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JUNE 20 - JUNE 29, 2013

March 21, 2013

The TD Toronto Jazz Festival will take place Friday June 20th through Saturday June 29th, 2013 at more than 40 locations throughout downtown Toronto. We hope you will participate as an official festival venue on your days of operation during this 10-day event.
Marketing/promotional benefits for participating venues include coverage in the 150,000 official Festival Programme Brochures; inclusion in 25,000 Club & Restaurant pocket guides, media releases and Festival advertising and promotions.
1. Festival Programme Brochure - venue schedule, address, phone number and artist listings in 150,000 copies. Distributed at TD Canada Trust branches, official venues, HMV, Ontario tourism info centers etc.
2. Festival Website - will promote all activities of the Festival (1,060,423 page views from April through July, 2011)
3. Club & Restaurant Pocket Guide – 25,000 distributed
If you are interested in creating further marketing/promotion initiatives prior to the event please call the festival's Marketing Manager, Aileen Le Breton at 416-928-2033 Ext. 25.
* Please sign and return this agreement to Toronto Downtown Jazz, 82 Bleecker Street, Toronto, ON M4X 1L8. email to or fax to 416-928-0533.
* Please email programming information with optional 2 line artist bios to

Venue Name : Mây

Venue Address : 876 Dundas St. West, Toronto, M6H 1W1

Venue Phone # : 647-709-8337

Venue website :

Venue contacts: Darren Leu - operating manager

Brownman - fest programmer

Andrew McIntosh - fest logistics

Venue Schedule: Attached - with times, cover charge, bios

Contact Patti Marshall at 416-928-2033 Ext. 22 or if you have any questions or require further information.

1. Venues are requested to provide band names, dates/times of performances, cover charge information and an optional two-line artist bio by Monday March 25, 2013. Information will be published on the website by the first week of April. Festival guides will be on the streets by the end of April.
2. Advertising/promotional material produced to promote Festival activity needs Festival approval. All material requires one-week advance approval by the Festival. Other sponsors are not to be acknowledged during the event unless they are official Festival sponsors, or are approved in writing by the Festival.
3. A limited number of Festival "Staff" and "Media" passes are produced. We request that those wearing a Festival pass be allowed free admission to the venue, when space permits.
4. Festival venues are identified by banners, posters, A-frames and/or other promotional material supplied by the Festival, at no charge to the venue. Programme Brochures will be available to offer the public free of charge.

5. Event promotion material supplied by the Festival should become the venue's most prominent display focus June 22 - July 1/12. Custom signage must be placed in highly visible areas.

6. We would appreciate it if you would stock and promote Festival sponsor products, when appropriate, for the duration of the festival. Closer to festival time you will receive a letter announcing these products along with the contact information for the company representatives.
7. The venue agrees that the TD Toronto Jazz Festival, employees of Toronto Downtown Jazz and Festival sponsors assume no legal liability or responsibility for the safe, orderly and healthy operation of the venue's premises with respect to performers, audiences and/or staff.
8. Unless specified elsewhere, the Festival assumes no responsibility for the payment of performance and license fees, pensions or taxes by the venue during the TD Toronto Jazz Festival. These agreements are between the venue and the artist and should make best efforts to fall within the guidelines set by the Toronto Musicians' Association for the appropriate classification of the venue.
Please inform all staff members of the terms of this agreement. By signing the contract below, the venue agrees to all conditions set out in the foregoing document.

__________________________________ March 12, 2013 .

Venue Representative Date

Brownman - 2012 jazz fest programmer for

MAY - managed by Darren Leu -
Fri-Jun-22: ALEX ST. KITTS & The ASTRODROIDS (funk-jazz trio), 9-12am, $15

Sat-Jun-23: LUANDA JONES QUARTET (Brazilian-jazz quartet), 9-12am, $15

Sun-Jun-24: ROB CHRISTIAN QUARTET (soul-jazz quartet), 8-11pm, $10

Mon-Jun-25: GENEVIEVE MARENTETTE + 1 (jazz duo), 7-10pm, $10

Tue-Jun-26: DAVE RESTIVO TRIO (piano jazz trio), 7-10pm, $10

Wed-Jun-27: PAUL MORRISON TRIO (piano jazz trio), 7-10pm, $10

Thr-Jun-28: BROWNMAN AKOUSTIC TRIO (jazz trumpet trio), 8-11pm, $10

Fri-Jun-29: ARECIBO (latin-jazz quartet), 9-12am, $15

Sat-Jun-30: WORST POP BAND EVER (modern jazz quartet), 9-12am, $15


Fri-Jun-22: ALEX ST. KITTS & The ASTRODROIDS (funk-jazz trio), 9-12am, $15

Alex St. Kitts, one of the most in demand 20-something electric bassists in the city, fronts this unique jazz-funk trio that features him singing, as well as his always funkified modern bass chops.
Sat-Jun-23: LUANDA JONES QUARTET (Brazilian-jazz quartet), 9-12am, $15

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazilian singer/songwriter Luanda Jones has been captivating audiences with her unique blend of suave, jazz inflected vocals and stylized guitar harmonies, passionately interpreting some of the South American nation’s most cherished popular musical traditions.
Sun-Jun-24: ROB CHRISTIAN QUARTET (soul-jazz quartet), 8-11pm, $10

Known primarily as a jazz instrumentalist, more recently Rob Christian has been exploring other musical genres as a singer and songwriter. His own modern urban style has emerged as fusions of jazz, r&b and soul, in addition to his highly respected saxophone playing.
Mon-Jun-25: GENEVIEVE MARENTETTE + 1 (jazz duo), 7-10pm, $10

Back in Toronto for the Jazz Fest, Genevieve Marentette came up on the Detroit dance music scene, was trained in jazz voice in Toronto & currently lives in Hong Hong where she's a highly sought after lounge vocalist and session musician.
Tue-Jun-26: DAVE RESTIVO TRIO (modern piano jazz trio), 7-10pm, $10

Five-time National Jazz Award winner for "jazz piano player of the year, Dave Restivo is one of Canada's most respected and influential jazz artists, well-known for his work with Grammy winning Boss Brass, the Juno winning Mike Murley Quintet, and legendary songwriter Marc Jordan.
Wed-Jun-27: PAUL MORRISON TRIO (modern piano jazz trio), 7-10pm, $10

Originally from British Columbia and now taking Toronto's jazz scene by storm, the 20 year old Paul Morrison -- winner for Oscar Peterson Memorial Award -- is considered one of the most gifted young jazz piano prodigies to watch for in the new generation of Canada's modern jazz musicians.
Thr-Jun-28: BROWNMAN AKOUSTIC TRIO (chordless jazz trumpet trio), 8-11pm, $10

Heralded as "Canada's preeminent jazz trumpet player" by the New York Village Voice, multi-award winning Trinidadian born, New York schooled jazz trumpet player Brownman Ali leads this modern jazz trio through inspired re-inventions of classic standards from the Great American songbook, with the exploratory spirit of Miles Davis.
Fri-Jun-29: ARECIBO (latin-jazz quartet), 9-12am, $15

A deeply exploratory latin-jazz outfit delving into Puerto Rican, Cuban and Brazilian modern jazz traditions with a New York latin-jazz attitude featuring some of Toronto’s most acclaimed jazz and latin music specialists from Trinidad, Cuba, Mexico & Canada.  This quartet has been often compared to the "Wayne Shorter Quartet, were each member born in South America" & named after the Puerto Rican Arecibo radio telescope, responsible for the deepest exploration of space mankind has achieved to date.
Sat-Jun-30: WORST POP BAND EVER (modern jazz quartet), 9-12am, $15

With influences ranging from Wayne Shorter to Deerhoof to J Dilla, The Worst Pop Band Ever is a Toronto based group that tries to combine a love of improvisational jazz music and “Pop” music.  Often compared to Medeski Martin Wood or the Bad Plus, the W.P.B.E like to think of themselves as the ugly love child of Radiohead and Miles Davis.

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