Useful faq on affiliate programs

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Useful FAQ on affiliate programs:


Test different graphics and messaging. Our own conversion changes when we use different messaging. Whether you're using banners, buttons, or text, it pays to rotate messages, to see what works best.

Include recommendations for the products you feature. Your visitors value your expertise and judgment, and so will be more likely to make purchases if you provide recommendations or comments about the items you promote.

Encourage gift buying. features interesting gift ideas year round. From PalmOne handhelds to the latest toys, you'll find all sorts of products to promote on your site that will please the most discerning gift buyer.

“Deal of The Day” Widget “Amazon Video” Widget
Creatives- variety of colorful graphic and interactive ads

Link Generator- create a trackable link to any of eBay Partner Network's program pages

Custom banner- customizable flash banner with relevant, real-time eBay listings

RSS Feed Generator- trackable RSS feeds with dynamic eBay content/live listings

API- develop innovative applications to tap into eBay’s marketplace

Product Feed- download large amount of eBay listing data and cache it in own system
-link generator, targeted data feeds, banners, RSS, widgets (

Banner examples:

Download 7.83 Kb.

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