  2. Manage the patented Application

  3. Additional Resource and Reference

Where's the community

General Support Forum:

Business Support Forum:

Developer Support Forum:

Blackberry External Forum:

Blackberry Indonesia Community Forum:
Crackberry Forum:

AT&T BlackBerry Forum:
Blackberry Developer Community:



Blackberry is become one of remarkable smartphone revolution in world, especially in developing country like Indonesia. With a pioneer of one of most effective chatting application that they have, Blackberry Messenger (BBM), Blackberry is choosen by most people to help their communication. Since Blackberry is really user friendly for most people, they also use JAVA as their programming language that used by mostly mobile application programmer.

Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is a software application that provides comprehensive facilities in developing software for computer programmers. IDE consists of a source code editor, build automation tools, debugger and the most integrated features like intelligent code completion. Blackberry implemented their own Development Environment that based on Java Programming Language

Blackberry implemented their own Development Environment that based on Java Programming Language

Programming Language in Blackberry

  • MIDP and CLDC

  • Blackberry APIs

Steps of compiling Operating System into Blackberry devices:

1. Provide Additional Simulators to test how application functions in different screen resolutions or input methods.

2. Getting Code Signing Keys

3. Installing code signing keys.

The procedure before application being published to the BAS:

1. Publishing the application files on the BAS

2. Defining a Software Configuration that contains information about applications that had been published to the BAS database .

3. Assigning the Software Configuration to users or groups

The best method to publish Blackberry application using

  • OTA (Over the Air) Method

The last steps to publish in to Blackberry World

  1. Join the Blackberry World register procedure

  2. Manage the patented Application

  3. Additional Resource and Reference


Because of the limitation of time, we are suggesting some necessary parts that need to be developed:

  • Because of blackberry has lost their attention nowadays, they have to improve and make something new and diferent from its rivals.

  • Since the application for blackberry its quite easy to develop, so maybe they can invent something new for blackberry.

  • We can also discuss about what blackberry dont have that others have.


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Kao, R., & Sarigumba, D. (2005). Blackberry for Dummies. New York: Wiley Pub.

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Programming the Blackberry With J2ME. (n.d.). Retrieved April 11, 2014, from

Tanutama, L. S., Imom, H., & Kevin. (2009). Network Access with Mobile Phone. Network Access with Mobile Phone, 17, 75-90.


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