Schedule For vlsi – asic design Internship 2013

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Schedule For VLSI – ASIC Design Internship 2013 :


Micro Electronics & VLSI Internship- 2013 by Globals Technologies with 100% hands on Internship with live project experience in Banglore Head Office. Learn Semiconductor technology, Nmos, Pmos&Cmos logic, Designing Analog and Digital ICs,Analog Electronics and Digital Electronics, VLSI design procedure- Specification, Architecture, Layout design, Stick Design, Synthesis & Simulation, HDL modelling, VHDL programming, Verilog Programming, ASIC design, Testing& Verification of designs, Design on XILIN FPGA, System on Chip modelling, Hybrid applications with LABVIEW.


Basic CMOS Theory

This module introduces the CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) circuits. MOS transistor theory and CMOS processing technology, circuit and logic design. Digital Logic Design

Digital Logic Design

This includes the study of Binary Systems, Boolean algebra and logic gates, Gate level minimization and combinational logic. It also includes Synchronous Sequential logic and Registers and counters.

Basic circuit components

Basic circuit design on Xilinx ISE 13.2 and Model Sim(altera).

Introduction to Digital Electronics.

Digital logic design & Digital logic gates.

Digital circuit minimization techniques.

Evolution of VLSI.

Semiconductor technology.

N-mos, P-mos& C-mos logic.

CMOS fundamentals and characterization.

About Digital IC Design.

About Analog IC design.

Introduction to VLSI design process:

1. Specification

2. Architecture

3. Layout Coding

4. Layout Verification

5. Synthesis & Simulation

Content of L1 +

Introduction to HDL modelling.

Basics of C - programming language.

Programming in VHDL:

1. Basic concepts

2. Levels of abstraction

3. Building blocks of VHDL

4. Program structure description

Introdution and working onMODELSIM Tool

Simulation of VHDL logic designs on Modelsim.

Functional & formal verification of VHDL designs.

ASIC design in VHDL.

Introduction to XILIN FPGA board.

Working on XILIN ISE tool.

Implementing Digital Systems on XILIN FPGA board with VHDL coding.

Content of L1 + L2 +

Programming in VHDL &Verilog HDL:

1. Levels of design hierarchy & gate primitives.

2. Gate level modelling

3. Switch level modelling

4. Dataflow modelling

5. Behavioral modelling

6. Program structure description

Simulation of Verilog HDL logic designs on Modelsim.

Functional & formal verification of Verilog HDL designs.

ASIC design in Verilog HDL.

Implementing Digital Systems on XILINX FPGA board with Verilog HDL coding.

Testing techniques of VHDL & Verilog HDL based designs.

Mini Projects on verilog(Design and verification)

Content of L1 + L2 + L3 +

Processors architecture & modeling.

Digital Image Processing applications using VLSI.

Digital Signal Processing applications using VLSI.

System on chip modeling.

Advanced FPGA design.

Advanced testing and verification techniques.

Hybrid applications with VLSI and LABView.

The module starts with the basic concepts of Verilog, modules and ports, Gate level modelling, DataFlow modelling, Behavioural modelling and the tasks and functions. The module also discusses about the Useful modelling techniques and timings and delays.


Computer Architecture

This interesting subject deals with the Introduction to pipelining, pipeline hazards, how pipelining is implemented and what makes it so hard to implement pipelining. It also deals with extending of the MIPS pipeline to handle multicycle operations, crosscutting issues and the fallacies and pitfalls.

Layout Concepts

Verification Concepts


SystemVerilog Introduction

This brand new subject is a hot favourite. It deals with the Data types, operators and expressions, random constraint, Interprocess communication. It also deals with SystemVerilog clocking, program block, assertions, hierarchy and interface.


Two team-based industry standard projects en compassing RTL Design, Testbench Architecting, Testcase generation and Verification concepts to obtain a top level, hands-on view of VLSI Design and Verification.

Sample Seminars

More than 20 on/off-line seminars including:

  • 3G WCDMA Technology.


  • SoC Design Considerations .


  • Wireless Communication

  • DTH Satellite Communication .

  • Information Security and Ethical Hacking

  • Broadband System and Router setup.

  • Embedded System .

  • .Net , PHP IT development and Research

  • Core JAVA & Advance JAVA .

GRID approach to Industry-Readiness

VinTrain takes pride in providing application-based approach to getting the trainees industry-ready by providing the Trainee (Students ) an indepth knowledge of:

  • Logic Design

  • Computer Architecture

  • Verification Concepts and methodologies

  • Hands-on experience in VHDL & Verilog Coding.


Training Spotlights

  • Training based on the curriculum culled from the best Technical knowledge with real time corporate projects.

  • Rigorous schedules- assignments, tests, quizzes, weekly reviews

  • Continually upgraded Soft material.

  • Fast, Quantifiable results.

  • Guidance and close monitoring by industry experts.

  • 4 months schedule.


  • Well-Equipped Systems with Latest Tools and Hardware Kit ( Spartan-6)

  • High Speed Internet Surfing .

  • Board bring up lab.

  • Study Room.

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