Forth coming competitive exams

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Class I & II

National science Olympiad - 17th NOVEMBER

International mathematics Olympiad - 8th DECEMBER

International English Olympiad - 19th JANUARY

International Informatics Olympiad - 2nd SEPTEMBER
Exam Fees

Rs.100 for each subject

Study Materials

Rs.50 per subject

For computer Text book 50/-

Workbook 50/-

CD 50/
Closing Date: 10th July
Class– III - XII

IAIS (International Assessment for Indian Schools) -2011

English - 27th August

Science - 26th August

Maths - 26th August

Computer - 27th August (Not for classes XI and XII)

International Informatics Olympiad -2nd SEPTEMBER

Exam Fees

For any one Subject 165/-

Two Subjects 300/-

Three Subjects 425/-

Four Subjects 500/-

International Informatics Olympiad – 100 /-

Study Materials (International Informatics Olympiad)

For computer - Text book 50/-

Workbook 50/-

CD 50/-
Closing date – 10th July

Download 4.87 Kb.

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