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Fashion Strategies Competency Test Review

  1. The two designers credited with MAJOR fashion looks and direction in the 20th century are ____Coco Chanel __________ & ______Christian Dior _____

  2. _____Coco Chanel ________ is the designer well known for influences on costume jewelry, the little black dress and a revolution in women’s clothing.

  3. Christian Dior launched the _____The New Look_____

  4. Which city become the first fashion capital?____Paris_____

  5. The fashion capital known for punk and non-conformist designs is ___London____

  6. Luxurious fabrics, causal elegance, bright colors and bold ideas are hallmarks of _ Milan _

  7. __New York __ is the fashion capital known for using clean cut, sporty styles & natural fabrics.

  8. A person who chooses clothes and accessories for advertising and public appearances is known as: ___a fashion stylist_____

  9. A peter pan collar, round neck, raglan sleeve and A-line skirt are examples of __design details

  10. A ___fashion ___ is the currently accepted, prevailing style.

  11. A ___trend ___ is the gradual movement of a fashion into and throughout the marketplace.

  12. Classic styles are __timeless__ Examples: jeans, blazer jackets, tuxedos…

  13. ___Haute Couture___ is limited, expensive designs created by designer houses.

  14. A ___fad___ is a fashion (item) that is extremely popular for a very short period of time.

  15. ___avante garde___ is a fashion that is considered daring and unconventional.

  16. The peak of the fashion cycle occurs when a fashion is __highly accepted by consumers_

  17. List the stages of the fashion cycle in order: __introduction__, ___rise___, ___culmination___, ____decline ___ & ____obsolescence____

  18. From the mid 1890’s to the early 1920’s, the Gibson Girl symbolized __The Ideal American Woman ___

  19. During the 1900’s the wearing of bloomers was influenced by the invention of __bicycle ___

  20. In the 1910’s women wore __dust coat ___ to protect clothing while riding in the new automobile.

  21. In the _1920’s___ women wore long beads and loose fitting dresses with shorter hemlines

  22. In the _1930’s __ children wore clothing made from flour and sugar sacks.

  23. The _bomber jacket _ was a men’s fashion that became popular in the 1940’s.

  24. In the _1950’s___ the teenager began to develop their own style of fashion.

  25. Popular fashion trends in the 1960’s: _ Tubular then 2 STYLES- EARLY “Jackie O”, Pillbox hat, gloves_ OR LATE “hippie” ethnic fashions, beads, tie dye, bell bottoms, hip huggers, ___.

  26. __Great Britain ___ was the country that had a major impact on fashion trends in the 1960’s

  27. __polyester ____ was the popular fiber in the 1970’s

  28. The silhouette of the 1980’s was the ___ inverted triangle (European “V”) ____

  29. From 1900 to the present, Major fashion trends have been repeated approximately every __40__ to __50__ years.

  30. ___elements ______ are the tools of design.

  31. The elements of design are: __space_, __form/shape__, __line___, __texture_, _color__

  32. Horizontal lines make the body appear ___short & wide ______.

  33. A ___vertical _____ line is used to create a taller, more dignified look.

  34. ___texture _____ is the surface quality of a fashion garment

  35. A ____ shiny, rough or bulky _____texture would make a person appear larger.

  36. Diagonal lines give ___excitement and energy _______ to a fashion.

  37. Hue is _____another term for color ___________

  38. Cool colors are: _blue, green, violet __ Warm colors are: __ red, yellow, orange ___

  39. ____primary colors _______ cannot be mixed from other pigments or broken down into components.

  40. ___secondary colors ________ are made by mixed equal amounts of two primary colors.

  41. Navy, forest green and maroon are examples of ____shades____

  42. To create a tone add _____gray ______ to a color.

  43. Pink is a ___tint _____ of red

  44. monochromatic ________ is a color scheme based on one hue.

  45. A white shirt, black skirt, and red scarf is a/n ___accented neutral ____ color scheme.

  46. ___purple_____ and ____green ______ would be used with orange to create a triad

  47. A __complementary___ color scheme uses colors opposite each other on the color wheel.

  48. List the principals of design: __rhythm___, ____balance____, ___scale____, ___proportion____, ______unity____, ____variety____, ___harmony___

  49. The principle of design that has to do with visual division of weight is __ balance __

  50. ____radiation ____ is a type of rhythm equally weighted around a center point.

  51. ____gradation _________ is when a color starts light and gradually gets dark.

  52. The same pattern or color used over and over is ___repetition____

  53. ____emphasis __________ is the focal point in a fashion design.

  54. A button-down shirt with a pocket on each side is an example of __ symmetrical/formal balance __

  55. A good combination or unity and variety is important to create ___harmony _____

  56. The easiest fiber content to care for in clothing is ______________________________

  57. Natural fibers come from ___plants______ and ____animals_______

  58. Natural fibers dye darker than synthetics because ___they absorb water (hydrophilic)__

  59. ____Linen _____ is a fiber that wrinkles more than others.

  60. _____wool_________ is the warmest fiber.

  61. Characteristics of silk are: ___natural fiber, expensive, luxurious, beautiful __________

  62. Synthetic fibers come from __petrochemicals_________

  63. List 4 synthetic fibers: _polyester, nylon, acrylic, acetate, spandex, rayon_____

  64. __ Wrinkle resistant, melts easily, retains oily stains ___ is a characteristic of polyester

  65. _____nylon________ is the strongest fiber

  66. _____spandex______________ is the fiber that can stretch

  67. _____ acrylic ______ is a synthetic substitute for wool.

  68. A woven fabric is constructed of __warp (lengthwise) __ and __weft (crosswise) ___ yarns

  69. A ___plain___ weave is the simplest.

  70. ____twill____ is the strongest weave and commonly used in denim.

  71. Fabric made from fibers bonded by heat and pressure is __felt_______

  72. ___knit___ fabrics are made from interlooping yarns fashioned with needles.

  73. Sam tried on a shirt that didn’t fit well, but his friend convinced him to buy it. This is known as a ____social_______ consumer influence.

  74. Advertisements that help a consumer make an educated purchase emphasize ______price________ and ____use_______

  75. ___outlet______ is a store that appeals to shoppers looking for a good buy and offers name brands at reduced prices.

  76. ___specialty ____ is a store that handles a limited variety of goods, but with an extensive assortment within each variety.

  77. The consumer skill of checking an item to see if stripes or plaids match is an example of _____garment quality _____

  78. The price, size, brand name and warranty are found on the ___hang tag_______

  79. The value of a garment is determined by _____cost per wear________________

  80. By law what must be found on the care label? ___fiber content__________________

  81. A ___fashion buyer______ is the person who selects and purchases what the retailer sells.

  82. ___round______ is the face shape that is fairly short and broad with full cheeks.

  83. The face shape everyone “tries” for. Long, wider forehead, tapered chin: ____ oval ____

  84. The ____hourglass______ silhouette is a person with shoulders and hips the same width and a waist of smaller proportion.

  85. The __tubular/rectangular__ body type has shoulder, hips and waist of equal width.

  86. School uniforms are an example of ____conformity________________

  87. __individuality__ refers to clothing choices that set one person apart from another.

  88. Mass produced t-shirts are a result of which consumer influence? ___ technology ____

  89. Yang is described as ____masculine, bold, deep colors, rough textures___

  90. Yin characteristics include ___feminine, delicate, light colors, smooth textures___

  91. To plan a well-rounded functional wardrobe __take inventory before you shop _____

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