NB: Please refer to the website for more details then what is this résumé. Career Objective

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Rad Jrad
C/O 4/38, Shackleton Road, Mt Eden. Auckland

Mobile: (+64) 21 0235 9688

Email: Rad.Jrad@Gmail.com

Web: Jradr.awardspace.com

NB: Please refer to the website for more details then what is this résumé.

Career Objective:

To work in a dynamic and forward-thinking organisation wherein I can apply my Management and IT knowledge and skills, and where I can advance my career


  • Strong analytical skills

  • Effective communication skills

  • Innovative thinking and Multi-visionary approach to problems solving

  • Organised and goal-oriented

  • Motivated to work as part of a team or individually

  • Positive attitude and ability to excel under pressure; A love for challenges

Employment History

March 2006 – Aug 2006 Manager of the Information Systems Department

Enda Inter Arabe. Tunis (NGO)


  • Management of the IS department including the management of its human resources

  • Conception and implementation of upgrades, improvements and updates to the existing IS

  • Technical consulting, department’s budget control, projects planning and management

  • Senior support to all the organisation’s offices


  • Arranged the team into a more focused, goal-oriented department

  • Put together a “Manual of Procedure” for the department with the whole team’s input in it

  • Proposed a fast and secure VPN-based architecture for a live connection of the well-dispersed network (26 agencies around te country plus the headquarter)

  • Organised the replacement of Windows 2000 with Windows XP on over 50 machines and upgraded the antivirus system in place into a server-based type.

  • The organisation’s co-director asked to be added to my list of referee for my next job.

July 2004 – Feb 2006 Information Systems Analyst –SAP Interface

Oxygen for Business solutions Ltd. Auckland


  • Business to Business (B2B) middleware applications management, improvement & support

  • B2B interfaces testing & Quality Assurance

  • Technical Consulting, project execution & presale services

  • Customer support


  • Twice received the “O2 Inspire” award, Once as part of the SAP Interface team and once individually

  • Successfully managed important parts of big-budget projects, such as the “Wallaby Project”, all within time and budget constraints

  • Succeeded to upgrade the existing Data Integrator systems when the 3 previous attempts failed. Client was extremely happy with the outcome.

  • With my team, created and populated a library about various processes related to managing and troubleshooting middleware applications. Initiated the creation of a web-based index for it

Feb 2004 – July 2004 Information Systems Analyst/ IT Support

OPUS International Consultants Ltd. Auckland Office


  • Network Administration

  • Systems analysis, full IT support, & Management of various IS projects

  • DB management

  • Intranet webmaster


  • looked after the whole office from IT perspective by myself for over a year without impact on IT services quality

  • Replaced many legacy processes with computer-assisted and web-based systems resulting in a remarkable increase in the office’s productivity

  • Improved the information system in place leading to considerable cost cuts and a better quality of services delivered

  • Implemented innovative ways of communication with, and information delivery to clients resulting in their high satisfaction

  • Created the office’s website, and later upgraded it to a dynamic web environment (using PHP and MySQL)

  • Successfully completed and management of projects all within budget

  • Established good relationship with colleagues extending beyond work time

  • Received a reference letter from the Manager of the office as well as the tem leader and co-employees (please refer to the “Miscellaneous” section of the website for reference letters).

1999 – 2001 Studied my Masters of Commerce in the University of Auckland. Undertook several part-time jobs

Some of the student jobs I took were:

  • Information researcher and legal adviser and translator to “Marshal Bird & Curtis”: For over 6 months, I worked as a support provider to lawyers for their effort to gain the refugee status to their clients. Having had law papers in my undergraduate studies, and being able to speak four languages, I was able to secure this job for a fairly long period of time. I even received a reference letter for it (please refer to the “Miscellaneous” section of the website for reference letters).

  • Web designer for “Milano Restaurante”: I conceived and created the website of this renowned restaurant, including dynamic menu update, using PHP and a simple MySQL database. Later, I handed the management to this website to a professional company.

  • Webmaster for a Tunisian magazine: I was the Webmaster of this youth-voice e-mag for over 1 year. The magazine was based on voluntary participation, and it targeted francophone youngsters around the world. We won the award of “Best juniors Francophone E-mag” for 1999 awarded by the “Junior French Internet association”.

  • City Ambassador for “Auckland City Council”: I was part of the first team put together to improve Auckland city’s perception by tourists and locals. My duties included support to tourists and locals, Marketing, and database management. I created and managed an MS Access database that contained information gathered by all “ambassadors”. Today, the project is till running.

  • Kitchen Chef: I started as a kitchen hand in the New Market Swimming Pool Cafeteria (then called Champions Café), and then became the Kitchen chef for the weekend shift. My ability to learn fast and well helped me gain the confidence of my boss. What I learnt in that job helped me refine my cooking knowledge and habits.

1996 – 1998 Business Analyst, IT Support

First Informatique (representation of Compaq), Morocco


  • Analysis and modelling of clients’ business processes and information systems

  • Elaboration of tailored business solutions

  • Promotion and selling of complete business solutions

  • Clients support and training


  • Received the reward of “Outstanding Employee of the Year” reward for 1997/1998

  • Introduced new tools and processes, such as cutting-edge technologies, e-commerce and web applications that led to increased productivity and achieved clients expectations

  • Successfully completed projects within budget and time limits

  • Sustained an excellent relationship with clients and colleagues

Education and Professional Trainings

Education: Master of Commerce in Management Science and Information Systems (with honours), 2001, University of Auckland

Bachelor of Commerce (with honours), 1996, Casablanca, Morocco

Baccalaureate in Experimental Sciences (with honours), 1991, Tunisia

Trainings: Information Systems Projects Planning & Management, 2006, Tunis

webMethods 6 Production Administration, 2005, Auckland

Certificate in IT service Management (ITSM) & IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL), 2004, Auckland

webMethods 6 Developer Workshop, 2004, Auckland

Certificate in Microsoft SQL 2000 Server Programming, 2004, Auckland

Certificate in Road Assets Maintenance Management (RAMM), 2002, Rotorua

Relevant Technology Skills Summary

Business & Middleware: webMethods, Data Integrator, SAP, Sage

Database: SQL Server, EXOR, RAMM, Caché Systems, MySQL, MS Access

Data Analysis: Crystal Reports, SPSS, Minitab, R Stats, Ethnos, MS Excel

Modelling Software: Rational Rose/UML, SmartDraw, MS Visio

Project Management: Deltek Advantage, MS Project

Web Development: SQL, PHP, JavaScript, XML, WAP, MS FrontPage, Macromedia Suite

Graphic Design: Corel Draw, Paint Shop Pro, Macromedia Studio

Network: IT support, Hardware & Software Troubleshooting, LAN Administration, Windows Server Administration

General Skills and Affiliations

Languages: English: Excellent spoken and written

French: Excellent spoken and written

Arabic: Excellent spoken and written

Italian: Good spoken and fair written

Member of the New Zealand Computer Society (NZCS) since January 2002

Member of the Internet Society (ISOC) since January 2002

Member of PADI Divers club since February 2005

Both Tunisian and New Zealander citizenships

International driver licence, Class 1 for cars and motorbikes

First Aid certified since April 2002

Fire Extinguishing certified since November 2004


Sports (particularly Basketball and Rugby); Diving and snorkelling; Playing and listening to music; Travelling and Tramping; Motorcycles; Cooking


Michael Philip Cracknell


Enda Inter-Arabe (Tunisia)

Phone : + 216 20 30 84 84

Email : Mpctn@Yahoo.fr

Mamta Bhikha

Process Analyst- integration

Carte Holt Harvey (New Zealand)

Phone: + 64 27 281 0968

Email: Mamta.Bhikha@Chh.com

Kumaran Siva

Business Analyst

Atlantech Ltd (New Zealand)

Phone: + 64 21 265 5046

Email: Kumaran.IS@Gmail.com

Richard Cave

Team Leader and Acting Manager

OPUS International Consultants (New Zealand)

Phone: + 64 27 249 9572

Email: Richard.Cave@Opus.co.nz

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