Washington Park Residents

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Washington Park Residents

* = “new householder, this edition” in 1976. Not necessarily new to area; sometimes recent widow or student who is now first on lease. And some listings simply seem to be wrong.

(o) = owner in 1946

1 1976: Sandra M. Reizen (sec’y, RCCA); AND Serafina Testo (noc); Albert Testo (bartender, Ramada Inn); AND Frederick C. Klessig* (nl) AND vacant
1966: Maude E. Honsinger (joiner, C P & Co.); AND Dominick Testo (dep county sheriff); wife Serafina Testo; son? Albert Testo (clerk, State); AND John J. Dwyer (noc); wife Delores Dwyer; son John J. Dwyer Jr. (student); AND vacant AND Rene G. Perez-Lopez (cleaner, CP & Co); wife Marta Perez-Lopez
1956: Edward J. Whalen (lab, Renss County Garage); wife Martha Whalen (waitress, Hotel Troy); AND Dominic Testo (foreman, DPW); wife Serafina Testo; AND Patrick Testo (supervisor, C P & Co.); wife Fannie Testo (clerk C P & Co.); AND Ann Hughes (noc)
1946: Frank C. Hunter (assoc prof, Sage); AND Mrs. Augusta Meyer (widow of Gotthilf); AND Hayden Rosier (student); wife Altha J. Rosier; AND Dominic Testo (machinist); wife Serafina Testo; son Patrick Testo (USN)
1936: Fitzgerald, Edward J (Postmaster, TROY P O, and wholesale coal, 15 First); wife Josephine J; AND Hunter, Frank (instr, Russell Sage College); AND Meyer, Augusta G Mrs (widow Gotthilf); AND Uzewitz, Max (salesman); wife Ray
1926: Fitzgerald, Edward J (city clerk, City Hall, and wholesale coal, 15 First); wife Josephine; AND McCarthy, William E (dentist, 457 Broadway); bd McCarthy, John W (dentist, 457 Broadway); bd McCarthy, Marion A (noc); AND Uzewitz, Max (salesman); wife Ray
1916: Goodman, Joseph (Union Furniture Co., 269 River); AND Woolman, Samuel B (Union Furniture Co., 269 River) [both are listed as partners in the business listing]
2 1976: Vacant AND Eva Dorr* (ret’d); AND Joseph A. DeMaria, Jr. (mail handler at post office); wife Elizabeth DeMaria; AND Paul Bore* (student); AND Michael Current* (physicist, GE); AND Mrs. Celia C. Church (bookkeeper, Rite Aid); AND vacant AND Dorothy Carbotti (inhalation therapist, Leonard Hospital)
1966: Elise Diakow (noc); wife Nathlie Diakow; AND Mrs. Eleanor Cannon (noc) AND William J. Bechand (emp, Ford Motor); wife Mary Bechand; AND Joseph Johnson (emp, state); wife Marie Johnson; AND vacant AND Margaret F. McGovern (noc) AND Mrs. Celia C. Church (bookkeeper , Troy Surgical) AND vacant AND Gilbert Harbour (emp, B. Manning); wife Janet Harbour
1956: Charles I. Salerno (masonry business and home); wife Lucille A. Salerno; AND Mrs. Belle E. Lathrop (widow of J. Herrick); AND James N. Wilder (nl); AND John R. Nicoll (nl); AND Margaret L. McGovern (teacher, Sch 10); AND Edward M. Sait (asst dir for research analysis, RPI); wife Charlotte Sait
1946: Charles T. Salerno (masonry business); AND Margaret F. McGovern (teacher, Sch 10); AND Joseph Derrizo (trucker); AND John Lane (ind eng, C P & Co.); wife Linda Lane; AND William B. Mullins (construction contractor); wife Elizabeth W. Mullins; AND John R. Nicoll (acct, Hudson Motor Freight); AND Mrs. Grace Smith (widow of Joel D.)
1936: Heller, Julius J (reporter, 7 Fourth, rm 4); wife Sally; AND Levin, Morris (O)(Iron and Steel); wife Ida; bd Levin, Esther Q (noc); bd Fae R (sec); bd Levin, Sanford J (clk); AND McGovern, Margaret F (teacher, sch 10)
1926: Levine, Morris (junk, Van Buren cor River); wife Ida; bd Levine, Fae (noc); AND Kaufman, Isadore L (Up-To-Date Store, 38 Third); wife Fanny; AND McGovern, Margaret F (teacher, School 10)
1916: no entry
3 1976: Apartments. Bsmt, Elmer A. Bryant (ret’d); 1a, Eliz Pollack* (student); 1b, Thomas P. McGuire (dir, Hud-Mo Ind Gate); 2a, vacant; 2b, Patricia Perrin (kpo [?], State DMH); 3a, Thomas L. Goodson (salesman, Cramers Co.); 3b, James Smith* (student); William Goldberg (student)
1966: Apartments. Bsmt, Donna F. Dunne (noc) AND George P. Marsolais (ret’d); 1a, Joseph McKay (noc); 1b, Thomas C. Genoni (student); 2a, Donald A. Soderman (student); 2b, Terry Weaver (student); 3a, Thomas Goodson (salesman, Denby’s); 3b, Daniel L. Baker (student)
1956: Mary Saunders (noc); AND A. Jackson LaBaer (lawyer); wife Veda LaBaer; AND Harvey Bishop (chef); wife Jane Bishop; AND Theo J. Stevens (factory worker); wife Margaret Stevens; AND Mrs. Mollie Larner (widow of David, cook at St. Joseph’s Home); AND Ronald R. Rucinski (student, RPI); wife Marilyn Rucinski (student, RPI)
1946: Milton Aronowitz (cutter?); wife Sally Aronowitz; AND Frank Lamianno (foreman); wife Eva Lamianno; AND Floyd G. Mance (mechanic); AND Paschal Marinucci (restaurant); wife Mary G. Marinucci; AND Mary W. Soussaris (operator, Carl Cummings Inc.); AND Mrs. Sarah J. Stevens (widow of Anthony); AND Theo J. Stevens (mechanic); wife Margaret L. Stevens
1936: Essenter, Joseph E (garage, 64 Adams); wife Irene P; AND Goldberg, Charles (noc); bd Goldburg, Celia Mrs (tel opr, 269 River); AND Kaplan, Percy (noc); AND Siegel, Herman L (Sally’s Frocks, 330 River); wife Pauline; AND Stevens, Anthony J (O) (contractor); wife Sarah J
1926: Catholic Daughters of America
1916: Marvin, Daniel Mrs. (noc); AND Paine, E. Warren Mrs. (noc)
4 1976: Apartments. Bsmt, Leo E. Merchant (machine operator, T-H); bsmt, Ira Philips* (nl); 1a, Scott R. Stinson (noc); 2a, Andrew Coffey (teacher, Troy Sch Dist); 2b, Deborah Cunningham (student); 3a, Roderick Brumbaugh (student); 3b, Lloyd E. Gervais (mgr, Sousa’s B P Svc Station); wife Rose M. Gervais
1966: Apartments. Bsmt, Mary A. Hallivan (emp, Nick Testo); 1a, John Marterer (noc); wife Mary A. Marterer; 1b, Bernardo Gremli (student); 2a, Michael J. McKeon (student); 2b, James Hurwit (student); 3a, Richard Tomb (student); 3b, Patrick Riley (student)
1956: Roy’s Refrigeration; AND Anna Lavigne (dressmaker); AND Joan Such (salesclerk); AND Mrs. Beatrice M. Maguire (widow of Matthew, clerk at Selective Service); AND Mrs. Frances E. Carey (nurse): AND Mrs. Frances Coonrad (widow of Freeman); AND Andrew Elsigian (noc); wife Martha Elsigian
1946: Frances Carey (nurse); AND Margaret M. Connors (noc); AND Carl F. DeLucia (lawyer); wife Michelina; AND Herbert M. Lance (salesman, Frederick K. Blanchard); wife Virginia Lance; AND Sylvester Monahan (guard); wife Catherine Monahan
1936: vacant
1926: Sisters of Charity; AND St. Mary’s Convent; AND Sr. Veronica
1916: vacant
5 1976: Apartments. Bsmt, vacant; 1a, Craig Newman (student); 1b, George Milos (student); 1c, Richard Coonrad (ret’d); 2a, Susan M. Richards (teacher, Troy Bd. Educ); 2b, Michael Belauski* (student); 3a, Neil Winner* (student); 3b, Joseph Periard (noc); 4a, Catherine L. Sloane* (noc); 4b, Charles D. Murrko (nl)
1966: Apartments. Bsmt, Frank Stewart (ret’d); wife Frances Stewart; 1a, Lawrence Marinucci (Palm Tavern); wife Theresa Marinucci; 1b, Richard Brownell (student); 2a, John Schumaker (student); 2b, John Turnbull (student); wife Anne Turnbull; 3a, Jerry Forrest (student); 3b, Frank Pioneer (bartender, Emerald Club)
1956: Arthur Farth (nl) AND Frances Flynn (noc); AND Lester R. Jones (Naval Insp); wife Gladys Jones; AND James J. Dillon (railroad worker); wife Mary C. Dillon; AND James F. Meehan Jr. (emp, GE); wife Jean W. Meehan (teller, National City Bank); AND Joseph Stetel (noc); AND Mrs. May Schwarz (noc); AND Emory J. Cherry (instr, RPI); wife Gethel G. Cherry
1946: Mrs. Bessie M. Fitzgerald ((o), widow of William J, Fitzgerald Insurance Agency); AND Emma R. Jarvis (nurse); AND Winifred A. Foley (stenographer, Fred K. Blanchard); AND Mrs. Mollie Lazaroff (widow of Jacob)
1936: Altman, Alf (pressman, Troy Record); wife Esther J (bookkeeper, 19 Congress); AND Fitzgerald, William J (O) (Fitzgerald Insurance Agency, 297 River, rm 210); wife Bessie M; AND Jarvis, William J (film opr); Jarvis, Emma R (noc); AND Lazaroff, Mollie Mrs (widow, Jacob H); bd Lazaroff, Dorothy (sten, 269 River); bd Lazaroff, Florence (clk); bd Lazaroff, Harold (noc); bd Lazaroff, Rose (saleswoman, 73 Congress); AND Watson, John L
1926: Parmenter, Frank Stillman (lawyer, 408 Cannon bldg, and pres and treas, Elmwood Hill cemetery); wife Augusta H
1916: Parmenter, Frank Stillman (judge, City Court, and lawyer, 408-409 Cannon Pl, and sec and treas, Elmwood Hill cemetery)
6 1976: Storage
1966: Vacant
1956: Vacant
1946: Mrs. Mary A. Dodge ((o),widow of Byron G.)
1936: Dodge, Mary A Mrs (O) (widow, Byron G)
1926: Dodge, Mary A Mrs (widow Byron G)
1916: Boardman, Henry F. (noc, 312 Frear bldg)
7 1976: Apartments. 1a, Larry Stauffer* (student); 1b, vacant; 2a, L. Davis(student); 2b, storage; 2c, H. James Kennedy (mover, South End Van); 3a, Jon Guarino* (student)
1966: Vacant AND Robert Richman AND Mrs. Edith D. Atkinson AND Thomas Bushnell AND Raymond Rizzo
1956: Jessie Van Valkenburgh (noc); AND Thomas S. Blair (meat cutter); wife Adaline Blair
1946: Mrs. Elizabeth M. Robinson ((o),widow of Arthur B., real estate)
1936: Donnelly, Mary L Mrs (O) (widow, James W); bd Donnelly, Edward McT (student)
1926: Donnelly, Mary L Mrs (widow James W); bd Donnelly, Florence C (noc); bd Donnelly, George J (salesman, 1 Bond); wife Nellie; bd Donnelly, James W (student)
1916: Donnelly, James W. (Donnelly Bros. [wine], 396 River); bd Donnelly, George J. (clerk, 396 River); bd Donnelly, James Jr. (treas, Ryan & Fitzpatrick [plumbing], 416 River)
8 1976: Storage
1966: Vacant
1956: Vacant
1946: Vacant
1936: Tower, Elisha Mrs (noc)
1926: Tower, Elisha C. (noc)
1916: Tower, Elisha C. (noc)
9 1976: Joseph J. Sabatino (driver, Sabatino Trucking; wife Agnes Sabatino; son Michael Sabatino (driver, Sabatino Trucking); AND Dominick A. Testo (real estate office and home); AND Justin V. Emerson (prof, Sage) AND Frederick R. Smart (The Wooden Box Antiques); wife Jane B. Smart (same); bsmt, vacant.
1966: Joseph J. Sabatino (driver, Sabatino Trucking); wife Agnes Sabatino; son Joseph Sabatino Jr. (emp, state) AND Dominck Testo (real estate); wife Helen M. Testo; AND Justin V. Emerson (faculty, Sage)
1956: Joseph J. Sabatino (chauffeur); wife Agnes Sabatino; AND Dominick A. Testo (real estate); wife Helen N. Testo; AND Justin V. Emerson (assoc prof English, Sage); AND Harry L. Denny (instr, RPI)
1946: Howard J. Donnelly (noc); wife Elizabeth M. Donnelly; daughter Elizabeth (shirt worker); AND Max Greenstein (noc); wife Sadie Greenstein; AND Ely S. Koplovitz (lawyer in the Cannon Bldg); wife Sarah Koplovitz; AND Dominick A. Testo (grocer); wife Helen N. Testo
1936: vacant
1926: Meneely, Chester (Vice Pres, Meneely Bell Co, 22 River); wife Elizabeth; bd Meneely, Chester B (student); bd Meneely, Clinton (student); bd Meneely, Henry T (student)
1916: Meneely, Chester (sec, Meneely Bell Co., 22 River)
10 1976: Apartments. Bsmt, Harry Blair* (bartender, Two Pals); wife Mary Blair; son Edward Blair (noc). Michael Anson* (student); Richard Goldberg (student); Jonathan D. Howland* (student) [can’t tell if these guys are in separate apts]
1966: Ralph Schivone (student); AND Roland Strassman (student); AND Dominick Testo (empl, Boland Distributing); wife Mary P. Testo; AND Joseph L. Elgiser (policeman, Troy PD) AND Garry Lane (student) AND Stephen Koffer (student); wife Enid Koffer
1956: W.C. Hastings (noc); AND Mary A. Nugent (reading consultant & dir of testing, Troy Publ Schs); AND Dorothea Goldberg (sec’y, Chas Cohen)
1946: Mrs. Margaret C. Leary (widow of Peter D.); AND Anne M. Mooney (music teacher, home and work): AND William C. Nugent ((o), noc); Mary A. Nugent (teacher, Sch 12 – not listed as William’s wife); Anna F. Nugent (teacher, School 14)
1936: Leary, Margaret C Mrs (widow, Peter D); bd Leary, Josephine J (sten); bd Leary, Marie T (teacher, Renss); bd Leary, William (physician, Albany); AND McCarthy, William E (dentist, 92 Third, rm 2); bd McCarthy, Marion E (noc); AND Nugent, William C (O) (Nugent & Powell, 214 Fourth); wife Loretta; bd Nugent, Anna F (teacher, Wynantskill); bd Nugent, Catherine A (noc); bd Nugent, Daniel W (chauf, 214 Fourth); bd Nugent, Mary A (teacher); bd Nugent, Ruth G (teacher)
1926: McLean, Eugene (lawyer); wife Emma A; AND Nugent, William C (Nugent & Powell [produce], 214 Fourth); wife Loretta; bd Nugent, Anna (student); bd Nugent, Mary A (teacher); bd Nugent, Ruth (noc); AND Swartout, Frank M (treas Trojan Hardware, 96 Congress); wife Alice J; bd Swartout, Kenneth E (clerk); bd McCarthy, Nellie F (noc); bd Dunn, Frances M (supervisor of adult education public schools)
1916: Russell, Mary L. Mrs. (widow of John L.)
114 1976: McCasland, Marie T (noc); AND McLean, Ken (noc); AND Quinn, William F (mach tool opr, Arsenal)
1966: Quinn, William F (mach, Arsenal); AND McCourt, Frank J (chef, Ponzo’s Restaurant, Latham); AND Nimbark, Ashakant (prof, Russell Sage)
1956: McGoldrick, Frank T (noc); bd McGoldrick, Mary E; AND Hewitt, Helen Mrs (widow Leslie G); AND Davidson, Charles A (student RPI)
1946: White, Ruth Mrs (noc); AND Hewitt, Helen Mrs (widow Leslie G); AND McGuire, Mary Mrs (noc)
1936: Dunn, James T (O) (moved to 301 Third?); bd Dunn, Elizabeth M (noc)
1926: Dunn, James T (salesman); wife Elizabeth A; bd Dunn, William J (clerk, Third cor State)
1916: vacant
161 1976: St. Mary’s Convent
1966: St. Mary’s Convent
1956: St. Mary’s Convent
1946: St. Mary’s Convent
1936: St. Mary’s Convent
1926: Clark, Leo R Rev; AND Fitzgerald, William P Rev (pastor, St. Mary’s); AND Larkins, William Rev
1916: Ide, James M (George P. Ide & Co. [collar mfg], 519 River)
200 1976: J. Alan Buck (architect, Camber Group) AND J. Delaine Jones (jr. architect, State Ofc of Gen’l Svs); 2f, Leonard Visconti (construction worker); 2r, Curtiss Austin (student); 3f, Naomi Kleid (student); 3r, Hersh Stern (prof, Sage; may have removed to Albany); 4, Mark Chudzicki (student)
1966: St. Mary’s rectory
1956: Priests: Daniel H. Markham, Edward J. Ryan, William H. Turner, James J. Vaughn
1946: Priests: Francis Janis, Edward L. O’Malley, Thomas J. Meehan, William A. Scully (who is a “Most Rev.”)
1936: Feary, John Rev; AND Fitzgerald, William P Rev (pastor, St. Mary’s); AND Larkins, William Rev; AND Mulqueen, Gerald Rev
1926: Warren, Chester I Mrs (noc)
1916: Warren, Martha Mrs. (widow Walter P.); bd Warren, Chester Ingersoll (adv mgr Fuller & Warren Co) [also boards at “Mt. Airy,” Tibbets Av.]
204 1976: Apartments. Bsmt; Eileen Meagher* (teacher, Troy Sch Dist); A, Charles Wilson* (musician, business and home); 1a, Florence Claydon* (legal sec’y, Ranney & Ranney); 1b, William R. Murray* (supreme court justice); 2b, Donna Dorl* (prog dir, RPI); 3b, Sari Kohazi* (student); 3a, Geneva Sayre (prof, Sage) AND Mrs. Gladys Reger (widow of Charles); son Michael Reger (student); 2a, Mrs. Lucille Salerno* (widow of Charles, Marie’s Beauty Salon); rear, Mrs. Antoinette Valenti (widow of Clarence, ret’d)
1966: Apartments. A, William Jazarnski (coremkr, Ross Valve); wife Ruth C. Jazarnski (bkpr, YMCA); B, Conchita Alvarez (nurse, Renss Cty Welfare Dept); 1A, R. Adolf Fossner (salesman, Pressman-Troy); 1b, Mrs. Esther Rosengardt (widow of Morris, ret’d); rear, Pauline A. Leason (chef); rear, Mrs. Antoinette Valente (widow of Clarence A., Raphael’s Restaurant)
1956: Apartments. Bsmt, Conchita Alvarez (LPN, Leonard Hospital, Lbgh); A, Ruth C. Miller (bkpr); AA, Joan C. McDermott (ofc, RPI); 1a, Max Schneider (production mgr); wife Esther Schneider; 1b, Mrs. Esther Rosengardt (widow of Morris); 2a, Maurice D. Isenbergh (surrogate, Rens Cty); wife Edna C. Isenbergh; son Paul N. Isenbergh (USN); 2b, Rose M. Lippman (noc); relative Emanuel Lippman (noc); 3a, Geneva Sayre (prof, Sage); 3b, Max Corbat (Cooper & Corbat); wife Lillian Corbat; rear Clarence A. Valente ((o), gas station); wife Antoinette Valente; AND Charles Reger (lino operator, Geo F. Birkmayer, 193 River); wife Gladys Reger; AND D. Griffith Kaye (lawyer, Cannon Bldg); wife Lillian Kaye
1946: Apartments. Bsmt, Guido Fabrizzo (superintendent of the building); A, Lewis E.K. White (noc); wife Lena White; b, P. Raymond Keyes (construction engineer); wife Alice Keyes; 1a, Max Schneider (cloth cutter); wife Esther Schneider; 1b, Morris Rosengardt (noc); wife Esther Rosengardt; 2a, Lester A. Rosengardt (vice president of The Muhlfelder Co. Inc., ladies apparel on 20 3rd St.); wife Lillian Rosengardt; 2b, Rose M. Lippman (buyer); relative Emanuel Lippman (clerk); 3a, Ruth Z. Temple (asst prof, Sage); 3b, Max Corbat (Cooper & Corbat clothing at 98 Congress); wife Lillian Corbat
1936: VanSantvoord, Seymour (O)(lawyer, VanSantvoord & Wellington, 17 First, rm 5); wife Carolyn H
1926: VanSantvoord, Seymour (lawyer, 17 First, rm 5); wife Carolyn H
1916: VanSantvoord, Seymour (lawyer, 17 First)
250 1976: Apartments. 1a, Bernice Sanders (empl, TIPCO); 1b, John Minhan* (nl); 1c, Michael Belauski* (student); 1d, vacant; 2a, vacant; 2b, Henry Cote (ret’d); 2c, Mich Glusko (student); 2d, David Morris (chef, Red’s Restaurant); 2e, Mary Hallivan (housekeeper, Dominick Testo Real Estate); 3a, Frank Starker (Knowles Laboratory); 2b, Mary Roberts (sec’y St. Mary’s Hosp); 3c, Cathy Knight* (noc); 3d, John J. Gaunay (fork truck op’r, Manning Paper)
1966: Apartments. 1a, Benjamin Clark (student); 1b, Ilmar Reinvald (asst prof, RPI); 1c, Helen C. Clohessy (ret’d); 1d, Peter Joyce (student); 2a, Steven A. Dunne (business rep, Marine Midland); 2b, Robert Moeller (construction worker); 2c, Ernest Pizzeutello (student); 2d, Mrs. Margaret Wilson (nl); 3a, Savario Valente (Emp State) [married Berendette Myron in 3c and moved to Ingalls Av.]; 3b, Gordon Dines (maintenance man, Samaritan Hosp); 3c, Berendette Myron (emp, CP & Co.); 3d, John Gaunay (nl)
1956: Mrs. Maude Buckley (practical nurse, at home)
1946: Gertrude E. Cowee ((o), noc)
1936: Cowee, E Gertrude (O) (noc)
1926: Cowee, Louis D Mrs (widow, Jame F); bd Cowee, E Gertrude (noc)
1916: Cowee, David Jr. (noc); bd Cowee, Clara (noc); bd Cowee, E. Gertrude (noc); bd Cowee, Louise D. (widow, James F.)
254 1976: Ann La Vigne (ret’d) AND Joseph Derkowski (ret’d); wife Blanche S. Derkowski; bsmt, Agnes Connolly (ret’d)
1966: Mrs. Margaret Gaffney (widow of John); AND Mrs. Gretta Cutler (widow of Simon O., ret’d); AND Joseph Derkowski (nl? Might be architect w/ wife Barbara)
1956: Mrs. Fannie R. Kaufman ((o), widow of Isadore)
1946: Isadore L. Kaufman ((o), The Up-To-Date Store, women’s clothing and furs at 38 Third); wife Fanny R. Kaufman
1936: Kaufman, Isadore L (Up-to-Date store, woman’s coats and dresses, 38 Third); wife Fanny R
1926: Stanton, Margaret Mrs (widow John); bd Stanton, Grace M (treas, John Stanton Brewing and Malting, 1431 Fifth Av)
1916: Stanton, John (pres and treas, John Stanton Brewing and Malting, 1431 Fifth Av); bd Stanton, Edmond F. (vice pres and mgr, John Stanton Brewing and Malting, 1431 Fifth Av)
256 1976: John H. Clinton Funeral Home. John H. Clinton (funeral director); wife Florence M. Clinton; AND William H. Poland (ret’d) AND Mrs. Rhea Dwyer (widow of John T., ret’d). [side entrance to St. Mary’s is included in this address, so something is odd here.]
1966: John H. Clinton Funeral Home. John H. Clinton (funeral director); wife Florence M. Clinton; son John H. Clinton Jr. (student); AND Mrs. Lenora I. Brandes (widow of August, ret’d) AND Mazie F. Guerin (ret’d) AND Mrs. Kath Sweeney (widow of Edward, ret’d) AND Harriet Guy (ret’d) AND Mrs. Rhea Dwyer (widow of John T., saleswoman at Downyflake Donut Shop) [also St. M ch side entrance]
1956: John H. Clinton Funeral Home (o). Emma R. Jarvis (practical nurse) AND Lenora I. Brandes (state worker) AND Elizabeth O’Connell (noc)
1946: John J. Hartigan ((o), noc)
1936: Hartigan, John J (noc)
1926: Hartigan, John J (noc); wife A Grace
1916: Hartigan, John J. (pres and treas, Hartigan’s Dry Goods Co, 366 River)
168 1976: Michael Klevitch (mechanic, CDTA); wife Marguerite Klevitch; son Daniel Klevitch (clerk, Ward’s); son Anthony M. Klevitch (USAF); son Peter Klevitch (student)
1966: Michael Klevitch (employed at TH in Menands); wife Marguerite Klevitch; basement vacant.
1956: Hyman Cohen ((o), cattle dealer); wife Rebecca Cohen
1946: Cornelius A. McGrath ((o), city editor, Troy Record); wife Mary C. McGrath; relative Mabel M. McGrath (winder)
1936: Jones, Abbott H (O) (lawyer, 309 Cannon bldg); wife Elizabeth F; bd Jones, Abbott H Jr (lawyer, 309 Cannon bldg); bd Jones, E Stewart (lawyer, 309 Cannon bldg)
1926: Jones, Abbott H (lawyer, 309 Cannon bldg); wife Elizabeth F
1916: Jones, Abbott H. (lawyer, 12 State); bd Fitzgerald, Edward J (noc)
169 1976: Arthur G. Lennig (assoc prof, Sage); wife Hannelore Lennig (instr, Sage); AND Lawrence S. Roberts* (photog, Times Record); wife Sherri H. Roberts
1966: Arthur G. Lennig (prof, Sage); wife Hannelore Lenning (instr, Sage); AND David Bornside (student) AND Michael Jaffe (student)
1956: Bertha M. Ryan ((o), clerk, Mfr’s Nat’l Bank) AND John A. MacKenzie (salesman, Troy Buick Co.); wife Grace A. MacKenzie
1946: John A. MacKenzie (salesman, Troy Buick Co. at 2781 Sixth Av.); wife Grace A. MacKenzie; son John R. MacKenzie (student); AND Bertha M. Ryan (clerk, Manufacturers National Bank at several downtown addresses)
1936: MacKenzie, John A (salesman, 2791 Sixth); wife Grace A; AND Ryan, William J (O) (salesman, 20 Third); bd Ryan, Bertha M (clk, Mfrs Natl Bank); bd Ryan, Josephine M (noc)
1926: Ryan, William J (buyer); bd Ryan, Bertha M (inf clerk, Mfrs Nat Bank); bd Ryan, Josephine M (noc)
1916: Mahoney, William D. (treas, Wynantskill Mfg Co [knit goods], Ford Av nr Wynantskill Creek)
170 1976: Helen F. Donovan (ret’d) AND Frances M. Dundon (saleswoman, Yezzi’s Lord & Tann) AND Mary Walsh (ret’d) AND Roger P. Buckley (teacher, Alb Hi Sch)
1966: vacant AND Agnes B. Cusack (student) AND Mary Walsh (state employee) AND Margaret Kelly (ret’d)
1956: Mrs. Jane Godson ((o), widow of William); son Joseph Godson (dentist at 459 Broadway)
1946: Mrs. Jane Godson ((o), widow of William H.); son Joseph Godson (dentist at 459 Broadway); son’s wife Josephine Godson
1936: Godson, William H (O) (beer and ale, 351 Fourth); wife Jane; bd Godson, Joseph J (dentist, 459 Broadway); bd Godson, R Howard (salesman); wife Elizabeth
1926: Godson, William H (beverages); wife Jane; bd Godson, Howard R (noc); Godson, William H Jr (civil engineer)
1916: Warren, Eugene (Watervliet)
171 1976: Raymond Ellenbogen (R&E Feed); wife Esther Ellenbogen; AND Abe C. Samiof (noc); Meyer I. Samiof (mgr, Cuomo Bros Pkg in Cohoes); AND Sanford Epstein (musician); mother Rose Epstein (ret’d); 2nd fl, Ann Dwyer* (ret’d)
1966: Raymond Ellenbogen (R&E Construction); wife Esther Ellenbogen; son Mark Ellenbogen (student); AND Mrs. Anna Samiof (widow of David, ret’d); Abe C. Samiof (treas, Samiof Mkt); Meyer T. Samiof (v-pres, Samiof Mkt); Paula C. Samiof (widow of Samuel A., pres. Samiof Mkt); AND Donald M. Hensley; basement, John Sherman
1956: Raymond Ellenbogen ((o), R&E Feed, R&E Construction); wife Esther Ellenbogen; AND Mrs. Anna Samiof (widow of David); son? Abraham C. Samiof (v-pres, Samiof Mkt Inc., 122 Third); Meyer T. Samiof (treas, ditto); Samuel A. Samiof (pres, ditto); AND Lillian B. Katz (noc)
1946: Lillian B. Katz (noc) AND Sol Brafman (prodxn mgr, Falcon Waist Co. at 621 River); wife Augusta Brafman; daughter? Miriam Brafman; AND Raymond Ellenbogen (R&E Feed Co. at 63 River); wife Esther Ellenbogen
1936: Apple, Hattie Mrs (O) (widow, Michael); AND Francis, Samuel H (pres-treas Moncrief & Francis, 77 Congress); wife Elizabeth M; AND Madden, William B (treas, Madden Lumber, 609 First, Lans); wife Elizabeth
1926: Warren, Walter Phelps Jr (vice pres Fuller & Warren Co, River cor Monroe); AND Fitzgerald, Michael J (pres Fitzgerald Bros Construction Co, 310 Proctor Bldg); wife Theresa; AND Apple, Michael (noc); wife Hattie
1916: Wells, Elizabeth Mrs. (widow George A); bd Wells, Elizabeth J (noc)
177 1976: Apartments. 1f, Mary Sorokin* (ret’d); R, Eric L. Anderson (city editor); wife Lucy Anderson; 2r, Frances Isenberg (sten, County Vet Svc Agency); mother Betty Isenberg (ret’d); 3f, vacant; 3r, R.C. Blais* (noc); 6, vacant; 7, Don Hecker* (reporter, Troy News)
1966: Mrs. Ann M. Dwyer (sec’y, The People’s Store); AND Agnes L. Harris (noc); AND Frances Isenberg (sten, County VA); mother Betty Isenberg (ret’d); AND William Bove (student); AND Francis Gross (student) AND William Winslow (student)
1956: Mrs. Helen A. Kelly (teacher, Sch 1); son? Earl A. Kelly (pharmacist); AND Agnes L. Harris (noc); AND Edward A. Segall (Mohawk Merchandise); wife Minna Segall; AND Gertrude McCarthy (case worker supr, Family & Children’s Svs); AND James W. Smith (lawyer, 62 Second); wife Virginia Smith; AND Howard Niles (general contractor); wife Christine Niles
1946: Vacant
1936: Stevenson, James R (O) (gen mgr Wagar’s, 551 Federal); wife Helen B
1926: Bord, George S (noc); wife Margaret
1916: Bord, George S. (Illium Garage, 176 Third); AND Bussey, James N. (Illium Garage, 176 Third, and Avenue Garage, 3128 Sixth Av, and sec, Troy Used Car Sales Corp, 155 River, and Civil Service Com, City Hall)
179 1976: Mrs. Mildred D. Crider (ret’d) AND Susan Crouchman* (teacher, Troy Sch Dist) AND Mrs. May Lew Eng* (media learning center, Sage) AND Thomas G. Bartels* (painter); wife Katherine M. Bartels
1966: Mrs. Mildred D. Crider (noc) AND Mrs. Daniel J. McCarthy (noc) AND Donald Bishko (student); wife Patricia Bishko; AND William M. Shaffer (student); AND David S. Sasson (Albert’s Hosiery); AND Rodney M. Boucher (student)
1956: M. Loretta DeLee (teacher, Sch 10); AND Winifred A. Foley (sten, Fred Blanchard Inc.); AND Joseph L.A. LaCharite (instr, Naval Science, RPI); wife Renee LaCharite; AND Justin J. Mahoney (lawyer, Cannon Bldg); wife Mary Mahoney; AND Charles D. Bierwiler (asst mgr, Kresge); wife Joyce Bierwiler
1946: Vacant
1936: English, Mary Mrs (O) (widow, Lawrence); English, Lawrence (baker, Schenectady)
1926: English, Mary Mrs (pres and treas, John English Baking Co, 347 Second); bd English, Lawrence A Jr (sec, John English Baking Co, 347 Second); bd Fitzgerald, Annie E (noc)
1916: English, Lawrence A. (pres, John English Baking Co, 347 Second); bd English, Joseph (student); bd Fitzgerald, Annie E. R. (noc)
183 1976: Joseph E. Brown (chr, Hist & Poli Sci, RPI); wife Michelle A. Brown; AND “no return” AND vacant AND Carl A. Lundgren* (teacher, Troy Bd Educ)
1966: Anthony Cioffi (warehouseman, International Harvester); wife Kath Cioffi; AND William J. Matthews (sprinkler fitters, EJ Matthews); wife Rina C. Matthews; AND Robert McGuirk (driver, General Refractories); wife Arlene McGuirk; AND Mich’l B. Hanhwist (maintenance helper, state dept public works); directory shows wife as Nancy D. but also a Nancy G. Hanhurst (teacher, Lans) at this address.
1956: David S. MacKay ((o), lab asst); wife Dorothy MacKay; AND Mrs. Minnie Abramson (widow of Benjamin); son Harold J. Abramson (student); son Myron C. Abramson (US Army); AND Ernest L. Martin (garnet [sic] opr); wife Alice R. Martin; AND Joseph E. Essenter (Washington Park Garage); wife P. Irene Essenter
1946: Joseph Marlin (factory worker in Cohoes); wife Frances Marlin (sales, Wilbar’s Frenchies, women’s shoes at 1 Third); AND Louis Cooper (Cooper & Corbatt, clothing at 98 Congress); wife Rebecca Cooper; AND Joseph E. Essenter (Washington Park Garage); wife P. Irene Essenter; daughter Agnes Essenter (maid, Hotel Troy); AND Harry Golds (insurance agent); wife Fay Golds
1936: Cooper, Louis (Cooper & Corbat [clothing], 98 Congress); wife Rebecca; bd Cooper, Edward (salesman, 98 Congress); AND Corbat, Max (Cooper & Corbat, 98 Congress); wife Lillian; AND Gold, Harry P (insurance agt, 25 State); wife Fay; bd Gold, Morton I (student); AND Hourigan, Julia A (clk, Albany); bd Hourigan, Florence C (cashr); bd Hourigan, Grace M (cashr, 323 River)
1926: Condon, John L (clerk); wife Mary L; AND Crowley, Frederick C (contractor); wife Pauline; AND Orr, Harry (noc); wife Ida
1916: Michael J. Jackson & Son (business); AND Jackson, Michael J. (mason, Michael J. Jackson & Sons); bd Jackson, Edward M (mason, M J Jackson & Son); Jackson, James T. (printer); bd Jackson Margaret E. (nurse); AND Condon, John L. (clerk); AND Minahan, John G. ([partner or mgr] Dean’s Sanitary Bed Co, 124 Fourth); bd Minahan, Agnes E.; bd Minahan, Mabel M.; bd Minahan, Sadie L.; AND Shrauder, Frank (clerk)
185 1976: James R. Faris (waiter, Beef Steak Charlie) AND Vincent J. Lepera (supt, Western Waterproofing)
1966: Vacant
1956: Harry T. O’Brien ((o), lawyer); wife M. Grace O’Brien
1946: Harry T. O’Brien ((o), lawyer in Albany); wife M. Grace O’Brien
1936: O’Brien, Harry T (O) (lawyer, Albany); wife Grace; bd O’Brien, E Patricia (sten); bd O’Brien, Harry T Jr (lawyer); bd O’Brien, Robert E (student)
1926: Farrell, Emma J Mrs (noc); AND O’Brien, Harry T (lawyer, Albany); wife Grace
1916: Litowich, Isaac (mgr); AND Ramroth, John C. (news depot, 101 Third)
189 1976: RCCA. Walter C. Harriman (night auditor, Diplomat Hotel); wife Jannea R. Harriman (mgr, RCCA)
1966: RCCA.
1956: Mrs. Mollie Symansky ((o), widow of Abraham) AND Herman L. Symansky (v-pres, Troy Hebrew Credit Union); wife Dora E. Symansky; AND David Harris (noc); relative Agnes L. Harris (noc); [Rachael Harris d. 4/27/1955]
1946: David Harris (noc); sister? Annie R. Harris (sales, Frear’s); sister? Rachael (sales, Frear’s); AND Mrs. Mollie Symansky (widow of Abraham); son or nephew? Herman L. Symansky (v-pres, Troy Hebrew Credit Union at 81 Third; his wife Dora E. Symansky; Lloyd R. Symansky (noc); Maurice Symansky (manager). [There is also in the directory a set of Symanskys related to a different Herman Symansky, of Symansky Iron & Steel Co, on Front at Ferry; they live on Lavin Ct. and Marshland Ct.]
1936: Harris, Mary Mrs (widow, Delair); bd Harris, Anna R (saleswoman, Frear’s); Harris, Rachael (saleswoman, Frear’s); AND Symansky, Herman L (Symansky Bros [junk], 244 and 286 First); wife Dora E; AND Symansky, Mollie Mrs. (O) (Symansky Bros); bd Symansky, Lillianmae (noc); bd Symansky, Maurice (asst mgr)
1926: Harris, Mary Mrs (widow Delair); bd Harris, Annie (Frear’s); bd Harris (collector); bd Harris, Rachael (Frear’s); AND Symansky, Abraham (Symansky Bros, 244 and 286 First [junk]); wife Mollie; bd Symansky, Herman L (Symansky Bros); wife Dora; bd Symansky, Elsie (noc); bd Symansky, Harry W (mgr); bd Symansky, Maurice (student)
1916: Symansky, Abraham (Symansky Bros, 286 First [junk]); bd Symansky, Herman L. (Symanski Bros, 286 First); bd Symanski, Benjamin (foreman, 286 First)
191 1976: ICC. Nicholas F. Mantello (steward, ICC); wife Victoria Mantello; AND William G. Casey* (appr, Alb Felt); wife Vicki F. Casey; AND Italian Welfare League
1966: ICC. IWL and other orgs. Alex La Vigna (emp, Marshall Ray); wife Violanda La Vigna
1956: ICC. Lee A. Vadney (steward, ICC); wife May Vadney; daughter Mary T. Vadney (state worker)
1946: ICC. Stephen Rinaldi (building superintendent); wife Ernestine Rinaldi; son Anthony Rinaldi (student) [another Rinaldi family lived at 242 2nd]
1936: Italian Community Center
1926: Crandall, Fred (machinist); wife Clara M; bd Crandall, Ella M; bd Crandall, Harry W (salesman); bd Crandall, Mary (widow, John); AND Roche, Frank L (pres and treas, O’Neil Coal Co, 113 River); wife Helen; AND Zeizer, Rudolph E (salesman); wife Therese
1916: Francis, Alice E. Mrs. (widow, Charles S. [Troy Times]); bd Francis, Margaret (noc)
193 1976: no entry
1966: no entry
1956: no entry
1946: vacant
1936: Wales, Rena C Mrs (noc)
1926: Collins, Michael F (managing editor and publisher, 650 Broadway); bd Collins, Eugene R (circulation manager,650 Broadway); bd Collins, Helen L (noc); bd Collins, James E (adv mgr, 650 Broadway)
1916: Collins, Michael F. (ed, Troy Observer, 285 River); bd Collins, Helen (noc); bd Collins, J. Edward (clerk, Troy Observer, 285 River); bd Collins, Mary A. (noc); bd Collins, Rena (noc)
195 1976: Harry W. Blair (psychologist, State Dept of Civ Svc); wife Elizabeth H. Blair
1966: Adolph Strichman (retired); wife Sarah F. Strichman; AND G. Michl Mostoller (prof, RPI); wife Kathleen C. Mostoller
1956: Adolph Strichman ((o), noc); wife Sarah F. Strichman; AND Stanley R. Oppenheim (Ginsberg’s); wife Cecile Oppenheim; AND Isadore Traschen (instr, RPI); wife Doris Traschen
1946: William B. Madden (pres-treas, Madden Lumber Co. at 609 First Av, Lans); wife Elizabeth B. Madden (v-pres Madden Lumber Co.); AND Adolph Strichman (gas station, 121 River); wife Sarah F. Strichman; son Daniel Strichman (USN); AND Herman Siegel (dresses); wife Pauline Siegel
1936: Bell, William C (O) (noc); wife Catherine B; bd Bell, William C Jr (student); AND Carragan, G Howard (asst prof, RPI); wife Martha B (teacher of piano, Emma Willard Conservatory of Music); AND Mixter, Jessie K (kindergarten teacher, sch 14)
1926: Bell, William C (food inspector, Health Center, Seventh cor State, and meat market, 274 Fourth); wife Catherine; AND Sharlet, Charles (mgr, Sharlet Bros Clothing, 264 River); wife Blanche; AND Weinstein, Isadore J (treas, Weinstein Bros & Sons [cloaks and suits], 386 River); wife Sylvia B
1916: Lasell, Edwin Q. (pres, G V S Quackenbush & Co [dry goods], Broadway and Third, and vice pres Troy Trust); AND Maynard, Edward Mrs. (noc)

197 1976: John J. McGarry* (teacher, RPI); AND Steven S. Lovelett* (cmu’y org’r, Commission of Economic Opp’y); AND Gary Wilhelm* (student); AND Marjorie J. Arno* (noc); AND Peter H. Stott* (research hist, State Dept Parks & Rec); AND Mary Anna Vieira* (student); AND Mary Keane* (domestic worker); AND Eva Barachak* (noc); bsmt, Patricia Loveless (teacher, St. Joseph’s School)

1966: Mrs. Grace E. Bothwell (widow of Charles A., ret’d); AND Anne E. Kast (noc) AND Mrs. Marie Guthier (widow of John, ret’d); AND Mary Keane (domestic worker); AND Mrs. Janet O’Grady (noc); AND Eva Barachak (emp, Nero Era Sportswear); AND Marjorie J. Arno (clerk, Woolworth’s) [so *’s above are mostly wrong]
1956: Marie T. Wright (ofc, RPI); AND Edward T. Nehill (pres, County Bd of Elections); wife Bertha B. Nehill; AND Mrs. Lorine Wagoner (state worker); AND William Silverman (state worker); wife Anna Silverman; AND Grace E. Mylett (Watervliet); AND George Krycuk (student); wife Vera Krycuk; AND Mrs. Rose Herring (noc); AND Mrs. Catherine J. McGrath (factory worker)
1946: Leon Erlich (Erlich’s tailoring, 49 3rd); AND Joseph Krell (pres-treas, The Paris Cleaners & Dyers at 2260 5th Av. & 219 2nd); wife Helen Krell; AND Kurt F. Leidecker (noc); AND Edward T. Nehill (pres, County Board of Elections); wife Bertha B. Nehill; AND Paul Biebling (nl); AND Solomon Werlin (druggist, Liggett Drug Co., 30 3rd & 352 River); wife Lillian Werlin
1936: Baxter, John B (O) (v-pres-treas, Watervliet); wife Margaret; bd J Gordon (noc)
1926: Baxter, John B (vice pres and gen mgr, Covert Mfg Co, Watervliet); wife Margaret
1916: Fuller, Mary W. (noc)
199 1976: Kathleen Forster (photog, Troy Publ); AND James D. Eley (lab tech, Bender Lab); wife Ingeborg W. Eley; AND Eleanor Driscoll (ret’d); AND Bernice B. Ledeboer (freelance artist and designer); AND Michael Perricone (sports editor, Troy Publ); bsmt, Mary Jane Ziehl* (student) AND Darlene Grandy* (teller, Banker’s Trust)
1966: Sydney Saperstein (clerk, Knowlson’s); Sanford Saperstein (helper, Knowlson’s); AND Frances E. Carey (nurse); AND Joseph V. Dillon (ofc sec’y, St. Mary’s Rectory); AND Eleanor Driscoll (emp, state dept of law); AND Frank Prezio (noc) AND vacant
1956: Sanford Saperstein ((o), salesclerk); Sidney Saperstein (sales clerk, Knowlson’s Pharmacy); AND Edward H. Kline (noc); wife Mary Kline; AND Edward P. Kenney (tel eng); wife Marcella Kenney; son Edward W. Kenney; AND Robert W. Bastian (salesman, Henry Mantell); wife Marie Bastian (sec’y, rector Bradford H. Burnham, St. John’s Episc); AND Joseph F. Mitchell Jr. (plumber, Pfau & Gilcoyne)
1946: David Cohen (machinist in Watervliet); wife Anna Cohen; AND Samuel M. Cohen (cutter, Berk-Ray Corp., men’s and boy’s sportswear, River & Middleburgh Sts.); wife Tillie Cohen; AND Mrs. Anna Saperstein (widow of Jacob H.); son Sanford Saperstein (junk); son Sidney Saperstein (clerk); son? Harold J. Saperstein (Knowlson’s Pharmacy); AND Edward P. Kenney (engineer); wife Marcella L. Kenney; AND John A. Walsh (clerk in Albany); wife Elizabeth L. Walsh
1936: Belkin, Samuel (clerk, 20 Third); bd Belkin, Mildred M (sten); bd Belkin, Morris (opr, Deleware & Hudson); bd Belkin, Samuel (salesman); wife Bessie; AND Holland, Margaret A Mrs (widow, Daniel T, sten 200 Broadway); bd Holland, Paula A; AND Saperstein, Jacob H (O) (court officer, Renss Cty Jail); bd Saperstein, Harold J (pharm); bd Saperstein, Louis J (mgr); bd Saperstein, Sanford (cigars); bd Saperstein, Sidney (clerk)
1926: Fivel, David (Trojan Vulcanizing Works); wife Fivel, Selma (saleswoman); AND Rickman, Samuel H (chef); wife Rose; AND Saperstein, Jacob H (real estate); wife Harriet; bd Saperstein, Louis (noc); bd Saperstein, Ruth (student); bd Saperstein, Sanford (salesman); bd Saperstein, Sidney (noc)
1916: no entry
201 1976: Richard Brescia (prof, Sage); wife Colleen Brescia (mgr, Harmony Mill Outlet); AND Mrs. Heidi W. Mitchell (asst prof, Sage)
1966: George Randall (emp, GE); AND Arthur Wilson (noc); wife Anna B. Wilson AND vacant
1956: Agnes C. Sheeran (organist, St. Mary’s); AND Patrick J. Doherty ((o), doorman, Proctor’s Theatre)
1946: Patrick J. Doherty ((o), dairy); AND Agnes C. Sheeran (piano teacher at home)
1936: Doherty, Patrick J (O) (dairy); wife Theresa M; bd Doherty, Veronica C (sten); AND Sheeran, Agnes C (piano teacher); Leach, Sarah (collar worker, Cluett’s)
1926: Doherty, Patrick (milk); wife Theresa M; AND Leach, Sarah (collar worker, Cluett’s); AND Sheeran, Agnes C (music teacher)
1916: Park Presbyterian Church; AND Ludden, Johanna P. Mrs. (widow, William J); bd Ludden, Edmond F. (civil engineer); bd Ludden, Harold (civil engineer); bd Ludden, John (lawyer)
202 1976: Robert F. Agars (ret’d); wife Helen J. Agars
1966: Vacant AND vacant
1956: Mrs. Katherine Dundon (widow of Alfred A., who d. 8/28/1955)
1946: Alfred Dundon (music teacher and piano tuner, at home); wife Catherine C. Dundon (ran furnished rooms at 127 3rd)
1936: Dundon, Alf A (music teacher); wife Catherine C; bd Dundon, Alf F (salesman)
1926: Broughton, Catherine M (noc)
1916: Broughton, Catherine M (noc); AND Broughton Esther L. (noc)
203 1976: Ruth L. Healey (prof, Sage) AND Leona Nible (domestic)
1966: Vacant
1956: Robert E. O’Brien ((o), emp GE); wife Gertrude O’Brien
1946: Etta McTammany (teacher Troy High); relative Frances L. McTammany (dept head, Troy High)
1936: McTammany, Henrietta Mrs (O) (widow William F); bd McTammany, Etta (teacher, Troy HS); bd McTammany, Frances L (teacher, Troy HS); McTammany, Stella M died 7/2/35
1926: McTammany, Henrietta Mrs (widow William F); bd McTammany, Etta (teacher, Troy HS); bd McTammany, Frances L (teacher, Troy HS); bd McTammany, Stella M (teacher, Albany)
1916: vacant

205 1976: Frank J. Piscitella (foreman, T E K); AND Theo J. Stevens (machine operator, Bendix); wife Margaret L. Stevens; AND Ann Taylor (noc)

1966: Frank J. Piscitella (emp, TH); AND Theo. L. Stevens (cashier, Thornie’s Restaurant); wife Margaret Stevens; AND Mrs. Ann Taylor (machine operator, Troy Make)
1956: Theo Vertone ((o), noc); [wife Anna Vertone d. 8/28/1955]; AND Anthony Lembo (noc); wife Mary Lembo; AND Mrs. Carolyn Moore (waitress, Troy Sandwich Shop)
1946: Alf A. Franzoni (deputy U.S. Marshal); wife Alphine H. Franzoni; daughter Jean Franzoni (cashier, Grand Cash Market); son Orfeo Franzoni (noc); AND Theo Vertone (lab, DPW); wife Anna Vertone; AND Ralph Verdile (emp, Commodore Cleaners & Dyers); wife Anna M. Verdile
1936: Franzoni, Alf A (deputy US Marshal); wife Alphine H; AND Vertone, Theo (helper); wife Anna; AND Vosburgh, Robert L (paper maker); wife Mary G
1926: Newman, Anna A Mrs (noc); AND Smith, John H (window decorator); wife Anna M
1916: Doherty, Patrick (salesman); bd Doherty, Edward J. (noc); bd Doherty, James (clerk); AND Skehan, Catherine (noc); bd Skehan, Ellen (noc)
205r 1916: Ambrose, William (molder)


191 1976: Mrs. Loretta M. Casey (widow of Philip J., ret’d) AND Wilson J. Bragal (Bragal’s Taxi Svc); wife Frederica A. Bragal
1966: Mrs. Loretta M Casey (widow of Philip J.); son Phillip Casey III (USMC); AND Wilson J. Bragal (Bragal’s Taxi); wife Frederica A. Bragal
1956: Philip J. Casey Jr. (salesman); wife Loretta Casey; AND Wilson J. Bragal (Bragal Taxi Service); wife Frederica A. Bragal
1946: Wilson J. Bragal ((o), Bragal’s Taxi Service at 96 Third); wife Frederica A. Bragal; AND Michael P. Evers (janitor)
1936: Evers, Michael P (janitor, school 5); wife Catherine A; bd Evers, Catherine H Mrs (sec to sup of schools, 206 City Hall); AND Groom, Frederica A Mrs (O) (widow, Albert D, cigars & tobacco, 96 Third)
1926: Dunigan, Charles J (auto mechanic); wife Mary F; AND Groom, Albert D (salesman); wife Frederica
1916: Molahn, Bernard (nl); AND Schwarz, C. Fred (lawyer, 56 Fourth)
192 1976: Jeremiah Connolly (ret’d); wife Mary Connolly; AND William P. O’Connell Jr. (ret’d); wife Margaret H. O’Connell; AND William M. O’Connell* (acct, Schen Discount Corp); wife Mary S. O’Connell; AND “no return”
1966: John H. Healey Funeral Home. Mrs. Margaret C. Healey (widow of John H., treas funeral home); AND William P. O’Connell Jr. (investigator, State Liquor Authority); wife Margaret O’Connell; AND Harold Norton (mgr, Maiorica Health Club); wife Veronica Norton
1956: John H. Healey Estate. Mrs. Margaret C. Healey ((o), widow of John H., who d. 3/11/1955) AND William P. O’Connell Jr. (investigator, State Liquor Authority in Albany); wife Margaret M. O’Connell; AND Harry F. Ives Jr. (machinist, Ludlow Valve); wife Theresa A. Ives
1946: John H. Healey ((o), funeral director, working from home); wife Margaret C. Healey; daughter Margaret M. Healey (secretary); AND Georgianna Colton (noc); AND Harry F. Ives Jr. (machinist, Ludlow Valve); wife Theresa A. Ives
1936: Healey, John H (O)(undertaker, 192 Third); wife Margaret C; Healey, Margaret M (student); AND Colton Mary F (sec, Board of Child Welfare, 18 Court House); bd Colton, Georgianna (clerk, Albany); AND Ives, Harry F Jr (salesman); wife Theresa A (sten, 245 River)
1926: Healey, John H (undertaker, 192 Third); wife Margaret C; AND Finn, William G (asst supt, 410 Boardman bldg); wife Mabel; bd Finn, Harry (jeweler); bd Finn, Sarah A (teacher, school 5); AND Colton, Mary F (sec, Board of Child Welfare, 27 Court House); bd Colton, Georgianna (clerk)
1916: Healey, John H. (undertaker, 192 Third); AND Finn, Margaret Mrs. (widow George); bd Finn, Harry (jeweler); bd Finn, Sarah A (teacher Central Grammar, State cor Seventh); bd Finn, William G (asst supr, John Hancock Mutual Life Ins, 293 River); AND Ryan, Clara E. Mrs. , (widow, John); bd Ryan, Bertha (noc); bd Ryan, Grace A (bookkeeper); bd Josephine (noc); bd Ryan, William J (clerk)
194 1976: “no return” AND Barbara K. Webster (clerk, RPI); AND Emmaline M. De Freest (photo reticle techn, Teledyne Gurley); AND Filiman (nl); AND Mary C. Fretelle (clerk, State Dept Taxation and Finance); AND “no return” AND Dominick Russomanno (noc)
1966: Mrs. Lucille L. Bendetti (waitress, Henrik Hudson Hotel); AND Mrs. Amelia M. Loucks (machine operator, Troy District Shirt); AND Donald D. Douglas (draftsman, State); AND William G. Gray (ret’d); AND Mary C. Fretelle (clerk, State Dept of Taxation and Finance); AND Agnes Del Monico (emp, State)
1956: Mrs. Lucille L. Bendetti (waitress); AND Arthur V. Murphy (supervisor); AND Donald D. Douglas (civil eng, Keis & Holroyd); AND James A. McCochrane (floor mgr, Frear’s); wife Clara McCochrane; AND Francis J. Brunelle (salesman); AND John J. Walsh (clerk in Schenectady); AND Patrick J. Judge (bkpr); wife Marilyn H. Judge
1946: Joseph E. Langevin (noc, widower of Agnes L.); son? Joseph J. Langevin (noc); AND Peter Kowalchyk (USN); wife Elizabeth M. Kowalchyk; AND George E. Keenan (electrical contractor); wife Rose Keenan; AND Pedro E. Lay Jr. (noc); AND James A. McCochrane (noc); AND Mary A. Walsh (noc)
1936: Robinson, Elizabeth M Mrs (widow, Arthur B, real estate, 194 Third); AND Roberts, Doris M (health director, YWCA, 21 First); AND Hulett, Caspar (clerk); wife Grace; AND Dolan, Kathleen F (sten); AND Foley, Winifred A (sten, 422 River); bd Foley, Catherine E (tel opr); AND Gibson, William E (salesman)
1926: Molloy, Jane G (noc)
1916: Molloy, Jane G. (noc); bd Molloy, Mary M (noc)
196 1976: St. Mary’s Church; Society of St. Vincent de Paul
1966: St. Mary’s Church; Society of St. Vincent de Paul
1956: St. Mary’s Church; Society of St. Vincent de Paul
1946: St. Mary’s Church
1936: St. Mary’s Church
1926: St. Mary’s Church
1916: St. Mary’s Church
204 1936: vacant
1926: vacant
1916: Greagan, Francis A. Rev (pastor St. Mary); bd London, Thomas Rev.; bd Walsh, Edward A. Rev
206 1976: Vacant AND Joseph Grant (ret’d); AND Fred S. Powell (textile worker, C&P Co.); AND vacant AND John Hennessy (ret’d); AND Charles Cohen (ret’d); AND Frank Marro (ret’d); AND Thomas Bullis (lab, Bendix Corp); AND “no return” AND Catherine M. Murray (meat wrapper, Price Chopper)
1966: Brothers of the Christian Schools
1956: Brothers of the Christian Schools
1946: Brothers of the Christian Schools
1936: Brothers of the Christian Schools
1926: Brothers of the Christian Schools
1916: Fitzgerald, Edmund Mrs. (noc); bd Fitzgerald, Helen (noc); bd Fitzgerald, Kathryn (noc)
212 1976: Unity Sunshine School
1966: St. Mary’s School
1956: St. Mary’s Academy
1946: St. Mary’s Academy
1936: St. Mary’s Academy
1926: St. Mary’s Academy
1916: St. Mary’s Academy; St. Mary’s Convent
216 1976: Leo F. Boland (referee, State Dept Compensation Bd); wife Patricia E. Boland; daughter Patricia Boland (asst dir, State Dept Envir Cons); son Joseph Boland (auditor, State D S S); daughter Mary C. Boland (noc); son Henry Boland (USAF); daughter Grace Boland (nurse, Samaritan Hosp); AND Kathleen K. Kane (ret’d)
1966: David Redding (student); AND Leo F. Boland (lawyer); wife Patricia E. Boland; son Leo F. Boland, Jr. (US Army); daughter Mary Boland (operator, NY Tel); daughter Patricia Boland (empt, state); son Joseph Boland (student); AND vacant AND Kathleen K. Kane (account clerk, county automobile bureau); AND vacant
1956: Leo F. Boland ((o), lawyer, Cannon Bldg); wife Patricia E. Boland; AND William H. Deecher (insurance salesman); wife Nora M. Deecher; AND Rose V. Kelly (noc); AND Mrs. Mary A. Dooley (widow of William); AND Agnes B. Cusack (teacher, Sch 12)
1946: Leo F. Boland ((o), lawyer in the Cannon Bldg); wife Patricia E. Boland; AND William H. Deecher (insurance salesman); wife Nora M. Deecher; daughter Helene M. Deecher (sec’y, Supt. Bd of Educ); AND Robert S. Halligan (asst stores keeper); wife Grace M. Halligan; AND Gertrude Muir (stenographer, IRS); AND Stanley Peake (US Army); wife Delores M. Peake (bulker, CP & Co.)
1936: Connors, Mary E (pres-treas, William Connors Paint Mfg Co, 669 River); bd Connors, Edward A (student); bd Connors, William M (lawyer)
1926: Connors, Thomas J (pres and treas William Connors Paint Mfg Co, 669 River); bd Connors, Margaret M (noc); bd Connors, Mary E (vice pres, William Connors Paint Mfg Co, 669 River)
1916: Connors, William (pres and treas William Connors Paint Mfg Co, 669 River); bd Connors, Margaret M (noc); bd Connors, Mary E (noc); bd Connors, Thomas J (sec 669 River)
218 1976: Howard J. Cummings (salesman, Publication Co’s); wife Lillian P. Cummings (furnished rooms at this address)
1966: Howard J. Cummings (salesman); wife Mrs. Lillian Cummings (furnished rooms at this address)
1956: Mrs. Lillian W. Powers ((o), furnished rooms at this address); Mrs. Rose Marie Vale (trimmer)
1946: Mortimer B. Powers ((o), noc); wife Lillian W. Powers
1936: vacant
1926: McCusker, Catherine A (noc); bd McCusker, Bernard E (noc); bd McCusker, Helen F (noc)
1916: McCusker, Bernard E. (noc); AND McCusker, Catherine A (noc).; bd McCusker, Helen F (noc)
220 1976: John F. Griffin (architect, City of Albany); AND Louis F. Treiber (ret’d); AND Erich C. Undritz (noc); AND vacant AND Marlene A. Viscio (teacher, St. Joseph’s School); AND vacant AND William Freihofer (noc); AND Anthony Rutioalo* (noc); AND Donald Dixon* (noc); AND Jas Davis* (noc)
1966: George Pineaha (emp, RJ); AND Albert Mattison (chef, Wellington Hotel); AND Mrs. Apolonia Yurack (widow of Anton, ret’d); AND Joseph Vespi (noc); AND Joan S. Lasher (noc); AND Thomas M. Lawrenson (ret’d); AND George Bartolomucci (noc) AND vacant
1956: Maloney --- [? Listed as residing here with no first name]; AND John J. Leahy (foreman); AND William Wadler (physician’s office, lived in Brunswick) AND Mrs. Frances McCaffrey (office clerk, NYSDT&F in Albany); AND John J. Kennedy (retail mgr, Peterson & Packer Coal Co.); wife Frances M. Kennedy; AND Thomas M. Lawrenson (arsenal worker); AND Robert W. Rowe (nl); AND Mrs. Atlanta A. Burr (exec dir, Troy Area Council of Campfire Girls)
1946: Katherine F. Whelan ((o), noc); daughter Agnes L. Whelan (mgr, D.J. Whelan Estate, bottlers of carbonated beverages, 108 Jefferson)
1936: Whelan, Katherine F (O) (recording and filing sec, Health Bureau, Seventh Av cor State); bd Whelan, Agnes L (108 Jefferson); bd Whelan, Lucy A (clerk)
1926: Whelan, James A (mgr 108 Jefferson); wife Bessie F; bd Whelan, Agnes L (bookkeeper 108 Jefferson); bd Whelan, Katherine F (clerk, Health Bureau, Seventh cor State); bd Whelan, Lucy A (clerk, 201 Canon bldg)
1916: Whelan, James A. (mgr, D J Whelan Estate bottlers and nickel platers, 106 Jefferson); bd Whelan, Agnes (noc); bd Whelan, Gertrude (noc); bd Whelan, Katherine (noc); bd Whelan, Lucy (noc)
222 1976: Bartholmew Thibadeau (student); AND J. Peter Slocum (noc); wife Ann C. Slocum; AND William J. Scoville (ret’d); wife Marie E. Scoville (clerk, Stanley’s Dept Store)
1966: Douglas Haynes (teacher, Tamarac Sch). Washington Park Funeral Home. John J. Chimielewski (funeral director); wife Catherine Chimielewski; AND Roy J. Martin (draftsman, Bertram D. Tallamy); wife Fritzi Martin; AND Robert Converse (teacher, Tamarac Sch); wife Nancy Converse; AND John J. Meliski Real Estate; John J. Meliski and wife Catherine Meliski
1956: Washington Park Funeral Home. John J. Meliski ((o), real estate, WPFH, WP Casket Co.); wife Catherine Meliski; AND John J. Chmielewski (funeral director); AND Vincenzo Ceravolo (student); wife Helen M. Ceravolo; AND Leonard Tague (salesman)
1946: Washington Park Funeral Home (o). Elizabeth M. Casey (sec’y & registrar, Troy High); AND Richard J. Halligan (salesman); wife Rita J. Halligan (office sec’y, Matthew M. Dunne); AND John J. Meliski ((o), WPFH and Troy Casket Company); wife Catherine Meliski
1936: McGuire, Thomas F (funeral director, 222 Third); wife Jane H
1926: Roche, William J (lawyer, Roche, Tierney & Roche, 21 Second)
1916: Roche, William J. (lawyer, Roche, Tierney & Roche, 21 Second); bd Roche, Edmond J (clerk, Hartigan & Dwyer dry goods, 85 Congress); bd Roche, Frank L (chainman); bd Roche, John T (noc)
224 1976: Vacant AND George J. McKeon (Mac’s & Van’s Super Svc Stations); wife Mary McKeon; AND Frank Bianco (clerk, State Dept A&C, Albany); AND Kenneth T. Zalucki (contractor); wife Mary J. Zalucki
1966: George J. McKeon (Mac’s & Van’s Super Svc Stations); wife Mary M. McKeon; AND Frances Bianco (clerk, State); AND Kenneth T. Zalucki (emp, Albert C. O’Neil Jr.); wife Mary J. Zalucki (machine operator, CP& Co.)
1956: George J. McKeon (Mac’s and Van’s Super Station); wife Mary McKeon;AND Frank Bianco ((o), noc); wife Josephine Bianco; AND Thomas J. Clancy (checker, Ford Motor Co.); [wife Anna d. 10/23/1955]
1946: William P. O’Connell (police, Central Station); wife Madge M. O’Connell; AND Frank Bianco (grocer); wife Josephine Bianco; daughter Frances L. Bianco; daughter Mary C. Bianco (Mary & Margaret Hair Stylist); son Michael Bianco (student); daughter Rose Bianco (stenographer, NYC); AND Herman H. Taylor (tailor in Lans); wife Fanny Taylor
1936: Baylis, Henry W (motion picture opr); wife Helen; AND Koenig, Morris H (O) (electrician); wife Mary A); AND Stanton, John J (salesman); wife Alba B
1926: Burden, Mary S (noc)
1916: Burden, Mary S. (noc)
226 1976: Frank W. Lamiano (ret’d); wife Eva A. Lamiano; AND Gasporo Morreale (ret’d); wife Rose J. Morreale; AND Frances E. Carey (ret’d)
1966: Frank W. Lamiano (manager, Tiny Town Togs); wife Eva Lamiano; son Robert M. Lamiano (emp, state); AND Gaspare Morreale AND Frank W. Lamiano Jr. (salesman for Carter’s, Lebanon, NH); wife Carol A. Lamiano
1956: Frank W. Lamiano ((o), noc); wife Eva Lamiano; son Frank W. Lamiano Jr. (student); son Robert Lamiano (student); AND Gaspare Morreale (salesman); wife Rose Morreale; AND Steph Fortunato (mgr, Electrolux Corp.); wife Ann Fortunato
1946: Rose V. Kelly ((o), noc)
1936: Kelly, Elizabeth T (O) (noc); Kelly, Rose V (noc)
1926: Kelly, Elizabeth T (Kelly’s Confectioners, 11 Third); bd Kelly, Katherin A (Kelly’s Confectioners, 11 Third); bd Kelly, Rose V (Kelly’s Confectioners, 11 Third)
1916: MacArthur, Charles A. (Charles L MacArthur & Son, publisher of Troy Sunday Budget, 16 Third)
228 1976: Duke J. Colby* (noc); AND Helen Bonville (clerk, State Dept Educ); AND John J. Lowery (ret’d)
1966: Anna M. Colby (clerk, Troy Savings Bank); AND Myron E. Lawson (ret’d); wife May E. Lawson; AND Mrs. Anna Sheary (widow of Lawrence)
1956: Anna Mae Colby (life insurance dept, Troy Savings Bank); AND Myron E. Lawson (noc); wife May E. Lawson; AND Mrs. Anna Sheary (widow of Laurence)
1946: George D. Colby ((o),bookkeeper); daughter? Anna Mae Colby (life insurance dept, Troy Savings Bank); AND Mrs. Minnie M. Abbott (widow of Frank B.); AND Myron E. Lawson (office mgr, Tom S. Watkins & Co.); wife May E. Lawson
1936: Colby, Anna Mrs (O) (widow George D); bd Colby, Anna Mae (steno, 32 Second); bd Colby, George D (bookkeeper); AND Fleming, Mary A (noc); AND Lawson, Myron E (clerk, 521 River); wife May E
1926: Colby, Anna Mrs (widow George D); bd Colby, Anna M (steno River cor Monroe); bd Colby, George D (bookkeeper); AND Fleming, Mary A (noc)
1916: Colby, Anna Mrs. (widow George D); bd Colby, Anna M (steno River cor Monroe); bd Colby, George D (bookkeeper)
230 1976: Francesco Miele (noc); wife Madeline Miele;AND Loren Blackmore (sportscaster); wife Mary Blackmore; AND Dominic M. Chiera (noc); wife Luigia M. Chiera
1966: vacant AND Frank Miele (emp, WM Press); wife Madeline Miele; AND Frederick Okley (construction worker); AND Velimir Ristic (construction worker); wife Wilhemina Ristic
1956: Mrs. Doris Labbee (noc); AND David Rosenthal (nl); AND Mrs. Mary C. McGrath (noc); AND Mrs. SantaMarie Monte (marker)
1946: Helen Mahoney (confr);AND Mrs. Helen Broderick (widow of Ernest); AND Catherine Mahoney (collar worker); Alf Mahoney (machinist in Watervliet)
1936: Mooney, Mary E (O) (noc); bd Mooney, Anne (teacher Troy Con Music, State cor Third)
1926: Mooney, Mary E (noc); bd Mooney, Anne (teacher Troy Con Music, State cor Third)
1916: Mooney, Mary E. (noc); bd Mooney, Anna (teacher Troy Con Music, Gay Building, State cor Third)
232 1976: David Dywer* (student) AND Harry F. Quiglay* (noc)
1966: William Currier (noc); wife Theresa Currier; AND Lorenzo Cassella (construction worker); AND Mrs. Ruth Sunkar (noc); AND Mrs. Rita Algand (noc); AND Charles Strom (bartender, Marvel Restaurant); AND vacant
1956: Edward J. Belawski ((o), machine designer); wife Mary M. Belawski; AND Malcolm R. McGowan (jeweler in Watervliet); wife Kathryn McGowan

1946: Thomas F. McGuire Funeral Home Inc. Mrs. Jane H.B. McGuire (widow of Thomas, funeral director)

1936: vacant
1926: McGuire, Thomas F (undertaker, 232 Third); wife Jane
1916: McGuire, Thomas F. (undertaker, 232 Third)
234 1976: George W. Kennelly (mechanic, King Svc); wife Alma M. Kennelly
1966: George W. Kennelly (ret’d); wife Elizabeth Kennelly [younger couple not listed at all]
1956: George W. Kennelly ((o), state worker in Albany); wife Elizabeth Kennelly (saleswoman, Denby’s Stores); son George W. Kennelly Jr. (svc mgr, Eastern Oil Equippers); wife Alma Kennelly
1946: Mrs. Mary E. Flanagan ((o), widow of Edward W.)
1936: Flanagan, Edward W (O) (noc); wife Mary E
1926: Flanagan, Edward W (Chief detective, Central Police Station); wife Mary E
1916: Johnston, Lillias J. (principal, School no 9, River cor Liberty)
236 1976: Vacant
1966: Mrs. Marie C. Hughes (widow of John, ret’d) AND William S. Maloney (ret’d); wife Loretta L. Maloney
1956: Maize Guerin (state worker); daughter? Kathryn C. Guerin (sten, John L. Thompson Sons & Co.); AND Mrs. Marie C. Hughes ((o), widow of John J., senior typist in Albany)
1946: Peter Klarnick ((o), prod mgr); wife Theresa Klarnick; AND John J. Hughes (mgr); wife Marie E. Hughes
1936: Healy, William G (O) (lawyer, 508 Cannon bldg); bd Healy, Marie C (sec); bd Healy, Raymond B (podiatrist); bd Healey, Teresa L (clerk, Albany); AND Lockrow, John A (freight agt, NYC frt house)
1926: Healy, John J (druggist, 235 Fourth, and pres civil service com); bd Healy, John J Jr (salesman); bd Healy, Marie C (sec); bd Healy, Raymond V (student); bd Healy, Teresa L (student); bd Healy, William G (lawyer 508 Canon bldg)
1916: Healy, John J. (druggist, 235 Fourth, and pres civil service com); bd Healy, John J Jr (Schenectady); bd Healy, Leo I (student); bd Healy, William G (clerk, J S Bache & Co brokers, 251 River, rm 20)
238 1976: Cyndi Aless* (student) AND “transients”
1966: Mrs. Anna V. Hannan (widow of Frank, ret’d); AND Howard P. Fontaine (nl); AND John J. Lowery (clerk, state)
1956: James J. Quinn (stock clerk); AND Mrs. Anna V. Hannan ((o), widow of Frank); AND Paul J. Cronin (claim supervisor); wife Muriel Cronin; AND John J. Lowery (sr clk, NY Dept. of Labor)
1946: Eli Mirch (lab); wife Vulka Mirch; AND Frank A. Hannan (janitor, school 14); wife Anna V. Hannan
1936: Darby, Josiah P (foreman); wife Margaret R; AND Foley, Edward F (restaurant); wife Grace; Hannan, Frank A (O) (steward); wife Anna V
1926: Hannan, Ellen Mrs (widow Edward); bd Hannan, Frank A (plumber); bd Hannan, Helen F; AND Darby, Josiah P (foreman); wife Margaret; AND Murnane, Thomas A (deputy city engineer, City Hall); wife Ina
1916: Hannan, Edward (noc); bd Hannan, Frank A (plumber); bd Hannan, Helen (noc); AND Wansbury, Thomas E. (foreman)

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