Name: Steve Rossetti Age: 42 Location

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Customer Persona 1: Steve Rossetti

Name: Steve Rossetti

Age: 42

Location: South Yarra (Melbourne)

Industry: Retail

Position: Owner

Income: $150,000

Education: Diploma of Retail Management


  • Passionate about quality and individuality

  • Demands a high standard of service and reliability from suppliers

  • Time-poor – absorbed in the management of his business

  • Has been running a boutique homeware and hand-made retail store for 20 years

  • Determined to nurture the future of Australian retail and manufacturing

  • Adopting technology quickly to save time, costs and deliver better service

What are his needs?

  • Steve needs products that will help differentiate his shop from his larger competitors

  • Ethical and quality production highly important – needs to compete with the likes of Oxfam

  • Likes all ordering, invoicing and payments to occur online to save time

  • Needs access to information and accounts data outside of business hours – this is when his business admin takes place

How do we meet his/her needs?

  • We sell quality, unique products that can’t be replicated by mass producers

  • Our products are made in Australia

  • Only selling to selected retailers in Melbourne, this provides exclusivity

  • We need to provide more online processes to improve convenience for Steve

How does he use the internet?

  • Google searches for competition and new product opportunities

  • Posts new products in store to his Pinterest boards

  • Promotes the store on Facebook with a page and some promoted advertising

  • Much of Steve’s internet access takes place on iPad while working in store

What Keywords does he associate with your business?
Homeware supplier, handmade homeware, handmade goods, Australian homeware, homeware wholesale Australia, ethical toys Australia, handmade toys, childrens toys, wood work, woodcraft

Customer Persona 2: Claire Smith

Name: Claire Smith

Age: 55

Location: Ballarat

Industry: Banking

Position: Branch Manager

Income: $120,000

Education: Bachelor of Business (Banking & Finance)


  • Hard worker – very committed to her job

  • Takes pride in the family home and garden – likes to entertain guests on weekends

  • Married with 2 children who are 16 and 20

  • Likes to support the local community and volunteers in various community groups and clubs

  • The environment and great outdoors are important to her

  • Likes to be individual and unique

What are her needs?

  • High quality, classy furniture that sets her home apart and impresses her peers

  • Great service and an authentic relationship with her retailer

  • Input into the product design to get the perfect product

  • Australian made products with high ethical standards

  • A furniture maker that is easy to contact and has clear communication

How do we meet his/her needs?

  • Custom design availability

  • Personal consultation with Frank, face-to-face relationship

  • Locally sourced timber and ethical standard documentation

  • Regular discussion of progress and updates on completion date

  • High quality output that meets the client’s needs

How does he use the internet?

  • Google (to look for retailers, interior ideas)

  • Instagram and Pinterest – searches hashtags for design inspiration

  • Facebook (to keep track of the kids)

  • LinkedIn (for professional networking)

  • Access most social media from her Android smartphone

  • Australian Outdoor Living blog

What Keywords does he associate with your business?
Custom built furniture, custom furniture Ballarat, Australian made, Dining table, outdoor furniture, Australian timber furniture, woodcraft Ballarat

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