Open architecture is a type of computer architecture or software architecture

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OPEN architecture as defined by Wikipedia:

Open architecture is a type of computer architecture or software architecture that is designed to make adding, upgrading and swapping components easy. For example, the IBM PC and Apple IIe have an open architecture supporting plug-in cards, whereas the Apple IIc and Amiga 500 computers have a closed architecture.

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As far as “open” is concerned with digital dentistry, it is the ability to use files exported from one system then imported into another system. Example: Any STL file coming from a company’s CAD (computer aided design) software being imported into Sirona’s InLab software. Another example is, any design file or model data file from Sirona’s InLab being exported as a STL file for import into another company’s CAD or CAM (computer aided manufacturing) software. For companies that have worked together, the files can actually be imported or exported from either software to the other without any conversions being made. The ability to use files from multiple systems has “opened” the door for the dental community to use software and equipment from a variety of different manufacturers to achieve the quality and quantity that they demand.
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