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Red Hat Enterprise Linux

AS and ES 2.1

Key Points

    • R
      Red Hat Enterprise Linux 2.1 has many features designed for corporate enterprise computing. It is designed to provide enhancements in performance, management, and availability over Red Hat Linux 9, the currently shipping Professional series product.
      ed Hat® Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 2.1. is a suite of software offerings from Red Hat that encompass Enterprise class capabilities. The Red Hat Enterprise Linux family is designed to provide improved stability and scalability. With the addition of ES to the Enterprise Linux software family, Red Hat is signaling that Linux is now ready to be deployed across the enterprise. Major features of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 2.1 family include: a high performance I/O subsystem for data intensive applications and a process scheduler designed to manage the workload of large numbers of users.

    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 2.1 is supplied only as part of a SUBSCRIPTION service. The pricing for RHEL is an annual fee to the Red Hat Network (RHN) software update and distribution service, rather than a one-time product purchase. An active subscription is MANDATORY for a customer to receive support from Red Hat and Dell. Dell offers 2 versions of each RHEL family members, each with a one year pre-paid subscription to RHN (the base product) and a three year subscription.

      • The three year subscription is designed for all customers wishing to purchase a three year Dell support contract, such as Gold Enterprise Services or Silver Same Day Basic Response Services.

      • The one year subscription is for customers who choose a limited support option and purchase individual Advanced Software Support Resolution packs, or for customers who do not buy support services from Dell.

    • Although Clustering technology is built into the base version of the AS product, any customer wishing to use Red Hat Clustering technology is encouraged to contact Red Hat directly. Dell does not support Red Hat clustering at this time.

    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux is a family of operating systems with 3 members, referred to as :

      • AS – For large enterprise servers

      • ES – For departmental deployment

      • WS -- For workstations and HPCC (not supported by Dell in current 2.1 release)

    • The major difference between RHEL 2.1 AS and ES is that ES is a subset of AS.

      • ES supports only up to 2 CPUs per system, where AS supports up to 8.

      • ES supports up to 4GBs of memory per system, where AS supports up to 16GB.

      • ES does not contain the Red Hat Cluster Manager. Dell does not support HA clustering with 2.1 so this should have little impact.

      • ES is considerably less expensive than AS.

    • Linux provides a cost-effective, optimal operating environment for the replacement of proprietary UNIX/RISC systems by using Dell™ PowerEdge™ servers. There are no license fees or per seat fees associated with Red Hat Linux software, which can be an important contribution to lower TCO. Many organizations are now beginning the process of migrating key applications from expensive, RISC-based systems onto Intel processor-based platforms running Linux. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 2.1 is an ideal platform for that migration.

Product Description

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is a SUBSCRIPTION BASED family of operating systems that includes new features that are now part of the operating system family, such as a journal file system and raw I/O support for databases. The new features address the areas of scalability and manageability.

The RHEL 2.1 kernel has been enhanced with three scalability features that previous versions of Red Hat Linux do not contain:

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 2.1 contains three incremental pieces of management functionality:

    • Integrated Java Environment

    • Unified Clustering Console

    • System Crash Dump Analysis Utility

      Product Availability

      Both RHEL ES and AS are available with Dell systems. Depending on the platform, AS may be available as a pre-loaded (factory installed) option. Both are available as software included with the platform. The Dell Open Manage™ suite (Dell Server Assistant, OpenManage Server Assistant, etc.) is not supported by Dell on the RHEL ES 2.1 OS product.

Target Markets/Applications
Linux continues to be deployed for Internet infrastructure applications including web servers, firewalls, and caching.

With the Red Hat Enterprise Linux family of operating systems, Red Hat is offering an enterprise-capable operating environment that may be used to replace existing proprietary RISC/UNIX environments. Additionally, Oracle’s introduction of general-purpose servers based on Linux, Oracle’s commitment to run its entire business on Linux, and the increasing number of enterprise applications (e.g., SAP/R3) available for Linux, have all set the stage for enterprise opportunities. Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS is a potential replacement for customers running proprietary RISC/UNIX environments that would like to evolve to industry-standard software and hardware.

Oracle 9i RAC implementations

Please note that Oracle 9i RAC implementations do not use the embedded Red Hat Cluster Manager within the AS product. Oracle 9i RAC implementations are fully supported and are not subject to the support limitations mentioned previously regarding the Red Hat Cluster Manager.

Features and Benefits of Red Hat Enterprise Linux
The key features and benefits of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 2.1 are detailed in Table 1.

Table 1




Enterprise Functionality

Positions Linux as a credible alternative to expensive RISC/UNIX environments.

Brings the benefits of standardization and potentially lower TCO into expensive UNIX environments.

Stability of releases

RHEL OS Kernel remains consistent and stable across releases.

Manages change control over long periods without moving outside the product support window.

I/O system

Asynchronous I/O and “per device locking” are designed to offer significant performance improvements over Red Hat Linux Professional in access to large data sets

The efficiency of the I/O system enables the deployment of enterprise applications such as large RDBMS (relational database management system) software.

New Process scheduler

New process scheduling for system performance.

Helps ensure system scalability with large workloads or user counts.

New manageability features

Integrated Java Environment, RHN (Red Hat Network), Unified Cluster management Console.

Widening selection of hardware options for use with Linux enables system flexibility as well as the opportunity to incorporate legacy hardware.

Certification Program

Red Hat's ISV certification will be based only on RHEL.

Software availability is key to Enterprise adoption.

"UNIX-like" operating system

Leverages the large pool of developers and system administrators with related UNIX experience.

Helps to minimize software development and training costs.

Key Customer Benefits

  • The first of an enterprise-ready family
    The Red Hat Enterprise Linux 2.1 software family is an entire product range from Red Hat designed to fulfill enterprise deployment requirements.

  • Stable platform for ISV software
    Red Hat Enterprise Linux 2.1 AS is the porting platform for all Red Hat ISV partners (Oracle, SAP, etc.).

  • Scalability
    Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS 2.1 offers linear scalability across processors for users demanding the power and performance of the most powerful PowerEdge servers.

    • Manageability
      Integrated Java support and a unified console manager help reduce the number of management packages required to deploy the software in the field. Red Hat Enterprise Linux offers full Open Manage support on the AS product with the exception of ITA. Open Manage is not currently available on the ES product.

The first release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS 2.1 contains support for shared storage high availability clustering in the base product. Dell does not support cluster configurations in this 2.1 release and all queries concerning high availability clustering should be addressed to Red Hat.

Service and Support

Professional Services

Dell Professional Services offers a full suite of services - from assessment and design through validation and deployment - that can help you quickly realize the cost savings and performance advantages of running a Red Hat Linux operating system on Dell industry-standard technology.

All Professional Services are delivered through Dell, offering a Single Point of Accountability, and leverage the expertise of Dell, Red Hat and other best-in-class service partners to deliver a solution to meet your current and future business needs. Skilled consultants in Dell Professional Services leverage proven methodologies and best practices in designing solutions that encompass Dell server and storage products and a Red Hat Linux operating system. Offerings include:

  • Internet Infrastructure Services to help clients create an efficient, highly available and scalable IT infrastructure.

  • Migration Services designed to reduce risk and speed transition from UNIX environments to the Linux platform.

  • Oracle 9i and 9i RAC services help customers quickly and cost-effectively migrate, implement and optimize Oracle 9i and 9i RAC solutions

Support Services

Dell’s Enterprise Services and Basic Response Services provide flexible support options for comprehensive system coverage of the RHEL operating systems and Dell PowerEdge servers.

Enterprise Services

With the Enterprise Services suite, Dell becomes a partner to its customers’ organizations, working closely with them to resolve problems quickly and smoothly, no matter how large or small the incident. Customers receive immediate access to Dell's senior-level hardware and software experts and fast resolution times. Dell provides attentive support, focused on maximizing system availability.

Platinum Enterprise Services: Dell’s most advanced support provides you with comprehensive site-based support for your production environments. Key program features include: designated Technical Account Managers; engineer-to-engineer support through our Enterprise Expert Center; account/ support planning services; flexible billing options; customer-defined call priority; support consulting; reporting, and a menu of a la carte options that allow you to design the support service that best fits your unique environment. Options include: on-demand engineer dispatch, on-site engineer, variable software support options, choice of on-site1 response time, on-site spares, and training.

Gold Enterprise Services: Gold offers around-the-clock, rapid, expert support for production systems. Key program features include: engineer-to-engineer telephone support through the Gold Queue; Technical Account Management Team support services; same day 7x24 on-site1 hardware response; customer-defined call priority; software support resolutions; seamless support for select third party vendors; and Web-based remote troubleshooting. Options include: on-site engineer, on-site spares, and training and certification services

Basic Response Services

Silver Same Day Basic Response: Silver support offers enhanced, prompt, remote and on-site1 service designed for non-time-sensitive systems such as development or departmental servers. Silver support features 4-hour Same Day on-site1 hardware support, software support resolutions, lifetime telephone-based troubleshooting, and access to our online support tools.

Dell Advanced Software Resolution Packs for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 2.1
For customers needing expert assistance with server software, Dell offers customized toll-free priority access software support for RHEL operating systems running on certified PowerEdge servers and appliance servers. Advanced Software Resolutions from Dell include enhanced support with full 24x7 coverage and a guaranteed telephone response time of 1 hour for critical issues and 2 hours for non-critical issues - or the resolution is free. Advanced Software Resolutions apply to either factory-installed or customer-installed software.

Designed for the greatest flexibility to meet customer support requirements, Advanced Software Resolutions are sold in 1, 3, & 5 resolution packages and can be purchased as needed when needed. Software Resolutions Packs provide customers with direct phone access to Dell’s highly trained Linux support professionals 24-hours a day to help resolve installation and configuration problems and to troubleshoot the Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system should problems arise while running on your PowerEdge server.

Advanced Software resolutions can be purchased at the same time you configure and order your PowerEdge server with Red Hat Enterprise Linux. When you purchase a Gold Enterprise Service contract, you get a 3-resolution package of Advanced Software support included as part of the support service; or you can bundle any number of 1, 3 or 5 Advanced Software Resolutions Packs. Advanced Software Resolution services can also be purchased at any time after your original PowerEdge purchase should you require additional help with your RHEL installation.

More Information on Dell Services for Red Hat Linux

For the United States, an overview of services for Linux can be downloaded from the following URL (Microsoft Word Format):

      For Europe, Middle East, Africa, an overview of services for Linux can be downloaded from the regional web sites. Please access your local Dell web site.

1 Service may be provided by third-party. Technician will be dispatched if necessary following phone-based troubleshooting. Subject to parts availability, geographical restrictions and terms of service contract. Service timing dependent upon time of day call placed to Dell. U.S. only.

Dell, PowerEdge, and PowerVault are trademarks of Dell Inc. Red Hat is a registered trademark of Red Hat, Inc. Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. Other trademarks and trade names may be used in this document to refer to either the entities claiming the marks and names or their products. Dell disclaims proprietary interest in the marks and names of others.

©Copyright 2003 Dell Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of Dell Inc. is strictly forbidden. For more information contact Dell.

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