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Dear Students,

At CURIN, we work on lot many live projects and interesting interdisciplinary fields.  Since the projects are interdisciplinary, the requirements of people working on these projects are also diverse. We invite applications from interested BE / BCA / MCA / B. Pharm / B Sc (imaging) / BBA / MBA to work on these live projects. You can apply and choose to work on

  • Short IP projects,

  • Six months Major Project,

  • One year Co-op project,

  • Two months Summer project

  • Part time (with the course work) project

 Following is the list of live projects, currently under progress at CURIN. Just go through, and send an email with the subject line: ‘Internship at CURIN – Project id – (mention the project id as given in the attachment)’, attach your CV and send it to by May 16, 2015. You will be subsequently called for an interview by the respective researcher at CURIN.

Archana Mantri

Pro Vice Chancellor

Chitkara University Research and Innovation Network (CURIN)

Name Dr. Archana Mantri

Areas of interest & Current Research focus

  • Augmented reality teaching aids for Engineering Education

  • Problem and Project Based Learning

  • Education Innovation in Engineering Education

  • School Based Assessments A diagnostic perspective in K-12 education

  • Assessment technologies for adaptive testing in on-line platforms

  • Designing of the assessment framework in scholastic and non-scholastic areas of assessment

  • Inclusivity of Cognition at all levels of learning and testing

  • Technology intervention in K-12 Education

Project ID PR 1

Project Detail Augmented Reality Teaching Aids

We develop AR teaching aids for Mechanical Engineering, Electronics Engineering and Applied Sciences. We use techniques such as 3D modeling, Hybrid Tracking, Computer vision and image processing areas and overlay virtual models over physical images and videos and create augmented experience for the learners.

Skill Set 3-4 Students required with the following skills and expertise:

  • Efficient coding skills (c#, c++, java, .net, python)

  • Exposure to AR SDKs– Aurasma, Layar, Vuforia, 3Dunity, Blender, ARToolkit

  • Exposure to 3D model designing

  • Android/ios app development

  • Embedded System Design (coding for Arduino and/or Raspberry Pi based systems).

  • Image Processing (for Live images and Videos)

Desired Level 2nd year onwards

Email ID

Name Dr. I.S. Hudiara

Areas of interest Microwaves, Microwave Communications System, Microwave Nano Ferrites, Nano Science and Technology

Current Research Focus Microwave Nano Ferrites, Synthesis and Characterization of Nano Materials for Applications in Spintronic Devices
Project ID PR 2

Project Detail Synthesis, Characterisation and Study of Mircowave Absorption by Nano Ferrites

Ferrites have remarkable magnetic properties. The possibilities of preparing ferrites in the form of Nano particles has opened a new and exciting field of research with revolutionary applications not only in electronic technology but in the field of Biotechnology as well. Magnetic particles with size in Nanometer scale have magnetic properties which differ from those of bulk materials. Therefore we are interested in investigating Electronic Magnetic and Microwave absorption properties of different types of Nano Ferrites such as Barium, Calcium and Strontium Nano Ferrites.

Project ID PR 3

Project Detail Synethsis and Characterisation of Transition Metal doped GaN particles for use as spintronics materials
The Objectives of the Project are as follows:

To synthesis nano particles of GaN doped with:

  • Different percentage of Manganese, Zinc and Cobalt.

  • To study the structural properties of synthesised nano particles.

  • To study the magnetic properties of these compounds.

  • To study the dielectric and electrical properties of these materials.

  • To experimentally determine the curie temperature of these nanomaterials.

  • To make comparison of the properties of these materials.

  • To experimentally investigate the optical properties of synthesised materials.

  • To determine the best possible material out of these for using as sprintronics materials in sprintronic devices.

Project ID PR 4

Project Detail Measurement of Complex Permittivity of Nano Particles at X-Band Microwave Frequency

Skill Set 3 students having basic knowledge of material science, chemistry, & ECE (Microwave Engineering)

Desired Level 3rd Year

Email ID

Name Dr. S.N. Panda

Areas of interest Information Security, e-Governance, e-commerce, Multidisciplinary Innovative Research, Virtual Private Network, Big Data Analytics, Internet Penetration

Current Research Focus Multidisciplinary Innovative Research (Embedded Technology), Virtual Private Network, Big Data, e-Governance, Internet Penetration

Project ID PR 5

Project Detail Portable Intensive Care Unit

Portable Intensive Care Unit (PICU) capable of delivering drug in ambulance during the transition time of the patient. This system is capable of not only monitoring but of administering vital life saving medicine also. This system is operated by doctor from any location using a simple software application. The person monitoring the patient can contact the specialist doctor to share vital information and drug plan. This will reduce unwanted delays and prove to be life saving. Due to the portability of the system it can be implemented in ambulances or at the bedside of critically ill patient, thereby resulting in timely treatment for critically ill patients. The virtual presence of specialist doctor is a significant feature of this system. This will enable it to be successfully employed in rural health centers as well.

Skill Set 2 students having knowledge and understanding of Cloud Computing.

Desired Level 2nd year onwards

Project ID PR 6

Project Detail Helmet Surveillance System

This invention focuses on movable surveillance camera fitted into helmet with WIFI support and long backup. It allows surveillance camera to move even in crowded areas and moreover smart helmet can continuously transmit audio/video even when he/she is taking rest. Present invention is also eco-friendly as it is based on solar energy but in past inventions non-solar batteries were primary source of energy. Present invention also allows analysis of past video data as everything is recorded on server permanently.

Skill Set 2 students for Big-Data (Hadoop and Spark) required and 1 student from Peltier Technology. Students having knowledge of PYTHON are preferred.

Desired Level 3rd Year onwards

Project ID PR 7

Project Detail Passenger Occupancy System

A Passenger Occupancy Monitoring System with smart properties, which include two display devices one will be fitted above the Main Entry Door of Vehicle, so that the passengers those who are getting up can view the current sitting status of vehicle and another will be attached on front side of vehicle which can be viewed by Policeman or other roadways authority from long distance, a micro controller with some sensors to detect the human entry from entry door and add up the counter another sensor work in reverse manner while the passenger getting down of bus and consistently the status of display board get updated.

Apart from Display Board, Micro Controller and Sensors this device can be connected to computer network cloud system and the status in every stop will be updated instantly in database using Big Data Analytics technology. The detail of occupancy status with date, time may be retrieved at any time.

Skill Set One Student who can work on MPLS/VPN Technology.

Desired Level 3rd year onwards

Project ID PR 8

Project Detail Fuel Surveillance System

Skill Set One student who can work on Embedded System having good knowledge to work on Raspberry-pi/Intel Galileo/Arduino, One student for Android App.

Desired Level 2nd year onwards

Project ID PR 9

Project Detail Remote Liquid Dispenser

A Smart Liquid Dispenser with smart properties. Smart Liquid Dispenser device preferably includes a measurable storage chamber, a stepper motor based actuator, a micro controller. Smart Liquid Dispenser will dispense the liquid with a pressurized syringe system. Pressure and measurement will be controlled by programmable microcontroller. The input to this device can be given remotely either using Computer or Smartphone. The amount of liquid to be dispensed can be planned with timer. More particularly, the idea relates to such a system for accurately dispensing predetermined volumes of liquid, specially the idea relates to a Liquid Delivery System which determines the volumes and quantities as a function of pressure.

Smart Liquid Dispenser device is further connected with computer remotely and also having the capability to transmit the data over network to far off places. Virtual Private Network/GSM technology to be used to transmit the data. SDL device can be controlled remotely by using smart phone android technology and the entire activities can be recorded in a database, with Big Data Analytics technology.

Skill Set 1 student required having knowledge and understanding of Cloud Computing

Desired Level 2nd year onwards

Email ID
Name Dr. Sachin Ahuja

Areas of interest Data Mining, Educational Data Mining, Computer Networks, Fuzzy Logic, Innovation Management
Current Research Focus Data Mining, Computer Networks

Project ID PR 10

Project Detail Centralized Fuel Consumption Monitoring System for Distributed Fuel Stations

Each fuel dispensing unit is to be equipped with microcontroller with GSM module that is programmed to track the reading of fuel dispensed and immediately transfer it to the computer system at refinery. This computer system is installed with customized software to record the readings send by microcontroller and provide the user with customized reports based on individual fuel station.

Skill Set 2 students from ECE background for programming the microcontroller and GSM module. 2 students from CSE background for server side programming for tracking and reporting software

Desired Level 3rd Year

Project ID PR 11

Project Detail Innovation Management Portal-InnoData

InnoData is envisaged to be a complete Innovation Management and Tracking System to automate all the activities of Office of Patent Facilitation and Licensing at Chitkara University and provide end– to–end tracking of the same through a robust and interactive interface. The system enables the Administration to have a well informed view of each and every activity under OPFL with complete tracking and reporting support.

The activities under OPFL need to be automated and managed by means of Innovation Management Portal. The portal will provide a one point solution for all the activities under OPFL. The portal will be helpful in managing activities and storing information for future retrieval.

The entire system shall be divided into various sub-modules pertinent to each Actor of the system. A block diagram for such a system can be understood as below–

Skill Set 2 students having good knowledge of website development

Desired Level 3rd Year

Project ID PR 12

Project Detail This is a website based project by Jaskaran (2nd Year). Everything ( is a socio-commerce platform/website where users create or put social content such as posts, music, videos & images to entertain there users. It is different from other blogging platforms since through Everythingo one can also sell digital content for free, thus allowing user to socialize & earn online at the same time. The website is already set-up allowing currently supporting sales for IMAGES & EBOOKS through users. The website also has a payment gateway built-in for selling of products. The website provides all the hosted content including space, a personal store, and editor to post articles, music players, HTTPS security, payment gateway & much more.

This project requires further & regular development to support more categories & target a much broader set of users. The ultimate aim of this website is to make people earn by doing what they love. The next category that would be developed is E-Learning or Online Teaching through which users can upload their own tutorials on any topic & get paid for every course they sell.

Skill Set Since this is a live project, it requires a few members who have good amount of knowledge in any of the following languages: PHP, MySQL, SEO & Social Marketing, HTML, CSS JavaScript, Web Security and JQuery.

Email ID

Name Dr. Amitoj Singh

Areas of interest Speech Recognition, Algorithm Design, Agile Methodologies, Software Sustainability

Current Research Focus Speech Recognition, Algorithm Design, Agile Methodologies, Software Sustainability

Area of work Language Resources for Differently-abled Persons

Project ID PR 13

Project Detail Punjabi Speech Recognition

The objective of the project is to develop language resources for Differently-abled Persons in form of:

  • Punjabi Speech Recognition

  • Sign language Recognition

Block Diagram of Punjabi Speech Recognition System
Skill Set 1 student having knowledge of programming languages JAVA, ANDROID

Desired Level 2nd year Onwards

Project ID PR 14

Project Detail Sign language Recognition

Block Diagram for Sign Language Recognition

Skill Set 2 students having knowledge of signal processing and programming of the microcontroller
Desired level 2nd Year onwards

Email ID

Name Dr. Jaiteg Singh

Areas of interest Data warehouse, Business Intelligence, Software Engineering, Opinion Mining, Open Street Map and Navigation

Current Research Focus Data warehouse, Business Intelligence, Software Engineering, Opinion Mining, Open Street Map and Navigation
Project ID            PR 15

Project Detail Engineering for Sustainable Software

Software Requirements generation contributes to around 15-20 % of software development cost. Furthermore, identification and forecasting of software project requirements may have a direct impact on the sustainability of the software. The outcome of this project would be an expert system for forecasting software project requirements.

Project id PR 16

Project Detail Use of Social networking for opinion mining and forecasting

Social networking platforms have provided the contemporary society with an open platform where ideas, opinions and views can be shared without much restriction. Such platforms can be used for anticipating future trends and optimizing decision making.

Project id PR 17

Project Detail Optimizing anti plagiarism standards through an open source tool

Plagiarism is considered to a major challenge in intellectual property ownership. This project is focused to come up with an open source platform, which can be used to check suck mal practices.


Skill Set required 2 student having knowledge of programming languages JAVA, ANDROID

1 student with knowledge of web interfacing and data mining

Desired level 3rd year

Email ID


Name Mr. Vinay Kukreja

Areas of interest Software Engineering, Agile Software Methodology & Development, Algorithms, Micro controllers, Programming Languages

Current Research Focus Agile Software Methodology & Development
Project id PR 18

Project Detail Training Management Portal

TMP will be designed and developed in such a way that it will take care of student’s industrial training record. This portal enables the Admin and faculty to have a broad view of the students activities like “In which software company they have done their training”, “duration”, “projects abstract”, “project activities”, project code” etc.

The system will provide recording of project activities of students when they are doing their industrial training. It will provide the interface to the campus faculty and students to see what projects have been completed and where.

Skill Set Good knowledge in programming and website development

Desired Level 3rd year onwards
Email ID

Name Dr. Nitin Saluja

Areas of interest Microwave applications in agriculture, Microwave applications in biomedical, Microwave applications in communication, RF and Electromagnetic applications in sports, Antenna design for various standards and applications, High frequency VLSI designs, Wireless communication (modeling and designs), Simulator designs
Current Research Focus Microwave designs for Agriculture, automobile, wireless, Biomedical and sports applications, Antenna designs, VLSI
Project id PR 19

Project Detail Microwave in Agriculture

Number of B. Tech./B.Pharma students required: 2 (EC/EE + EC/ME/CS/Pharmacy)

Skills required

  • Keen to be involved in design of power supply for magnetron (2KW pulsed).

  • Keen to learn precise modeling of microwave components.

  • Knowledge of farming process is add-on.

  • Hands on Agriculture robotic designs is plus

  • Knowledge of electronics concept (VCO, amplifiers etc.)

  • Microbiology knowledge is plus

  • Should be flexible with travel for on field testing or microbe testing.

Project id PR 20

Project Detail Human Simulator

Human simulator to be designed for amyloid related diseases

Skill Set 4 students from B.Tech and 1 student from B.Pharma & Health Sciences each

  • Knowledge of mentioned diseases.

  • Knowledge in biochemistry.

  • Knowledge in biomedical Instrumentation (Diagnosis techniques).

  • GUI modeling with XML.

  • Knowledge of simulator design with VC++.

  • Statistical modeling.

  • Knowledge in Pharmakinetics

Desired Level 2nd Year Onwards

Project id PR 21

Project Detail E-Waste Management

  • Management of E-waste by de-soldering of components and utilization of component in research lab for innovative circuitry

  • Material extraction from processing of E-waste

Skill Set 1 Student from B.Tech

  • Creative Thinking

  • Hands on skill in assembling/disassembling and soldering /desoldering of components

  • Keen to learn toxicity of different materials at different temperature.

  • Hardware modeling

Desired Level 2nd Year Onwards

Project id PR 22

Project Detail Agriculture App

  • Android app for farmers facilitation

  • Statistical information processing

  • Speech reminder service

  • Microwave mapping

  • Sensor designs

Skill Set 2 Students from B.Tech

  • Android app development

  • Knowledge of statistical analysis

  • Knowledge of data Mining

  • Knowledge of high frequency imaging

  • Knowledge of basic sensors interfacing with android platform.

  • Good programming and algorithm concepts.

Desired level 3rd Year Onwards

Email ID

Name Mr. Vishal Mehta

Areas of interest Back-end Design, IC fabrication, Verilog/ VHSIC HDL, ASIC, MEMS, Low power Microelectronics Circuits, Agriculture Engineering
Current Research Focus Microelectronics Designs, MEMS Modelling, Agriculture Electronics


Project id PR 23

Project detail Integrated chip designs for mixed signal circuit designs

Skill Set 1 B.Tech student having basic knowledge of MOSFETS, IC fabrication Terminology

Desired Level 2nd year onwards


Project id PR 24

Project detail MEMS Modeling for Sensors, Actuators and Mechanical Designs

Skill Set 1 student from B.Tech/M.Sc (Physics) having elementary Knowledge of Physics

Desired Level 2nd Year onwards

Project id PR 25

Project detail Statistical Characterization & Designing of Sensors/Instrumentation for Agriculture Industry

Skill Set 1 student each from B.Tech & Pharmacy

Desired Level 2nd Year onwards

Email ID


Name Mrs. Anu Singla

Areas of interest Renewable Energy, Energy Management, Power Systems

Current Research Focus Solar Energy and Power System

Project id PR 26

Project Detail Design and Installation of 250 kW Solar Power Plant at CUP campus

  • Selection of optimal capacity on new identified buildings

  • Technical Specification and Layout of PV modules

  • Estimated Generation Simulations

  • Mounting Structures Design

  • Power Conditioning Units

  • Line diagrams

  • Cable selections and routing

  • LT Distribution Systems including metering

  • Installation and Trouble shooting

  • Synchronisation with grid and DG system

  • Testing and Commissioning

  • Monitoring (Online and Onsite)

  • Operation and Maintenance

Skill Set Mechanical and ECE Stream (having knowledge of Basic Electrical Engineering as prerequisite and interested in Solar Energy)

Desired Level 2nd year onwards

Project id PR 27

Project Detail Chitkara University-Green Campus Status

Parameters for GREEN Buildings:

  • Barrier free campus for differently – abled

  • Climate responsive design

  • Use of local materials

  • Irrigation

  • Water management/Waste water recycling

  • Natural lighting

  • Energy Efficiency

  • Horticulture

  • Transport etc.

  • Waste Management

  • Renewable Energy

Skill Set

Desired Level 2nd year onwards, Architecture, Mechanical, Electronics, Computer Science

Project id PR 28

Project Detail Wind Tower Coupled with Solar Chimney

Wind Tower Coupled with Solar Chimney is provided in PEDA, Chandigarh for direct/indirect cooling and drafting of used air- Non Functional

Skill Set 01 Student of B.Tech

Desired Level 2nd year onwards

Email ID

Name Mr. Gautam Malik

Areas of interest Alternative Healthcare, Pulsed Electromagnetic field, Bio oxidative applications & Industrial Consultancy

Current Research Focus Alternative Healthcare, Pulsed Electromagnetic field, Bio oxidative applications & Industrial Consultancy
Project id PR 29

Project detail Exploring the Feasibility of Sustainable Roof top cultivation of Arthrospira platensis (Spirulina)
Skill Set 1 student with Microbiology knowledge, 1 student for Food combinations, preparation, and testing

Desired Level NA

Project id PR 30

Project detail Applications of Biooxidative therapies & Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy in Medicine for pain management and conditions like cervical spondylitis, lumbar pain, non healing wounds etc.

Skill Set 2 Students for Clinical trial recording/doctor liaisoning
Desired Level NA

Project id PR 31

Project detail Industrial Solutions in the field of automation and PLM

Skill Set 1 student for (CAD/CATIA) Modeling & Animation

Desired Level NA

Also students having knowledge of creative designing (Photoshop/Corel) and content writing, Marketing & Sales, video recording, editing & documenting are required.

Note: Interested faculty member also welcome in respective field
Email ID

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