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Dept. of Architecture, 1206 University of Oregon, Eugene, OR 97403-1206, USA

Tel: (541) 346-3674, Fax: (541) 346-3626, E-mail:




1990 M.Arch., Harvard Graduate School of Design

Concentration in computer-aided architectural design

Thesis: Tradition and Innovation: Mixing Manual and Digital Design Methods

1983 B.A. cum laude, Yale University

Double major in Architecture & Mechanical Engineering


1996- present Assistant Professor
Dept. of Architecture, University of Oregon (UO)

Research on Digital Design Media, Design Process & Teaching Methods

Teaching Architectural Design & Digital Media

Service in Computer Resource development

1993-1996 Lecturer (British system)
Dept. of Architecture, University of Hong Kong

Research on Digital Design Media & Design Process

Teaching Digital Media, Architectural Theory & Architectural Design

Administration of Computer resources, Design studio & Adult education

Summer’94,’95 Visiting Scholar
MIT School of Architecture and Planning

Independent research, assistant for William Mitchell's CAAD workshop for architecture professors, 1995
1987-1989 Teaching Assistant
Dept. of Architecture, Harvard Graduate School of Design

Tutored computer graphics programming & modeling courses, part-time


1990-1993 Architect
Kallmann, McKinnell & Wood Architects, Boston

Facilitated transition to computerized practice through personnel, equipment & training expansion

Design team member for university buildings, laboratory facilities & office buildings

Spring 1990 Rendering Consultant
Raphael Moneo & Associates, Cambridge, MA

Digital renderings for Wellesley Art Museum addition, winning competition submissions: San Sebastian

Cultural Center, Lucerne Cultural Center, and The New Lido Theatre

Summer’88,’89 Designer
Tams Consultants Inc., Boston

Design development of elementary schools
Summer’86 Designer/draftsman
CBT Inc., Boston

Schematic design for hotel, construction detailing for office tower & urban plaza
1984-1986 Project manager
Graham/Meus Inc., Boston

Managed small commercial projects including offices, health facilities & restaurant

Construction detailing and site supervision of interior renovation to historic structures

1983-1984 Designer/draftsman
Mark Mitchell & Assoc., Cambridge

Historic library renovation & commercial projects
1979-1980 Intern
Northeast Solar Energy Center, Boston

Research on daylighting & solar radiation


1994-present American Institute of Architecture member

1993-present Registered Architect, Massachusetts

1994 National Council for Architectural Accreditation Board certified (1994)

1994-present Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture (ACADIA) member

1995, 2001 Education in Computer Aided Architectural Design in Europe member




Cheng, N., "Capturing Place: A Comparison of Site Recording Methods" in CAAD Futures 2001, Eindhoven, the Netherlands, July 8-11, 2001. juried, accepted 67 out of 125 full papers

Cheng, N., "Looking at Place Recording Methods Through Web Reports" in the Architectural Research Centers Consortium (ARCC) Spring Research Meeting. Virginia Tech, April 2001. juried

Cheng, N., and Edwin Pat-yak Lee, "Depicting Daylight: representing daylighting with multiple images", in the Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture (ACADIA'01), SUNY Buffalo, October 2001. juried for full paper, accepted 23 full paper, 16 as short papers out of 82 submissions

Cheng, N., "Evolution of Digital Design Teaching: A course as microcosm for educational issues", presented at the ACSA 59th Annual Meeting, March 2001 (ACSA’01), to be published in a forthcoming ACADIA Quarterly. juried by ACADIA

Theodoropoulos, C. and N. Cheng, “Creating Learning Communities in Large-Enrollment Beginning Design Studios" in the National Conference on the Beginning Design Student (BegDesign'01), Puerto Rico, March 2001. juried abstracts

Cheng, N., “Representing Daylight on Web Pages”, for the SIGRADI’01 Iberoamerican Congress of Digital Graphics Conference. accepted - juried abstracts


Cheng, N, "Web-based Teamwork in Design Education" in Construindo (n)o espacio digital (constructing the digital Space) [4th SIGRADI Iberoamerican Congress of Digital Graphics Conference Proceedings (SIGRADI'00), ISBN85-88027-02-X, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) 25-28 September 2000, pp. 24-26. juried abstracts

Cheng, N. and T. Kvan, "Design Collaboration Strategies" in the 5th International Conference on Design and Decision Support Systems in Architecture and Urban Planning (DDSS’00), Ampt van Nijkerk, Nijkerk, The Netherlands, August 22-25, 2000. juried abstracts

also published in Construindo (n)o espacio digital (constructing the digital Space) [4th SIGRADI Iberoamerican Congress of Digital Graphics Conference Proceedings / ISBN 85-88027-02-X] Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) 25-28 September 2000, pp. 45-49. juried abstracts

Cheng, N. "Learning in Web-based Collaborations," ed. T. Fowler, InterSymp'2000, World Wide Web as Framework for Collaboration Focus Symposium Proceedings. [ISBN-0-921836-88-0], Baden-Baden, Germany, August 2, 2000. juried abstracts

Kvan, T. M. L. Maher, N. Cheng, G. Schmitt, "Teaching Architectural Design in Virtual Studios" in Renate Fruchter (ed.)’s American Society of Civil Engineer’s 8th International Conference on Computing in Civil and Building Engineering (ICCCBE’01), Stanford University, Palo Alto, California, August 2000. juried abstracts


Cheng, N, "Playing with Digital Media: enlivening computer graphics teaching", Media and Design Process, (ACADIA ’99), ISBN 1-880250-08-X, Salt Lake City 29-31 October 1999, pp. 96-109. juried

Cheng, N, "Filling In Missing Links: using the Internet to strengthen a learning community" in Proceedings of the ACSA West Regional Conference, Portland, Oregon, October 1999 (ACSAWest'99). juried abstracts

Cheng, N, "Digital transformations for design learning: step-by-step to competence", poster presentation at the 16th National Conference on the Beginning Design Student (BeginningDesign'99), Univ. of Nevada, Las Vegas, Sept 16-18, 1999. juried abstracts

Cheng, N., " Digital Design at the University of Oregon", in W. Jabi and S. Jain (eds.), ACADIA Quarterly, [ISSN 1079-9680], Volume 18, No. 4, 1999, p. 18.


Cheng, N. "Digital Identity in the Virtual Design Studio", in Constructing Identity, Associated Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA) 56th Annual Meeting Proceedings, 1998. juried

Cheng, N, "Improving CAD Teaching with Linguistic Methods", Hong Kong Papers in Design and Development, ISBN 962-772-304-5, Pace Publishing Ltd.,1998, pp. 69-76. juried

Cheng, N. "Wayfinding in Cyberspace: negotiating connections between sites" in CAADRIA '98, [Proceedings of The Third Conference on Computer Aided Architectural Design Research in Asia / ISBN 4-907662-009] Osaka (Japan) 22-24 April 1998, pp. 83-92. juried abstracts

Cheng, N., "Promote Excellence, Create Synergy: The Future of ACADIA" in W. Jabi and S. Jain (eds.), ACADIA Quarterly, [ISSN 1079-9680], Volume 17, Nos. 1&2, 1998, pp17-19.

Cheng, N. “Lighting Usability Study", Baker Lighting Foundation Internal report, 1998.


Cheng, N, "Teaching CAD with Language Learning Methods" in Jordan, J.P. et. al. editors, Design and Representation, ACADIA ‘97 Conference Proceedings [ISBN 1-880250-06-3], Cincinnati, Ohio (USA) 3-5 October 1997, pp. 173-188. juried

Cheng, N., “Teaching CAD as a Foreign Language” in T. Kvan, ed., CAADRIA ‘96 [Proceedings of The First Conference on Computer Aided Architectural Design Research in Asia [ISBN 9627-75-703-9], Hong Kong, 25-27 April 1996, pp. 11-20. juried abstracts

Wojtowicz, J., N. Cheng, J. Davidson, K. Hubbell, T. Kvan, M. McCullough, W. Mitchell, D. van Bakergem, “Teaching and Learning in the Virtual Design Studio” in K. Kensek and D. Noble (ed.), ACADIA Quarterly [ISSN 1079-9680], Volume 15, Number 1, Spring 1996, pp. 9-11. from an ACADIA ‘95 panel presentation


Cheng, N, “Linking the Virtual to Reality: CAD and Physical Modeling”, in M. Tan et. al. (eds.) Sixth International Conference on Computer-Aided Architectural Design Futures (CAAD Futures’95), [ISBN 9971-62-423-0] Singapore, 24-26 September 1995, pp. 303-311. juried

Cheng, N., “By All Means: Multiple Media in Design Education”, in B. Colajanni and G. Pellitteri (eds.), Multimedia and Architectural Disciplines, [Proceedings of the 13th European Conference on Education in CAAD in Europe (ECAADE’95), ISBN 0-9523687-1-4], University of Palermo, Italy, 16-18 November 1995, pp. 117-128. juried abstracts

Wojtowicz, J., P. Papazian, J. Fargas, N. Cheng, J. Davidson, “Aspects of Asynchronous and Distributed Design Collaboration” in Wojtowicz, J. (ed.), Virtual Design Studio [ISBN 962-209-364-7], Hong Kong University Press, 1995. book chapter

Wojtowicz, J., N. Cheng, and T. Kvan, “Postscript: The Virtual Design Studio 1994” in Wojtowicz, J. (ed.), Virtual Design Studio [ISBN 962-209-364-7], Hong Kong University Press, 1995. book chapter


Cheng, N., Kvan, T., Wojtowicz, J., Bakergem, D., Casaus, T., Davidson, J., Fargas, J., Hubbell, K., Mitchell, W., Nagakura, T. and Papazian, P. "Place, Time and The Virtual Design Studio", In Reconnecting [ACADIA Conference Proceedings / ISBN 1-880250-03-9] Washington University (Saint Louis / USA) 1994, pp. 115-132. juried

Bradford, J., N. Cheng & T. Kvan, “Virtual Design Studios” in Maver, T., and J. Petric (eds.), The Virtual Studio: Proceedings of the 12th European Conference on Education in Computer Aided Architectural Design in Europe (ECAADE’94) [ISBN 0-9523687-0-6], Glasgow (Scotland) 7-10 September 1994, pp. 163-167. juried abstracts


Wojtowicz, J., P. Papazian, J. Fargas & N. Cheng, “Asynchronous Architecture” in F. Morgan and R. W. Pohlman (eds.), Education and Practice: The Critical Interface, [ACADIA Conference Proceedings / ISBN 1-880250-02-0] Texas (Texas / USA) 1993, pp. 107-117. juried


2001 "Depicting Daylight: Media Studies of Pacific Northwest Daylighting Strategies", UO School of Architecture & Allied Arts’ Yeon Program Faculty Grant, teaching course relief, up to $8,000

Autodesk Architectural Studio, formerly Studiodesk, equipment & beta software grant

Revit Academic Alliance software grant $125,000/year

Think3D software grant

1999 Gold Medal for Environmental Sensitivity in the 1999 Shelter Resorts Design Competition entry submitted with Scott Howe

1998-1999 Intel's Research and Development Arts and Entertainment division equipment grant (with Department of Art faculty) ~$200,000

1998 AAA Foreign Travel Fund grant, partial funding to visit Univ. of Hong Kong and attend CAADRIA '98 in Osaka, Japan

1998 Profiled on the Oregon Multimedia Association's Women In Multimedia Web page

1997 Baker Summer Research Grant, Lighting Visualization Software Usability, $5000

1997 Autodesk software grant (w/ Ying Tan, FIne Arts & Mary Bradley, Computing Center) ~$75,000

  1. UO Foundation, 3-year Research Start-up Grant, $75,000


“Collaboration Strategies in Architectural Education" for The American Institute of Architects (AIA) Six Degrees of Collaboration conference, D.C., September 22-24, 2001

Technology Night: "Web Portfolios & New Design Tools", Southwest Oregon AIA, June 20, 2001

"Tools for Place-Recording" - March 1, 2001; Grants Strategies panelist - Dec. 1999, Architecture Faculty Research Forum

"Internet Design Collaborations", University of Oregon Portland Architecture Program Brown Bag Lunch - Discussion, November 9, 2000

Work featured at Intel Corporation's Showcase of Creative Applications, Hillsboro, Oregon, Nov. 19, 1998

"Architects and the Web”, Southern University - Baton Rouge lecture, Aug 1998

"Digital Design in the Virtual Studio", University of Utah lecture, Jan 1998

"Virtual Design Studio: Sharing Ideas over the Internet", Feb. 14, 1997. Univ. of Oregon Architecture Graduate Forum lecture

“The Virtual Design Studio: Computer-supported collaboration in an architectural curriculum”, a colloquium in Knowledge and Discourse ‘96; the International, Multidisciplinary Conference, Hong Kong

"Teaching CAD as a Second Language", interview talk at Univ. of Hawaii - Mar 1996; Univ. of Oregon, Cornell University, Univ. of Cincinnati, Univ. of California-Los Angeles, May 1996


Students invited competition entry featured in Intel’s "Embodiment & Expression" Web site, , posted Spring 2001

West, Ross, "Drawing a Blueprint for Architects of the 21st Century; Educator Creates A New Kind of Training for a Rapidly Evolving Profession", in Inquiry, Information form the frontiers of knowledge, a magazine highlighting research at the University of Oregon, Spring 1998

Cheng, N., "Digital Design at the University of Oregon Architecture Dept", in FormZ Joint Study Report 1998, 1999, 2000. Includes publication of student work

Coutant, Bill, "UO program links cultures, designs to the Web", Daily Journal of Commerce, Oct. 3, 1997

Miller, Ray, “Virtual Design Studio links HKU Architecture Students with Others around the world” in Interflow magazine, September/October 1995 cover story, pp. 28-33

Rybkowski, Z., Young Hong Kong architects, Harvard GSD News, Fall 1995

Article on the Virtual Design Studio in Ming Pao (HK) newspaper, March 30, 1995

Computer rendering in articles on Raphael Moneo: "A Film Palace on the Lido”, Progressive Architecture, Sept. 1991; Assemblage 14 journal, MIT Press, 1991; Il Croquis, 1991; Harvard GSD News, Spring 1990

Computer rendering in IBM’s AES software advertisement in Architecture (Washington, D.C), magazine, Oct. 1990

Computer renderings featured in Erin Hoffer’s article on digital design techniques, MicroCAD News, Fall 1989

Winning team gazebo design featured in Harvard GSD News, Fall 1987


Fall 2000 Consultant on residential development of Harbor Hills community in Brookings, Oregon, a site being built with urban design principles of Bernard Maybeck.

Spring 2000 Tiara Neighborhood design for pedestrian enhancements



University of Oregon
Digital Media

Beginning 222/410/510 Introduction to Architectural Computer Graphics, Fall 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000

408/508 Computer Modeling and Rendering Workshop, Summer 1998

410/510 Understanding CAD, Spring 1997

Intermediate 407/507 Design Collaboration Seminar, Winter 1999

424/524 Advanced Design Development Media, Winter 1997, 1998, 2000, 2001

Advanced 401/601 Research - Independent study on Digital Lighting, Winter/Spring 2000, 2001

406/606 Special Problems - Independent study on Digital Media, Web Portfolios, Summer 1999, Winter 2001

Architectural Design

Beginning 181 & Arch 182 Introductory Architectural Design, Winter Spring 1997, 1998, Spring1999, Winter 2000, Winter 2001

281 Intermediate Architectural Design, Fall 2000

680 Graduate Introductory Architectural Design, Summer 1999

Intermediate 484/584, Architectural Design, Fall 1996, Winter 1999, Spring 2000, Fall 2000

409/602 Practicum, University Teaching, various terms

Advanced 405/606 Special Problems, Independent study on Wearable Computing Design, Winter 2000

University of Hong Kong
Digital Media

Beginning Computer Aided Architectural Design I, Fall 1993, Fall 1994, Fall 1995

Computer Aided Architectural Design II, Spring 1994, Spring 1995, Spring 1996

Advanced Virtual Design Studio, Spring 1993, Spring1994, Spring 1995


Seminar on Architectural Representation, 1994-1996
Architectural Design

Beginning First Year Architectural Design, Spring 1994

Second Year Architectural Design, Fall 1993, Fall 1994-Spring 1996, Coordinator Spring 1995

Advanced Supervision of M.Arch. Thesis Projects: Museum of Science and Technology, Modular Rail Station System, Stadium for Amateur Sports, Center for the Hearing Impaired, Walkway System for Hong Kong’s Central District, Residence for AIDS Patients, and Hong Kong Design Center, 1993-1996


"Round-table on Distance Education", ACSA National Meeting invited panelist, Baltimore, March 2001

"Web Portfolios that Work", seminar for the AIA National Convention 2000, Philadelphia. Audience rated in top 10%, reprised for 2001 National Convention in Denver. Online course

Panelist for New Faculty Orientation: Teaching with Technology, UO Faculty Consultants Network, Oct. 12, 2000

Invited to be an external assessor for a B.Arch. Honours Thesis by Dr. Robert Woodbury of the University of Adelaide, April 2000

Planning for University of Minnesota's Digital In the Digital Age course. Invited by acting Architecture Dept head Lee Anderson, August 1999

"Web Portfolio Workshop", Southern University - Baton Rouge, August 1998

"Virtual Identity" design studio workshop, University of Utah, January 1998

"The Virtual Design Studio", UO Techniques for Teaching with Technology fair, May 9, 1997

Cheng, N, "Networks, Architecture & Architectural Education", in Abrams, J., J. McFadden & S. Subramanian (eds.), Proceedings of the Negotiating Architectural Education Symposium, Univ. of Minnesota, April 4-5, 1997. Invited panelist

Guest speaker & design critic: Univ. of British Columbia - March 1997

Guest design critic: Cornell University - May 1996, University of Miami Electronic studio Web Jury- Spring 1995, Chinese University of Hong Kong - 1994-6, Harvard University - 1992 -3, Boston Architectural Center - 1992 -3

Guest speaker: University of British Columbia, Electronic Design Studio, 1992

Guest speaker, Boston Architectural Center, Interior Design class, 1986



American Institute of Architects Technology In Architectural Practice Advisory Group, (January 2001-present)

Associated Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA)

Councilor, Jan 1997 – Sept 1998,

International Paper Review Committee 1997

National Annual Meeting Research Paper Review Committee 1998, 2000

Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture (ACADIA)

Steering Committee, (1996-present)

Outreach Officer (1996-1999)

Research Paper Review Committee (1996-present)

Architectural Research Centers Consortium (ARCC) Spring Research Meeting Paper Review Committee, February 2001

CAAD Futures’95 Session Chair, University of Singapore

CAAD Research in Asia (CAADRIA) Research Abstracts Review Committee (1997-2000), founding member 1996, Session Chair, 1998

Education In Computer Aided Architectural Design In Europe (ECAADE) Paper Review Committeee, March 2001

Far Eastern International Digital Architecture Design Competition (Taiwan) first & second round jury 2000, Invited for 2001

Iberoamerican Congress of Digital Graphics (SiGraDi) Research Abstracts Review Committee, May 2001

MIT-based Palladio Museum project, assisted Prof. Howard Burns in documenting villas, Summer 1998


1998-2000 University of Oregon Technology Transfer Committee (Intellectual Property ownership, copyright issues)
School of Architecture and Allied Arts (AAA) Service

2000-2001 Faculty Advisory Council (elected)

2000 Mounted an exhibit on Bernard Maybeck drawings and computer images in the AAA Hearth Café, April, hosted Board of Visitors

1999-2000 Academic Affairs (curriculum) Committee

1996-1999 Computing Task Force member

1997-1998 Computing Task Force chair

Computer Support Search Committee

Fall 1996 Computer Support Supervisor Search Committee

Architecture Department Service

Spring 2001 Coordinated summer CAD courses

Winter 2001 Developed digital slideshow program for accreditation visit & Web

2000-2001 Faculty Search Committee

1999-2001 Technology Teaching Certificate Program Workgroup member, created Web pages

1999-2000 Curriculum Committee

1997-2001 Liason, Autodesk Architectural Studio (Studiodesk)

Computer Requirement Subcommittee

Admissions review: Option I applicants (1997-01), Recruitment letters 2000,2001, Undergrad applicants 1997

1997-1999 Faculty Search Committee

1996-2001 FormZ Joint Study Coordinator: archiving and publishing student work in FormZ Joint Study Annual Reports

Fall 1996 Computer Instructional Support Search Committee

Fall 1996 Curriculum Committee

Facilitated lectures:

Nov. 2000 Joachim Kieferle, University of Stuttgart, Germany

Mar.1999 Prof. Mitsuo Morozumi and Mr. Riken Homma of Kumomoto University, and Prof. Jerzy Wojtowicz of University of British Columbia (research visit)

Jan. 1998 Dr. Ken Yeang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Nov. 1997 Prof. Dr. Ing. Dirk Donath, Bauhas University, Weimar, Germany

Provided student work for:

June 2000 ACADIA exhibit at A/E/C Systems conference, Washington, D.C.

Nov. 1999 ACADIA conference, Salt Lake City

June 1999 ACADIA exhibit at A/E/C Systems conference, Los Angeles

July 1998 AIA Pacific Northwest Regional Conference, Sunriver, OR

March 1998 ACSA National Meeting, Cleveland

June 1997 UO Alumni Advocates lobbying state funding for higher education


2000 Eugene Downtown Visioning Charettes, June & November

2000-2001 Pan-Asian Alliance member

1999, 2000 Judge for NAACP ACT-SO Mentoring Program

1997-1999 Asian Pacific American Fellowship member

1997 Helped produce AIA SouthWest Oregon’s Regional Conference graphics

1997 Organized "Black Pioneers Exhibit Design Competition", facilitated construction

1997 NAACP ACT-SO & "Reach for Success" youth mentor (Winter/Spring 1997)


Computing Conferences

SIGGRAPH, August 1998, 1999, upcoming 2001

DC Net: University of Sydney Key Centre for Design Computing Virtual Conference, Nov. 30, 1999; Jan. 16-18, 2001

A/E/C Systems conference and exhibition, Washington D.C., June 2000

Northwest Academic Computing Consortium/EDUCAUSE: Collaboration, Portland, OR, June 17-19, 1998

CAAD Futures '97 in Munich, Germany, August 1997

Product Demonstrations & Workshops

Architectural Desktop Workshop, Eugene, Winter 2001

Revit Software demonstration, UO, Winter 2001 (initiated)

Rhino Software Workshop, Hillsboro, March 4, 2000

Apple Computers Educators Seminars: March 27, 1998, Septermber 9, 1999; March 30, 2000; Oct 25, 2000

Macromedia Products demonstrations, UO Social Science Instructional Lab, February 2000


Lighting and Human Factors Workshop by the Seattle Lighting Design Center, Eugene, Sept. 23, 1999

Architecture + Energy workshop, Portland AIA, June 25, 1999

Audited Interior Architecture 492/592 Electric Lighting course, Winter 1998

International Association for the Study of Traditional Environments (IASTE), Berkeley, CA, December 1997

Vernacular Architectural Forum, Portland, June 1997

AIA/SWO Lighting Design Workshop, Eugene, Nov. 15, 1997

HOPES Eco-design Conference, Eugene, April 1997-2001


UO Teaching Effectiveness Program, Evaluating Students - Dec. 12, 1997; Personal Consultations Fall 1998, 2000; Teaching Large Classes Effectively- Oct. 7, 2000

Distance Learning @UO, June 12, 2000


UO Introductory Italian ITAL 199b, Spring 2001

UO Watercolor Workshop, ARTP408, Summer 1998

UO Third Year Chinese CHN 301- Fall 1996, CHN 302 - Winter 1997

N.Y.Cheng, page

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