Monetizing Your Website with ppc advertising Networks – How to Earn Money with Tribal Fusion

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Monetizing Your Website with PPC Advertising Networks – How to Earn Money with Tribal Fusion

Tribal Fusion has been operating since 1998, and therefore they are one of the oldest ad networks around. With age comes a lot of experience, and indeed Tribal Fusion also happen to be a premium network, as well as one of the biggest advertising networks you are likely to come across. This is evidenced by the fact that they have in excess of 19 billion impressions on a monthly basis. However, with size and experience comes extreme difficulty, as in Tribal Fusion are without doubt one of the hardest networks to gain approval for. In fact, you will require a minimum of 500,000 unique visitors a month to even be considered for approval to the network.

Tribal Fusion Operations

You will find a vast array of ad types through Tribal Fusion and these include, video ads, as flash ads, interstitial ads, etc. They do not actually have a fixed rate for their cost per thousand impressions, although their revenue share model is extremely transparent, in that as a publisher you will receive 55% of the revenue. Although they have a number of different ad types, every single one of their campaigns runs on a CPM model, thus meaning you will only ever be paid for impressions.

One of the most attractive factors about Tribal Fusion is their use of complex technology in producing ads. The ads work in real time and will produce what is the most appropriate ad for a specific visitor to your website or blog. No matter where you place your ads, they have the ability to change, depending on the actual visitor to your site. This may take into consideration their location, browsing history, and a whole host of other factors as well.

This forward thinking technological process ensures that publishers can maximise the revenue on offer to them, and it also keeps their huge number of advertisers happy. Tribal Fusion also happened to partner up with Greystripe in 2009, which means that they can now offer rich media mobile advertising solutions. This simple fact helps to keep them one step ahead of the vast majority of other ad networks.

Requirements for Publishers Applying to the Tribal Fusion Network

  • Your website must be receiving 500,000 unique visitors on a monthly basis and you should be able to evidence this over a period of time, and not simply for your last month.

  • Your website or blog should display an attractive design. As Tribal Fusion is a premium network they typically wish to work with premium websites, and therefore it is highly unlikely you will be accepted to the network with a website you have put together in a matter of hours.

  • Your website or blog must contain absolutely no sexual content whatsoever.

  • Your website should be updated on a regular basis. Once again, most premium websites will typically have hundreds, if not thousands, of web pages, and these are typically updated or added to very regularly.

About Tribal Fusion

Tribal Fusion is definitely a worthwhile alternative to Google Adsense, if you can get accepted to the network. The global reach they have and the support they offer is nothing short of exceptional, and is far better than any other ad network you are ever likely to come across. Their reputation has been even more enhanced by their partnership with Greystripe, which now allows publishers to use rich media mobile advertising. I would suggest that you sign up to the Tribal Fusion network if you have the type of traffic and fantastic content that they are looking for, as it is highly unlikely that you will find a better ad network. In order to sign up to Tribal Fusion you simply need to click on the “Start Now” button and then complete the short application form. Once completed and sent you should expect one of their representatives to contact you within a short period of time.

Is Tribal Fusion for You?

I have kept this guide for Tribal Fusion fairly short, as in reality it is out of the reach for many people, and most definitely for those who are just starting out online. In fact, this guide has been completed to give you all something to aim at and aspire for in the future. Not only is Tribal Fusion a suitable alternative to Google Adsense, if you have the type of website and traffic you require, you shouldn’t even be considering Adsense as a form of income over Tribal Fusion.

However, herein lies the problem for most people – in order to get a website to a level of 500,000 unique visitors on a monthly basis you are looking a lot of time, effort and hard work. You can’t expect to reach this level overnight, and in reality it may take a number of years to get anywhere near this type of traffic level. The important thing is to ensure that your website contains great, quality content and is updated on a regular basis. You may possibly be looking at using other forms of monetization, and indeed other ad networks in the meantime, whereas Tribal Fusion is something for you to consider in the future.

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