National legislation implementing the ctbt and other national measures related thereto

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National legislation implementing the CTBT and

other national measures related thereto

The following database contains national legislation which is considered to be either directly related to the implementation of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT) or which may be partially applicable to subject matters governed by the CTBT. It is intended to facilitate the research and understanding of how national implementing legislation for the CTBT may be drafted.

The legislation was obtained either directly from states or by research into resources accessible to the public. Some of the information may be derived from the reports submitted by states to the United Nations Security Council 1540 Committee, available on the UN website.
The Preparatory Commission for the CTBTO does not assume any responsibility for the correctness of the data provided.

Inclusion in the database does not represent assessment or endorsement by the Preparatory Commission or its Provisional Technical Secretariat.

Color code of the table:

Blue A link to the legislation or to relevant parts of the legislation exists


National Legislation implementing
the CTBT

National Legislation prohibiting either nuclear tests or nuclear weapons

Penal Provisions

Other relevant legislation

Regulations on Privileges and Immunities
of the
Preparatory Commission


  • Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan – Article 7 observes all international treaties which Afghanistan had signed


  • Criminal Code


  • Constitution of Algeria article 132 automatically implements international treaties


  • Constitution of the Principality of Andorra – Article 3 effect of treaties and other international organizations

  • Andorran Penal Code (Title XIV Offenses against collective security)

  • Sensitive Material Control Act (1999)


  • Criminal Code – Article 22

  • Angolan Penal Law

Antigua and Barbuda

  • Nuclear Material (Offences) Act 1993

  • Nuclear Material (Offences) Act 1993


  • The National Law on Nuclear Activities 0 Act No. 24,804

  • Argentine Penal Code – article 189

  • Agreement on the Exclusively Peaceful use of nuclear energy (Argentina & Brazil)


  • Criminal Code


  • Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty
    Act 1998, as amended

  • Foreign Affairs & Trade Legislation Amendment Act 2001

  • Weapons of Mass Destruction Act 1995

  • Non-Proliferation Legislation Amendment Act 2007 (Bill of 2006 included)

  • Non-proliferation Legislation Amendment Act 2003

  • Non-Proliferation Legislation Amendment Bill 2003

  • Preparatory Commission for the [CTBTO] (Privileges and Immunities) Regulations 2000 and Amendment 2004 (no.1)

  • Int’l Organizations (Privileges & Immunities) Act 1963, Act 50 as amended up to 2006


  • Federal Constitutional Act concerning a Nuclear-Free Austria, 1999

  • Penal Code


  • Criminal Code Articles 206.2-206.4, 226, 227 and 350


  • Nuclear Safety & Radiation (Control) Act, 1993


  • Explosives Act, Cap. 162


  • Presidential Decree no. 199 of 19 April 2000 on implementation by Belarus of its obligations under the [CTBT designating the National Authority]

  • By-law of the Council of Ministers no. 1170 of 28 July 2000 on implementation of the CTBT [NDC, budget, staff]

  • Criminal Code of 1999 no. 255-3


  • Law on State Security in the field of nuclear energy dated 24 August 1955


  • Constitution Article 10 (25) – automatic acceptance of international treaties

  • Civil & Criminal Procedure Code (29) – automatic acceptance of international treaties

  • Penal Code of Bhutan – chapter 32


  • Treaty of Tlatelolco

Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Criminal Code Articles 192-194, 201


  • Explosives Act

  • Diplomatic Immunities & Privileges Act (1968)


  • Constitution of Brazil, as amended in 2006 Title III, chapter 2, article 21, section XXIII (a)


  • Internal Security Act 1984, chapter 133


  • Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria chapter 1, article 5 (4) automatically implements treaties that have been ratified

Burkina Faso

  • Decree no. 022 of 2009


  • Constitution of Cambodia (as adopted on 21 September 1993) chapter IV, article 54 prohibits nuclear weapons


  • Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty Implementation Act 1998

  • Order respecting Privileges and Immunities in relation to the Preparatory Commission for the CTBTO and its Provisional Technical Secretariat

Cape Verde

  • The Constitution of the Republic of Cape Verde- integration of international treaties into domestic law – Article 11, 12

  • Criminal Code Article 249, 295



  • Law of Hong Kong Chapter 526

  • Amendment III to the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China

  • Regulations of the People’s Republic of China on Export Control of Missiles and Missile-related Items and Technologies


  • Constitution of Colombia article 81, prohibits nuclear weapons

  • Código Penal - Act no. 599/2000 (amended by Act no. 890/2004), articles 350-367

Cook Island

  • Nuclear Test-Ban Implementation Act 2007

  • Act to implement CTBT (2000)

Costa Rica

  • Arms & Explosives Act

Côte d’Ivoire

  • Constitution of Côte d’Ivoire article 87 automatically implements international treaties



  • Laws Against Acts of Terrorism


  • The Protection from Ionizing radiation Law 2002

  • EURATOM regulations

  • The Protection from Ionizing radiation Law 2002

Democratic Republic of

the Congo

  • Constitution of the DR of Congo article 215 automatically implements international treaties

Czech Republic

  • Peaceful utilization of nuclear energy and ionizing radiation act 1997 section 5

  • Government resolution no. 883 on measures facilitating the implementation of the CTBT


  • Act no. 403 of June 1999 on measures pursuant to the [CTBT]

  • Weapons Act sections 1, 2 and 5

  • Weapons Act section 10

  • Criminal Code section 192 a

Dominican Republic

  • Constitution article 67.2 prohibits nuclear weapons

  • Code of Criminal Procedure article 1 on the primacy of the constitution and treaties automatically implements international treaties


  • Constitution of Djibouti article 37 automatically implements international treaties


  • Constitution of the Republic of Ecuador title I, article 163 automatically implements international treaties

  • Constitution of the Republic of Ecuador article 90 prohibits nuclear weapons


  • Presidential Decree no 152 (2006)

El Salvador

  • In conformity with the legal system, ratified treaties are incorporate into national legislation

  • Criminal Code article 264 on the release of any type of energy that endangers the life or the health of persons or their property, even if no explosion occurs

  • Constitution Article 55


  • CTBT Ratification Act 1999

  • 1999 Amendment to the Penal Code section 405 on causing an explosion using nuclear energy


  • Ratified 16 June 2006

  • Criminal Code


  • Arms and Ammunition Act (2003)

  • Chemical Weapons Convention Act (2005)


  • Ratified 5 January 1999

  • Penal Code 39/1889 with amendments up to 940/2008


  • Defence Code articles L. 1333-1 to L. 1333-13


  • Criminal code Article 79

  • Anti-Terrorism Act Part VII


  • Criminal Code article 230-232

  • Criminal Code article 230


  • Statute of July 1998 on the [CTBT]

  • War Weapons Control Act 1961

  • 1999 Amendment of the Penal Code section 307 & 328 on causing, inducing another or encouraging a nuclear explosion


  • Guide no. GRPB-G4

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