Morrow County Zoning Resolution 9-1 section 9 -c-2 highway business zoning district 00 Purpose

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Morrow County Zoning Resolution 9-1

9.00 Purpose
It is the intent of the Morrow County Zoning Commission in creating the C-2, Highway Commercial Zoning District to provide for areas where retailing and personal services which require larger tracts of land and encompass larger service areas than that of the C-1, Neighborhood Commercial Zoning District. Property may be rezoned to this classification upon the request of the property owner.

9.10 Permitted Uses in C-2, Highway Business District
In the C-2, Business District no land may be used or occupied and no structure created, altered, or used except for the following:

  1. Agricultural Uses

  2. All C-1 uses subject to all C-2 District Regulations.

  3. Antique Stores

  4. Appliance sales, household

  5. Automobile accessory store.

  6. Automobile-truck travel trailer sales lot

  7. Bar, Grill, cocktail lounge, state liquor store

  8. Bicycle rental, sales, and service

  9. Bowling alley, provided the building used for such purpose is at least one hundred (100) feet from any Residential District.

  10. Business Supply store

  11. Cellular telephones, sales, rental, and service

  12. Department Stores

  13. Dermagraphic art store

  14. Drive Thru

  15. Dry cleaning, custom and self-service

  16. Electrical appliance and fixture sales

  17. Entertainment center

  18. Exterminator service

  19. Farm, fruit and produce stands

  20. Floor cover, wallpaper and paint store

  21. Funeral home and ambulance service

  22. Furniture stores

  23. Garden and nursery centers

  24. Golf courses including miniature

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Morrow County Zoning Resolution 9-2

  1. Home improvement businesses, provided the material is kept in an enclosed


26. Hotel, motel, and tourist court

27. Ice cream and soda sales (including drive-in)

28. Laboratory, medical and dental

29. Laundry, custom and self-service

30. Marine and boat sales

31. Monument sales, provided any cutting is done in an enclosed building.

32. Motorcycle sales and service

33. Pagers, sales, rental, and service

34. Pet stores, supplies

35. Photographic studio

36. Photo stating, printing, publishing

37. Resale store

38. Restaurant

39. Sporting goods store

40. Sports recreation center

41. Travel trailer and pickup coach sales and service

42. Truck Stops

43. Two-way radios, sales, rental, and service

9.2 Conditionally Permitted Uses in the C-2 Zoning District
The following uses shall be classified as Conditionally Permitted Uses and may be permitted subject, however, to the conditions provided in section 4 of the Morrow County Zoning Resolution and review by the Morrow Board of Zoning Appeals. Conditionally Permitted Uses require a Conditional Use Certificate.
1. Service Stations
2. Automobile Repair Garages
3. Automobile Automatic Wash and Polish Stations
4. Veterinary Hospitals and Kennels
5. Religious Institutions
6. Skilled Care Facilities
7. Schools

OSU Extension

Morrow County Zoning Resolution 9-3
8. Group Homes, Type A
9. Mini Storage Facilities
Accessory Buildings and Uses
11. Private Clubs

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