This pricing is only available to suny campuses that place their orders through suny itec, as described below

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Each Spring for the past few years, Apple Computer, Inc. has offered SUNY short-term special pricing for operating system upgrades. Apple has now proposed long-term pricing for operating system upgrades, as well as for other Apple software, that takes into consideration SUNY’s total potential volume. This pricing is only available to SUNY campuses that place their orders through SUNY ITEC, as described below.

Apple Maintenance Program

Apple Computer, Inc. has introduced the Apple Maintenance Program (AMP). The goal of this program is to provide SUNY’s Apple customers with the opportunity to “get current” and “stay current” with Apple’s latest operating system.

Initial Upgrade: To join the program, the institution’s Macs must have the most recent Mac operating system. (Apple is currently shipping Mac OS X 10.3, Panther.) From now through April 15, 2005, SUNY campuses may upgrade to Panther at a cost of only $20 per license, when this purchase is made in conjunction with joining the AMP.

Cost of AMP: The AMP is a three-year operating system maintenance program. The three-year cost is $59 per unit which can be spread into three annual payments of $19.67 each. At the end of the three-year term, if maintenance is not renewed, the user leaves the program with perpetual rights to the last Mac operating system version shipped.

Current Minimum Configuration: Institutions with an installed base of Macs with a minimum configuration of a G3 processor, running at least 500mhz with at least 128mb RAM may want to consider this program. Older CPUs that are planned for retirement should not be included.

Other Software

Apple will allow ITEC to compile SUNY orders and process them through Apple three times each year. In exchange for this, and regardless of the actual quantity ordered, Apple’s unit price to SUNY will be set at the highest-volume pricing tier offered by Apple for each product involved.


A closed listserv will be set up for campuses interested in participating in this program. Up-to-date lists of the software available will be distributed via this listserv along with reminders regarding ordering deadlines. To subscribe to this listserv, please contact Mary Ann Corsetti.

ITEC will place orders with Apple three times a year. ITEC must receive orders from campuses by April 15, July 15 and November 15 each year. ITEC will compile all orders received by each deadline and process them through Apple shortly thereafter.

Campuses must order a minimum of 10 of each item being purchased. To achieve this, campuses should have one office place all such orders.

In order to place an order, the attached form must be completed and submitted to ITEC. Please submit it electronically. State-operated campuses must provide a State account number against which ITEC may process journal transfers. Community colleges will be invoiced.

Contact Information for ITEC:

Barb Boquard

Information Technology Exchange Center

Buffalo State College

Twin Rise 200

1300 Elmwood Avenue

Buffalo, NY 14222

716-878-4832 phone

716-878-3485 fax

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