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October, 2011
Below are the highlights from the October 16, 2011 NBCA Board Conference Call:
--Available Funding For Zone Clinics: Funding is available from the Province of New Brunswick, and possibly other private organizations, to assist with Zone Technical Clinics. The NBCA will obtain details regarding available funding and will report back to curling centres once this information is obtained.

--Curl Atlantic Championship: Congratulations are extended to Team Grattan, Curl Atlantic Men’s Championship Team. Team Grattan will exercise their option to accept a bye to the Molson Canadian Men’s Provincial Final 8. As such, the 2012 Men’s Preliminary will advance three teams to the final 8 while the 2012 Men’s Wildcard will advance four teams.

--Constitution Update: Given the importance of the complete review, and subsequent recommendations for amendment, of the NBCA Constitution and By Laws, the ad hoc committee in place to perform this task has requested more time. This project has proven to be much more time consuming than initially projected. Also, once this task is completed, the NBCA Board of Directors and the NBCA Affiliated Curling Centres need to be allotted adequate time for proper consideration of the proposed amendments. We will aim to have the required steps taken in time for the May, 2012 AGM.

--Nov. 6, 2011 SAGM: Formal notice of the SAGM has been forwarded to all NBCA Affiliated Curling Centres, Board of Directors, Provincial Sponsors and other interested parties. Attached to the Meeting Notice were the Notices for Consideration that are to be presented at this meeting.

--Men’s and Women’s Final 8: The NB Players’ Committee has requested that the draw schedule for these two events be amended in such a way that allows for only two draws per day. Upon consideration by the Board of Directors, following inquiries made to ensure there would be no detrimental effects to those involved (host committee, ice technician,

Rogers, etc.) and that the request would not increase the number of days allotted for these two events, the request has been granted. The NBCA Guidelines Manual will reflect the amended schedule at the time of the next revision.

--New NBCA Registration System: As you register for NBCA Technical Courses/Clinics or Provincial Events, you will notice the registration form looks a little different than it did last year. This new Registration System is operated by the same company that we used last year to operate our LiveScore. The decision to change providers was based on ease of use, administrative benefits and cost savings.
Respectfully Submitted

NBCA Mission: The NBCA is a non-profit organization designed to bring together all curling centres in the province for one purpose: to provide opportunities for all residents, of any age, to participate in the sport of curling throughout their lifetime for fun, fitness and/or competition.

Mission de l’ACN-B: L’ACN-B est un organisme sans but lucratif dont l’objectif est de rassembler tous les centres de curling de la province afin de donner l’occasion à tous ses résidents de jouer au curling, quel que soit leur âge et peu importe s’ils pratiquent ce sport pour leur amusement, leur conditionnement physique ou la compétition.

NBCA Vision: The NBCA envisions to be a leading sports force within New Brunswick and throughout the Atlantic Provinces by providing growth, promotion and development opportunities to all curlers, regardless of age or physical ability, from the grassroots to the highest levels of competitive play.

Vision de l’ACN-B: L’ACN-B veut être une organisation sportive de premier plan au Nouveau-Brunswick et dans les Maritimes. Elle entend atteindre cet objectif en facilitant la croissance, la promotion et le développement du curling au bénéfice de tous ses membres, sans distinction d’âge ou de handicap, des premières glisses aux plus hautes sphères de compétition.

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