Mr. Joy Paul is the leader of Advance Analytics at gbm. Mba in Computer Science by Qualification and has a Computer Engineering background

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Mr. Joy Paul is the leader of Advance Analytics at GBM.  MBA in Computer Science  by Qualification and has a Computer Engineering background. Within GBM he is responsible for execution and strategy of  IBM Business Analytics Platform & Cognitive Solutions across the GBM territory (UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman). Other than IBM Analytics Solutions, he has worked with contemporary solutions from Oracle and SAP in his previous roles. His consulting and delivery experience spans across Banking & Financial Services, Retail, Telco and Government sectors.

Within the office of Finance, his expertise spans in implementing solutions in the areas of Financial Consolidation, Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting, Incentive Compensation Performance Management, Scorecard Management and Operational Risk Management. Ardent believer in the usage of  Predictive Analytics for finance domain and advocates Risk Weighted Planning and Budgeting.

Regular speaker at Middle East Events - Recent ones include IBM Finance Forum - Qatar, 11th Middle East - Retail Banking Event - Dubai, Middle East - Transportation & Logistics - Oman. Has also delivered a similar event at ICAW - Kuwait Chapter and received good reviews. Conducts regular training initiatives across the GCC, in how to exploit the power of Performance Management in day to day business life. Some of the titles include "Planning and Budgeting in a Box","Predictive Analysis without Phd. in Statistics". He has been helping organisations to leverage the forward looking aspect of performance management for over 18+ years across India and GCC. 

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