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Careers in Art Page 1



Urban Designers

Playground Designers

Landscape Architects

Model Builders

Other Careers in Architecture – Only about 10% of people trained in architecture become full-time, licensed architects. But there are many architecture-related career areas that are interesting and productive, including:

Architectural consultant

Architectural critic for periodicals

Architectural drafter

Architectural delineator

Architectural renderer

Architectural photographer

Architectural teacher

Architectural writer for magazines

City planner

Golf course designer

Landscape drafter

Mural artist

Theme Park Designer

Interior Design Page 2

Interior Designers

Exhibit and Display Designers

Facility Planners

Interior Decorators

Interior Renderers

Other Careers in Interior Design – Many art careers are required to back up the work of interior designers or lead in varying design directions, yet require similar skills as interior designers:

Antique specialist

Contract designer

Design assistant

Design consultant


Facility analyst

Floor covering designer

Floral designer

Furniture designer

Interior design photographer

Showroom manager

Parade float designer

Photo stylist

Set or scenic designer

Space planner

Staff designer Page 3

Interior design teacher

Wall covering designer

Theme park decorator

Window display designer

Graphic Design

Graphic Designer

Environmental Graphic Designer

Website Designer

Type Designer

Package Designer

Other Careers in Graphic Design – Other graphic design careers cover a broad range of interests and require various types of design background and experiences. Some other careers include:

Advertising agency TV art director

Airbrush artist

Architectural graphic artist

Art agency worker

Art Director

Art school design teacher

Book designer



CD/DVD jacket designer Page 4

Computer program designer

Creative director

Greeting card designer


Layout designer


Logo designer

Multimedia graphic artist

Outdoor advertising designer


Poster artist

Retail store art director

Sign painter

Silkscreen artist

Title designer (TV, film, & multimedia)

Publication Design

Publication Designer

Magazine Designer

Editorial Illustrators


Comic Strip Artist

Book Designer

Children’s Book Illustrator Page 5

Other Careers in Publication Design and Illustration – All the books, magazines, pamphlets, catalogs, newspaper, etc. that we look at and read are the result of a publication designer. Other careers in publication design and illustration include:

Airbrush artist

Architectural delineator


Book jacket designer

Botanical illustrator



Chart artist

Design director

Fantasy illustrator

Greeting card designer

Industrial illustrator

Medical illustrator

Photo researcher


Product illustrator

Science illustrator

Staff artist

Teacher of illustration

Teacher of publication design

Technical illustrator Page 6




Product photography

Architectural photographer

Wildlife photographer

Food photographer

Sports photographer

Wedding photographer

Other Careers in Photography – Almost every phase of art, from fine artist to industrial design, requires the services of trained photographers who work as artists with other artists to show their work to the best effects. Some other photographic careers include:

Aerial photographer

Animal photographer

Biological photographer

Commercial photographer

Fashion photographer

Fine Art photographer

Industrial photographer

Legal photographer

Medical photographer

Museum curator of photography

Museum/fine art photographer

Photographic laboratory worker Page 7

Police photographer

Portrait photographer


Sports photographer

Stock photographer

Teacher of photography

Industrial Design

Industrial Designer

Product Designer

Furniture Designer

Toy Designer

Model Builder

Other Careers in Industrial Design – Because everything that is manufactured must be designed by someone, other careers in industrial design are many and widely varied. Some of them include:

Airline interior designer

Automobile design detailer

Automobile interior designer

Automobile parts and tool designer

Designer of computers/software



Ergonomist Page 8

Furniture reproducer

Glass blower

Glass technologist

Glass designer

Heavy equipment designer

Human factors designer

Industrial illustrator

Lighting designer

Ornamental metalwork designer

Playground equipment designer

Product photographer

Safety clothing designer

Senior designer

Sports equipment designer

Stencil maker


Tool designer

Fashion Design

Fashion Designers

Fashion Photographers

Fashion Illustrators

Textile Designers

Page 9

Accessory Designers

Other Careers in Fashion Design – The world of fashion involves many artists, manufacturers and merchandisers who make the industry function at top efficiency. Fashion Design is a true team effort and some aspects of that effort can be seen in these other careers:

Active sportswear designer

Advertising designer

Apparel production manager

Costume designer

Display designer

Fashion art director

Fashion consultant

Fashion copy writer

Fashion curator (museums)

Fashion director

Fashion editor

Fashion merchandiser

Fashion model

Fashion specialist

Fashion writer

Jewelry designer


Showroom manager

Teacher of fashion design

Visual merchandising designer Page 10

Entertainment Design

Entertainment Design

Film Artist and Designer

Special Effects Designers

Set & Scene Designers

Film Animators

Costume Designers

Other Careers in Entertainment - There are many career artists that are basic to the creative functioning of all aspects of the entertainment industry. Some of them include:


Art director

Background artist

Camera person


Digital designer

Electronic entertainment artist

Film editor

Game designer

Hair Stylist

Lighting designer

Makeup artist Page 11

Program designer

Property shop worker

Puppet designer

Scene painter


Set construction worker

Storyboard artist

Theme park designer

Visual development artist

Fine Arts and Crafts





Street Artists

Other Careers in Fine Arts & Crafts – Fine artists and craftspeople create work that enriches our lives and enhances our environments. Some of the careers include:

Artists’ agent

Basket weaver

Batik artist

Book binder

Collage artist Page 12

Computer artist

Environmental artist

Fiber artist

Fine art photographer

Jewelry designer

Leather worker





Portrait artist






Stained glass designer



Art Education

Art Teachers

Workshop Instructors

Art Historians Page 13

Educational Video Producers

Art Education Resources Designers

Other Careers in Art Education – Most art education careers are found in schools from kindergarten through graduate school. But there are other careers involved in art education, such as:

Art center education director

Art consultant

Art coordinator

Art curriculum director

Art history teacher


Art program director

Art program instructor

Art specialist

Art supervisor

Author of art education materials

Author of art education texts

Art museum educator

College art instructor

Educational software designer

Museum docent

Private art instructor

Teacher of crafts

Teacher of photography Page 14

Teacher’s aide

Workshop promoter

Art Museums & Galleries

Art Museums

Art Galleries

Museum Curator

Conservators & Restorers

Gallery Directors

Display Artists or Designers

Auction Galleries

Other Careers in Art Museums – Many people are needed to operate museums, and each has a specialized interest in one aspect of art. Some museum careers include:


Art Historian

Bookstore Manager


Educational Services

Exhibit Publication Designer

Film Program Coordinator

Graphic Designer


Museum Art Educator Page 15

Museum Photographer



Rights and Reproductions Coordinator

Slide Librarian/Archivist


Other Careers in Art Galleries – Art galleries are concerned with sales of art, and all personnel must have interests in art. Some of these careers include:

Advertising Manager


Art Consultant

Artists’ Agent

Computer Specialist

Corporate Sales Specialist


Exhibit Coordinator

Exhibit Designer

Gallery Assistant

Gallery Publicist

Gallery Salesperson

Support for Artists

Art Publications

Art Supply Dealers Page 16


Art Supply Manufacturers

Foundry Workers

Other Careers that Support Artists – There are many careers that are associated with art and that are vital to the production of art but that do not involve the creation of art products. Some of them are:



Architectural Critic

Art Book Editor

Art Bulletin Editor

Art Consultant

Art Critic

Art Fair Coordinator

Art Insurance Agent

Art Lawyer

Art Librarian

Art Magazine Editor

Art Restorer

Art Reviewer

Art Storage

Art Therapist

Art Writer

Calendar Editor Page 17

Career Counselor

Copy Editor

Fine Art Crater and Shipper

Freelance Writer

Guidance Counselor

Mail Order Art Supplier

Video Producer

Website Designer

Website Provider

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