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International Kosovo Conference
The Problem with Kosovo and the Euro-Atlantic Future of the Western Balkans

Sofia, 9 May 2005


Atlantic Treaty Association
Troels Froling, Secretary General, Atlantic Treaty Association

Ivan Andresen, Coordinator, Atlantic Treaty Association

Arian Starova, President, Albanian Atlantic Association

Ismet Drenova, Ministry of Defence, Albania

Petrit Karabina, Albanian Atlantic Association
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Milos Solaja, President, Center for International Relations of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Tanja Subotic, journalist, Center for International Relations of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Dr. Solomon Passy, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria

Hristo Georgiev, Director, Europe I Directorate, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bulgaria

Iva Kruleva, Senior Expert, Europe I Directorate, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bulgaria

Ivan Krastev, Chairman of the Managing Board, Center for Liberal Strategies

Ivan Sotirov, Director, NATO Information Centre in Sofia, Bulgaria

Vessela Tcherneva, Co-ordinator, International Commission on the Balkans, Bulgaria

Zlatko Dimitroff, Director, Office of Political Affairs, OSCE mission in Kosovo

Avgustina Tzvetkova, Vice-President of the Atlantic Treaty Association
Dana Lusa, General Secretary, Center for International Studies, Croatia

Gordan Grlic-Radman, Member of the Board, Atlantic Council of Croatia

Iva Krekovic, Journalist, Vecernji list, Croatia
Kristian Sorensen, Advisor, Atlantic Treaty Association, CEO, Dialogue Development, Denmark

Dr. Veniamin Karakostanoglu, Head of the Thessaloniki Office, Special Coordinator of the Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe
Republic of Macedonia
Emil Kirias, State Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Macedonia

Lazar Elenovski, Secretary General, Euro-Atlantic Club of Macedonia

Vasko Gjurovski, Youth Executive, Euro-Atlantic Club of Macedonia

Alina Paun, Project Manager, Casa NATO, Euro-Atlantic Council, Romania

Ioan-Ovidiu Bratulescu, Head of International Branch, General Inspectorate of the Romanian Gendarmerie, Romania

Dr. Liviu Muresan, Executive President, EURISC Foundation, Romania

Serbia and Montenegro

Miomir Udovicki, Assistant Minister, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Serbia and Montenegro


Jozef Kecek, Head, Section for South-Eastern Europe, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Slovenia
UNMIK – Kosovo
Abedin Qupeva, UNMIK-Kosovo

Adriatik Kelmendi, Journalist, UNMIK-Kosovo

Albert Lila, Political Advisor, UNMIK

Bajram Rexhepi, Former Prime Minister, UNMIK-Kosovo

Dardan Velija, Researcher, KODI, UNMIK-Kosovo

Enver Hasani, Director, Coordination Office for International Cooperation and Regional Dialogue, Office of the Prime Minister, UNMIK-Kosovo

Ilir Deda, Researcher, KIPRED Institute, UNMIK-Kosovo

Leon Malazogu, Researcher, KIPRED, UNMIK-Kosovo

Lulzim Peci, Director, KIPRED Institute, UNMIK-Kosovo

Lutfi Haziri, Minister of Local Government in Kosovo Government, UNMIK-Kosovo

Sedat Gashi, UNMIK-Kosovo

Shkelzen Maliqi, Analyst, Journalist, UNMIK-Kosovo
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