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Weekly Quiz 10
Think hard and… SHOW ALL WORK SHOW ALL WORK  4 POINTs per question
FACTOR each quadratic equation (use the X and Tong Method). If it can’t be factored, state that.
1. 2. 3.

4. 5.

Use your FACTORING FLOW CHART to describe the kind of situation each is. For example, you will write: ‘difference of squares’ OR ‘perfect square trinomial’, etc. IF IT IS NONE of the situations, then write ‘None’. DO NOT FACTOR these expressions!!!

6. ___________________ ____________________
7. ___________________ ______________________
8. __________________ _________________________

Factor each of the expressions below using your FACTORING FLOW CHART:

9. 10. 11.

12. [8 POINTS]

The Bat Computer in the Bat Cave was broken during Batman’s fight with a villain who discovered the Cave. Batman needs to factor the expression below to find some solutions. He has relied on the Bat Computer for so long that he has completely forgotten how to factor! In search of a solution, he has come to Galileo because he knows that there are hundreds of students here who know how to factor. Help Batman by using your Factoring Flow Chart to factor the following expression. HINT: You will factor several times….


Download 109.11 Kb.

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