9. 5 and 12. 3” as well as mileposts “16. 8 and 17. 9

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On September 1, 2010, Kristen Symanski, of the DLUR T+E Unit, sent the following email to Mike Folli (of PB World; agent for this project), concerning the monitoring of documented Northern Pine Snake habitat along two regions of the Atlantic City Expressway.
The DLUR Threatened and Endangered Species Unit agrees with the modifications, to special condition number 20, that were proposed via communication on July 27, 2010. Special Condition Number 20 states:
Northern Pine Snake, suitable habitat is present between mileposts 9.5 and 12.3; mileposts 16.8 and 17.9 and mileposts 20.0 and 20.2. To protect these species, appropriate BMP’s such as an exclusion fence and/or a heavy duty silt fence are to be installed prior to construction within these areas. In addition, a qualified biologist is to monitor for Northern Pine Snake during construction of this section.”

After review of your request, you are now authorized to discontinue the monitoring of documented Northern Pine Snake habitat between mileposts “9.5 and 12.3” as well as mileposts “16.8 and 17.9”. The discontinuation of habitat monitoring is allowable at both locations provided that the “Northern Pine Snake fences” remain in place for the duration of the project, and, as long as remaining construction activities (along both of the aforementioned stretches of the AC Expressway) occur in the median only.


Kristen C. Symanski

NJDEP - Division of Land Use Regulation

Bureau of Technical Services

Endangered and Threatened Species Unit

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