Stillwater Academy Introduces Fun Summer Camps For All Ages

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Stillwater Academy Introduces

Fun Summer Camps For All Ages!

June 8th-12th

I Spy Detective camp

What’s it like to solve crimes? Come join for fun activities and learn to be a detective.

June 15-19


Do you like art? Learn all about different types of art. Painting, molding, sculpting, art deco, and more. This is a fun way to get your hands dirty and bring home masterpieces.

June 22-26

Let’s get moving!

Like to walk, run, and hike? Enjoy the outdoors with a lot of fun and energetic activities both indoors and out. Games and adventures are waiting.

July 6th-10th

MAD Scientist

Want to be a scientist or just like to do experiments? Make your own erupting volcano, slime, crystals and much more all while learning how scientists do it.

July 13th-17th

Games, Games, Games

Let’s play! Board games, group games, and outdoor games. Let your imagination run wild with all the possibilities.

July 20th-24th

Nature Lovers

Let’s take a walk on the wild side. Learn about nature and animals with walks, talks, and activities that will spark any child’s wonder.

July 27th-31st

Dino Investigations

Let's go digging for dinosaurs!! Where did dinosaurs live? Explore all that is dinosaurs with fun activities and hands on crafts. Participants will get to dig up their own personal dinosaur to take with them.

August 3rd-7th

Pirate camp

Ahoy maties! Let’s have fun learning what pirate life was all about. Build maps and go on a treasure hunt, learn a pirate shanty, and make a boat to float down the river.

*** Camps are run Monday through Friday.


Cost is 40 dollars per camp and are open to all ages.

Full day child care is available

Register by calling Jessica Bowman @ 321-4351
forms are available at

Stillwater Academy

609 N Diamond St.

Columbus, Mt 59019

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