Name: Garry Lee School/Affiliation: Jason Lee Middle School

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Nomination Form:
Name: Garry Lee
School/Affiliation: Jason Lee Middle School
Address: 15211 NE 36th Circle; Vancouver, WA 98662
Phone: 360-931-2715 (Cell)
Date: 11Apr10

To: Whom it May Concern

From: Garry Lee

Subj: Letter of Intent to run for Washington Science Olympiad Board of Directors

This letter is to formally announce my intention to run for a position on the Washington Science Olympiad Board of Directors.
My first career was in the construction industry. In the business world, the ethic is that if you’re not moving forward, then you’re falling back. I believe we need to focus on two realms in order to grow Science Olympiad. One is pursuing corporate sponsors, especially those who can support us with technology as well as money. Secondly, we need to spark the interest of elementary students so they will want to experience Science Olympiad when they get to secondary school.
My qualifications include:
Teaching for 15 years, at middle school and elementary level.
Coaching the Jason Lee M.S. Science Olympiad team for 8 years

Doubled the size of our program two years ago. Jason Lee teams have qualified for the State Tournament for the last seven years.

Have established Science Olympiad programs at three nearby elementary schools. The Jason Lee Varsity and JV teams have sponsored and managed events at each Elementary Tournament.
Presently serve on the S.W. Regional Science Olympiad Board of Directors
Garry R. Lee

15211 N.E. 36th Circle

Vancouver, WA 98682


Objective: To obtain a position on the Washington Science Olympiad

Board of Directors
Education: Bachelor of Arts, Education K-8

University of Alaska, Anchorage

Graduation, 1994
Experience: Jason Lee Middle School, Teaching 6th Grade, 1999- present

Vancouver School District Vancouver, Washington

Teaching all five subjects in self-contained Gifted Ed program

Teaching Computer Technology
Science Olympiad team coach, 2002- present

Jason Lee M.S., Vancouver School District
Rogers Park Elementary, Teaching 4th Grade, 1995-1999

Anchorage School District Anchorage, Alaska
Hoffman Construction Company, Business Manager, 1971-1990

Portland, Oregon and Anchorage, Alaska
U. S. Marine Corps, 1966-1968, Vietnam Veteran
References: available on request
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